Thursday, December 16, 2010


I took this picture before walking out the door this morning.
I’m so happy our tree is in the house. Well, one at least.
The other goes in the Living Room….the room we rarely
ever use. Seems like such a shame to even have a living room but
I decorate that room more primitively then the rest of the house.
….so it serves it’s purpose I suppose.
Nigella likes that room because it’s sunny in the winter.

Told you this was a quick shoot….green tag still on the tree.
Uggh! and
did you notice the lovely cobweb in the left hand side.
The spiders have a field day when we’re working everyday.
I cleaned off this table somewhat.
George's fantasy is to eat at our breakfast table....
Not enough room to eat he says.
He is right so I only put a small tray of goodies there for now....
which will change later.

At home_419Christmas 2010
Sans cobweb…..much better! but ugly green tag still there.
The bad thing is I saw it there last night when I was putting lights on the tree and
just left it there.
Sat on the couch for a second and before I knew it
I was telling George to wake me up in 10 minutes
….I was taking a cat nap.
Of course it was 11 pm already.
There’s still time to finish up…..
Trying to live in the moment and enjoy
 everything the season
has to offer.

Hope you all are too!
Happy Holidays


Jacqueline said...

Dear Carole,
That is one big Christmas's lovely. Ours is in the same state of dress minus the job for tomorrow.
I am SO pleased about the cobweb. We were saying goodbye to some friends in the hall the other day and, looking up there was a wonderfful cobweb across the door of the dining room. It's old houses.....they produce far more cobwebs than new houses......that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it !!!! haha
I forgot to say in my email....your last line about the soup !! I laughed out loud.
I will be waiting to see your tree fully dressed. XXXX

Brenda Kula said...

What are a few cobwebs? I think we all have them. I know I do. Part of the vintage decor!

time worn interiors said...

At least you have a tree! No tree for me! I can't wait to see it decorated! I got plenty of those cob webs at my house! And no, they are left over from Halloween decor! lol!

Olive Cooper said...

You need a day off just to nap I think. We all have cob webs cutie pie. Your tree will have ribbons I presume. Looking forward to seeing it. I think taking photos of trees is terriby tricky.

sissie said...

I have a huge cobweb hanging from a recessed light in my kitchen and I meant to knock it down a few days ago, but it's still there! LOL!

I love your big Christmas tree. I know it will look so pretty when decorated.


oldgreymare said...

I'm still looking for cobweb...don't see : (

Was it Charlotte?

merry merry dear

vicki said...

That tree is going to be gorgeous - I am sure of it! I say leave the greentag on - gives it character! Love the little sparkle house too~~ your decorations are always fabulous!


Dorthe said...

Yes Carole,- I`m sitting here, enjoying your beautifull and so sweet little house, with trees,and snowman--so love it--just sitting taking it all in--THANKYOU
XO Dorthe

slommler said...

Can't wait to see your tree all decked out!!
I didn't see the cobweb either

Christelle said...

Je suis toujours éblouie quand je vois tes posts , toujours remplis de délicatesse et de photos superbes !

Diane Drake said...

I'm a new Follower - I love your Blog! Merry Christmas! ~Diane

A New England Life said...

A nap at 11 pm? What are you thinking lady?! Sometimes I miss having a real tree. Who knows, maybe one day we will again.

Those cobwebs do tend to show up more often than not don't they. They sign of a busy life for you!

Merry Christmas Carole!

Jane said...

Your photos are just gorgeous. I love the little house with the snowman and the bottle brush trees.
Looking forward to seeing the decorated tree.

Theresa said...

We are at the same stage of dressing the tree over here, the lights are on and we will decorate Sunday I think. Going to IN. to say goodby to my brother before he ships out to Iraq. I am looking forward to seeing him with about 24 other family members, should be lots of fun, but bittersweet. Enjoy the process was the wise advice I got when I was freaking out about all there was to do yet. good advice. naps are good. I love that everyone says that they have cobwebs too, that makes me feel lots better about my domestic godess status! Merry, Merry Christmas! Theresa xoxo

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi sweet Carole, I see Christmas decoration in your house and it's not even Christmas, LOL! Save some for after Christmas, otherwise you might get after-Christmas-decoration-withdrawel-symptoms ;-). I love that cute house!
Have a wonderful weekend, girl!

Denise said...

You mean cobwebs aren't supposed to be a part of my every day decor? And here I was so proud of the one that runs half way across the livingroom. HaHa! Seems to me that if your house is TOO clean, you have way too much time on your hands. Right? looks like your decorating is coming right along.
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Table at not to sit and eat comfortably...they are meant to hold wonderful vignettes full of glitter and love (even cobwebs)...well, at least in my book! LOL!!! said...

How pretty!!!!What cobweb? You have been here, I breed them. lolol Will we see it decorated? The tree not the web? Hope your week is great, snow tomorrow!!!
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

trash talk said...

Cobwebs or's still beautiful. I'd just call the tag part of the's green right?
It's probably wouldn't do any good to tell you to slow down...would it?


Love the tree my friend. I have mine up but not all the ornaments. Time got away from me this year with decorating, but I doing my best to make it festive............Love the items on table. HUGS MARY