Friday, January 11, 2008

Our first blog!!!

Hello and thanks for checking in on us. This is our attempt to stay in touch with our friends and customers during the winter months and there after. Don't worry, we're busy getting everything ready for Spring. Lots to do,fix,plan and order... and of course getting inspired. I know some of you don't enjoy Winter, but it is a great time to sit down with your garden books and plan out your garden. I myself always try out a new color scheme on my deck...even if I liked the one I did last year. That's the beauty of using annuals...they can change. I'm always amazed how many people do the same plants and colors year after year. Isn't that why we garden in the first see how things change? From seeing a small shoot coming out of the ground to a fully mature plant. There are so many new and exciting plants coming out every year that it's almost hard to keep up with. To get some ideas for containers and annual beds you can look at

Remember Easter is early this year..March we will be open earlier than normal on Sat. March 15th. We will be setup in the gift shop with Easter plants and garden decorations. This is our 2nd year in the shop for Easter and we're looking forward to decorating for that of our favorites!!! Hope to see you then.

Carole and George Maynard

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Great blog!