Friday, April 1, 2011

Coming along

Spring seems to be eluding us so far, though most
of the week was pretty sunny.
It was in the 20's a few nights ago and I've heard rumors of
SNOW .....but the north western part of Ct.
Thank goodness not along the shore.

Even our poor little pansies that
were left got a little shocked.

But heck they're pansies and they'll be fine.

Anyways we planted a few of these.
I should have cleaned them up or watered them in so they'd
look all pretty for ya.
I try planting flats as fast as possible and race myself.
Sometimes I get scolded that I don't push them down into the dirt enough.
My inspector (hum... hubby)
likes to go around pushing them in deeper as he shakes his head.

I like them just at soil level or above.
That way they don't rot.

He has his way, I have mine.


Then we planted a few of these.
I like seeing them when they're little and waiting for the first blossoms.....especially when it's a new variety.
Everything has really been growing with all the sun we've had.
Except today it rained.

It has to rain sometimes.

A white lavender that I wish I could tell you the name of
but it lost it's tag......that happens a lot....and why I have it the back
where I keep all my rejects with the hopes of adding it to a mixed container at some point.

Coleus called "Freckles"
...what a great name
I'm thinking I'm really going to like this one when it grows up.
 If you've read this blog
for awhile you'll know how much I adore coleus.
One of the easiest plants to grow.
They are in the basil family so just like basil they
don't take much to cold weather or too much overhead watering.
Other then that they're a piece of cake.


I was surprised to find that I still had one Black Panther
Streptocarpella left.
The grower I bought it from originally no longer grows it.
For 3 yrs I couldn't get my hands on it because it kept selling out.
Finally one year I smartened up and ordered it early.
I was hoping to propagate more but it's not all that big.

One thing I've learned about plants and gardening
is that you have to have patience.

Nature has her own time table.

Are you impatient when it comes to your garden?
and want instant gratification.

oh sorry Janet and Z no pics of Mr. George( YET)
I'll keep working on him.
he's camera shy just like moi.


Renée Finberg said...

my mom said it snowed either today or yesterday in mid-coast maine.

but all your babies will be beautiful sooner than later!!
i can't wait.

oldgreymare said...

oh it is all so beautiful. Some day I will see it all in person... I will!
I think what appeals to me is the orderliness of it all, gee I wonder why?lol
I believe I told you once my PapPap Rennie adored coleus and tried to collect every variety he could find. After his passing we had cuttings we propagated for years but alas I do not know where they all ended up.

That black panther shot is terrific. It is really that deep in color? No wonder they sell out.

Oh George, give us poor single gals out here a thrill :D We all love us some blue jeaned men not afraid to get dirty..oh lord, did I just type that? I really meant as in Mike Rowe but well you thought naughty didn't you?


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Carole, I wouldn't have thought that it is still so cold in CT. It seems to be a long winter in a lot of areas. Finally it gets a bit warmer here on the coast. The Southern part of Germany has already had lovely spring weather for a few weeks.
I thought of you on your reopening day and wished for sunny weather to bring you lots of customers. Hopefully it worked :-). I don't think I've seen white lavender before. It's so pretty. The black panther is a beauty too.
Have a great weekend!


I am getting ancy Carole. I want to work in the yard, but it is still a bit to cold. Love the shot of all the little starts comming to life. Have a great weekend. HUGS MARY

Dorthe said...

what a huge green-house--
and filled with so many wonderfull plants-- looking so beautifull.
I just saw we can get the white lavender here,too- they are beautifull- and so are your Black Panther--I wish you much selling- and a great week-end.

Luiza said...

Sweet Carole...
I hope the snow wont come your way no more...
Spring!!! We want spring =)!!!! Here is also grey and cold, no sunshine... Deppressing, really.

Beautiful images.

Wish you a wonderful day and weekend!

A New England Life said...

Every year I have great expectations for my garden but I'm always left disappointed. Not sure if I need to add a mix in fertilizer or what but my plants dont seem to thrive.
Love tha black panther flower! Really cool!

Hope you didn't get any snow. We had way to much but it's melting. Hopefully I can pick up some Pansies this week-end. Happy Spring, Carole!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! My husband is constructing a smaller greenhouse for me. Thanks for sharing yours, it looks perfect. I love your black panther flower too!

Kathleen said...

I didn't even put pansies out in the pots as it is so darn cold. We were in the teens 2 nights ago! Last year at this time Easter was over!

slommler said...

Love the coleus!! Such beautiful plantings!!
Thanks for sharing your green thumb!!
It is still too cold at night here to plant anything

vicki said...

Carole- love seeing the photos on the beginning of the season. I eagerly look forward to the beautiful progression--

Heaven's Walk said...

Hi Carole! I am just swooning over that white lavender! I must have some for my garden this year. I do have some Munsted in my garden now, but it gets so woody after a couple years. Any tips on how to keep it healthy looking? :)

xoxo laurie

June said...

No...I'm a pretty patient girl...I have six kids. lol! As far as patience in the garden, I am definitely more patient there than anywhere else in my life. Mother Nature has always been right no matter how often I try to force her into my way of thinking.
Your pictures are always amazing and I loved seeing your greenhouse. Youare a blessed girl Carole.
sending hugs

Olive Cooper said...

Hi Carole, I am patient most of the time. I enjoy our space so much and try to just appreciate and not over do. ♥O

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Carole...we did get snow Friday but it was all gone yesterday! Beautiful photos!

I too find I have more patience as I get older. Hmmm...did I just admit I am getting older?!! said...

WOW you have been busy! That is a lot of planting. I didn't know coleous and basil are in the same family. Good to know. You are always so full of useful, fun info. My favorite son-in-law cleaned my garden beds for me;) I just couldn't wait. I bought Peonies and can't wait to plant them. Soon I hope:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Poppy said...

Hello my lovely! You must be soooooooooooooo busy, I know I am. I miss planting up, I think I might come on holiday and help you.

talk soon love Lou xxx

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Dear Carole
Sorry I'm so slow to visit.. my internet's been on the blink again..

So.. i love that Pansy.. my dad used to plant pansies around the front of our house... had forgotten about that!!! .. they are always such a happy flower.. and that shot is lovely...

Have a wonderful week.. I hope spring catches up with you soon.. ciao!!! xxxx Julie

d. reyné said...

Hi Carole!
the greenhouse looks amazing! It really gets me itching to get out and get my hands in the dirt!
We too have had a long winter with snow threats at every turn.
I wish I was more patient...but in truth...only in the garden to I have any these days!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

You say you planted "a few", Carole. Wow. I started 9 larkspur seedlings - ha,ha - that's "a few" for me.
It's still really cold here. I'm staying inside & reading 'til it warms up. :)

Monica Broad said...

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