Monday, March 8, 2010

Just another day

Some of you may know that we have been getting ready for

planting and this week has been....lots of cleaning, getting things seeded and little plugs

put into their little pots........and sometimes big pots:))

The weather here feels more like Spring then Winter.
But I've seen this before. Unseasonably warm as
the weather men like to call it.

The plants do seem to love the extra sun that isn't always
in plenty every Winter when they are put into
hyper grow time.

Sometimes it can feel like watching water boil.

"Do you see anything growing???"

" No, not really"

Then suddenly that plant will explode into bloom

before you realize the time has passed.

The days now are spent mostly in the greenhouses.

and with our cats. They seem to migrate to the houses with us more.

Where we are.... they are.

They are very social creatures.

But it's why we love them!

When we take a break then they take a break!
They're more on perma-break .
Oh... btw that's Shaggy.
I think this is his first appearance.
He's our big tuxedo kitty.

No, this isn't a ghost or some strange possessed animal
lurking underneath the benches.
It's just Charlotte.
Ok enough cat pictures....
but you have to admit it's been a long
time since I've shown my kids:)) I've been really good!
I've been resisting the urge
to not show their sweet adorable furry faces.
in every post...:))
Now, what I really wanted to talk about is what I saw this afternoon.
When I was heading out to run an errand
I came to close down the houses and check the temperature settings.
I looked and saw this.
Which doesn't look like much but when you
realize that I've been waiting 3 years to see even THAT!
I was excited!!!!!!
I know, it doesn't take much.

Then I saw THIS hidding behind that above....
you probably recognize it I'm sure.
A Bird of Paradise.
I called George immediately to tell him.
He was not as thrilled.
He just wanted to know if I was on my way to where I
was supposed to be.....
"Yes, I'm going!!!!"
When I came back and went right to see it again. I hadn't had time
to really get a good look yet.
By that point George was back too and I said "have you seen it ?"
"Oh" he goes....."that's been blooming since Christmas".
and you didn't tell me????"

What can I say.....
I had to wait 3yrs to see it and I could have seen it
2 months ago but I was
Content now.
I told you
I doesn't take much!!!


Faded Charm said...

Oh, your kitties are so beautiful. So glad you are enjoying all your new growth. I am too along with the warmer weather.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Gorgeous Carole
I can understand your excitement to see something bloom when you think it was never going to happen.. a good metaphor for life!! I love those photos of your kitty kats.. Charlotte is a true beauty... I had a cat once.. it adopted me! and she was a smoky grey just like Charlotte... She lives elsewhere now and is apparently now a Princess with her own bedroom.. hahaaha....

Lovely photos once again ... Spring must be extra special for you seeing your plant world come alive again and all your hard work come to fruition.. Catch you soon xxx Julie

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Adorable kitties♥

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Carole, You must have been so excited after waiting 3 years for the bird of paradise to bloom! Hopefully it will last long for you to enjoy!
Charlotte is a beauty and Shaggy looks so cute with his black nose and the black lower jar! Just yesterday I talked with hubby about how wonderful it is to have a cat in the house and we are so happy that we had decided to adopt Cecil last fall.

oldgreymare said...


Your Charlotte looks like my Gray "Simon" I had back in the 70's. Is she as loving as my Simon was? I swear that for five years I had a fur lap, cause that cat never let me sit down without him.

I think your calmness after George's admission is admirable. ;-0

WIsh I could smell all your good pungent earth in that Greenhouse. I will just close my eyes and imagine. It must be heaven- well, except for the work- no, a good day of good work is a bit of heaven on earth.



The French Bear said...

Love birds, they are one of my favorite flowers to put in arrangements!!!! They are beautiful, just like your kitties!!!
I can't wait for growing season!!!
Margaret B

slommler said...

Oh my! That Bird of Paradise is fabulous!! I love it! I would be excited too!
And your furbabies are beautiful!

Jacqueline said...

Dear Carole,
Your Bird of Paradise is looking beautiful. I know how you feel about the waiting. I waited 15 years for a wisteria to flower. It was obviously one that hadn't been grafted and,I loved it, nurtured it, talked to it and, finally it bloomed. It was an exciting moment.
I love your cats. Can we see them all ? All in the same picture ? As you know, we had 3 cats so, you can show them as often as you like.
Hope everything is going well with your planting etc. and you're on track for Spring. XXXX

Mermaid Queen said...

I love the way you photographed your kitties Carole, especially Charlotte, she's gorgeous! My plants have been loving the rain we've had here in sunny CA. Take care, Martha

erin said...

hi carole! your bird of paradise is amazing!! i totally "get" that you were excited! thanks for sharing your feline friends with us. your photography just keeps getting better and better...i love the ghostly shot of charlotte and shaggy has an adorable face.........
it feels like springtime here too, but i know it's just a tease.
take care,

Anonymous said...

LOVE seeing your kitty-kids!
I can't believe George didn't tell you it bloomed! I would have been excited too - it's beautiful!

Christelle said...

Adorables photos de chats et de fleurs : un enchantement que se balader par ici !

A New England Life said...

What the heck Carole! Can't believe he never told you about the Bird of Paradise! Do they only bloom once every 3 years? Or was this one started from a seed/bulb?

Love your cats! You can show them off anytime : )

I know what you mean about Mother Nature playing a trick on us. We could still get a foot of snow right up until the end of March. Yikes! I sure hope not!


Rosemary said...

It doesn't take much for me either.
You have fun planting!!
Your kitties are so sweet.

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Hey your cats. Aren't they just truly amazing animals? My kitty is named after my grandmother (Annie Britt)who lived to be 104. She surely loved her cats! She also loved to garden, and even though she was blind in her last years, she still continued to water and care for her beloved flowers on her porch.

I once had a bird of paradise and was told it could take up to 5 years to bloom. I think it was longer than that, but it finally produced that awesome, most interesting bloom...worth the wait!

Thanks for the magazine and my other 'little gift''s great. I've hung it in my bathroom.

Keep pluggin' along. I would rather be spending my days with my fingers in the dirt, than here at work on the keyboard!
Blessings always,

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

Fabulous Feline Photos! yikes, say that three times- great photos. I am jealous, it seems like it will never be spring here...


June said...

LOVE THIS Carole! I love to see your gorgeous kitties and of course anything to do with the greenhouses. As usual I adore your pictures.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hey Carole,
That bird of paradise is so startling and unique in its beauty....well worth the wait! Now I know why you said if you could only see one color it would be orange! lol Your kitties are adorable.

tales from an oc cottage said...

Oh, your kitties are precious!

m ^..^

Renee Finberg said...

i think these pics are great.
in the first pic is that the ocean in the background?

your kitties are precious XX's

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

Oh Carol, I could look at those gorgeous kitties all day. They are beautiful and they look so happy where they are planted, just like your garden. You are certainly doing something right.

Dee xoxo

traci said...

your cats are just beautiful!!! and the flowers - wow. i don't really have a green thumb. i wish i did.

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

thanks for coming by and following me! want to exchange names on our blog lists?

Karen said...

I can't wait to see your photos in the spring, this is just the begining of the bloom explosion! You pic of the BOP was outstanding. And the cats, wow under the bench. Cool cats & great pics! Lisa

Rostrose said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures!
Oh yes, our kitties and our flowers - they warm our hearts! :o)
Love, Traude

Rebecca said...

Hi Carole
Sounds like you are getting ready for spring and planting season and that sounds good to me!
Your kittys are adorable...
so does bird of paradise only bloom every 3 years or did you get it 3 years ago and waiting for it to mature? And that would have been my husband also.
Blessings hope you have a great weekend

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

Love your beautiful post and your gorgeous kitties.
I would want to be taking photos of them, they are so gorgeous.
My Mother used to grow Bird of Paradise, and they really live up to the name.
What is going on in my garden? ... a lot of stressed out plants. We still have not had rain and so many things are looking sad and miserable.

Enjoy your weekend



Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

Carole ~ I had to post again. I always thought I was a follower, then I checked and I wasn't. So I joined and poof!!! Just like that - I am your 200th follower - Congrats my CT friend.

Luiza said...

Oh, Carole... How I wish I could have birds of paradise in my garden...
We´ve been to Gran Canaria a couple of times, and when we leave the place , we always buy the gorgeous flower to place it in our home!

Your cat´s are so beautiful.

Wish you a great week!

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

HI Carole ~ its not too late - mine just came out of the oven at 11:22 pm and yes - I had a big ol' piece w/ Jam.


Marcia from Nest said...

Love to see pictures of your beautiful kitties, hopefully they will be around when I come to buy some plants so I can see them in person! Happy Anniversary too!

Denise said...

Wow! Are you having fun with your photo editing or what! Your pics. are just amazing! Of course, I like the kitty pictures the best. They are such beautiful babies.

moondiva said...

Just found you today via white wed. Love all your photos and stories. Happy Anniversary!!! Your cats are precious. I'm a self proclaimed plant slut...which violet is that trailing from it's container? I'll check back for an answer. ;Deb