Sunday, February 24, 2008


Lately I've become addicted to blogs from Scandinavia...mostly for their color palette and garden themed rooms...just exactly what you would expect from there. NO IKEA here!!! These are some the most beautiful rooms I've ever seen. The only thing is, I can't read a bit of it, so I just look at the pictures, which are amazing. I've always liked this look for the store, of which I have quite a lot of, but have decided that I will need to do more. The shop is really only open for, Fall, Christmas and Easter. After that it reverts back to looking like a garden center with bags of grass seed, fertilizer and all be it organic pesticides and sprays. It's hard to be serious considered like a nice gift shop when you have those items in your store, no matter how well displayed it is. People expect us to carry garden essentials like that even if I don't find them attractive....and they do sell. But at least for the time I will dream of the day when I can fill my store year round with all the pretty things I see, but could never sell.

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