Thursday, September 22, 2011

Brimfield #3


Like I said before you never know who you’ll see at Brimfield.
This cutie’s name is Fifi and her owners name is Yvonne
whose booth is called Shabby Fifi.
I’m sorry to say I took no photos of her booth because I thought I would get back there.
She had a few of chippy white wooden railings that I should have bought.
Just couldn’t decide which size I wanted.
The day just flew by too fast.
Ok and I forgot:)

another happy shopper!!!
Wish I could have been driven around in a stroller….
my feet were black by the end of the day from walking in the mud.
Should have worn my wellies.


Just so you don’t think all I did was talk to the doggies.
I did meet Claire…that’s her on the right.
Hi Claire!
She’s a self proclaimed lurker follower!
We discussed our favorite blogs and had a great time chatting.
( that’s not me next to her btw)
     She is in one of my favorite tents sharing it with a few gals.
         Debra of Capers of a Vintage Vixen turned me on to this tent.
         Always a fun eclectic mix of vintage furniture, clothing, ephemera and haberdashery.
                  doll dresses

card tree



Brimfield _57 sept 2011


metal cabinet

The vendor said this was a baby crib.
I’m not sure?….seems it wouldn’t be baby friendly.



great color

stained gl

but I still like just the clear glass on stained glass.
Or should that be called non stained glass?
stained glass

Love me some rust.

            Picked up a few balusters.



Well I hope you enjoyed the Brimfield Antique show from my perspective.
It was a tough go for the vendors here this Fall with some fields unable to
open due to the rain….flooding actually.
I was there on the first good day.
and this was a very little puddle compared to some.
Brimfield _101 sept 2011
Big Puddle

( May Field )
Hope next Spring the weather is better for both sellers  and buyers.


Anonymous said...

Great photos. I heard it was a messy show and am glad that I decided not to set up. Hope you had great luck in finding things anyway!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

You really would have wanted to wear your wellies there in all the puddles and mud.
I really love the clear leadlight windows, and all the rust, and not to forget sweet Fifi and the happy shopper.
thanks for sharing and hope that you have a wonderful weekend


Faded Charm said...

Lucky you, to be able to attend such a wonderful show. Thanks for the eyecandy and the pooches are pretty cut too:-)


Theresa said...

HI Carole! OH so many amazing photos, i will take one of everything please! I'm with you on the leaded glass, I like the clear best too. The little schnauzer (?) is adorable! I love it all and am also a self proclaimed ahem follower. ;) t. xoxoxoox

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Carole, Oh yes, I enjoyed the tour. Thank you! There were some great chests of drawers, especially the octagon shaped one was really cool. I also love that supposed baby crib, the large wooden frame and the rusty stuff. What a shame that the field was so muddy.
Have a wonderful weekend :-)!

oldgreymare said...

You're killing me! OMG this stuff is grand, simply grand...and your terrific shots make it even more so...I want to go to a Brimfield again some day..
some day.....
thanks for the cyber trip <3

SueAnn said...

Everything looks fabulous!! Seriously good stuff!!
Chippy...rusty....and just plain yummy!!
SueAnn said...

Love your photos. That huge tent really is awsome isn't it. I never leave empty carted;) Hope to see you tomorrow:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

traci said...

those little pups have it made. i don't think my big dogs would go for that. great eye candy once again.

Bead and Needle said...

Boy, am I jealous...what they "think" are antiques in Vegas, are actually 50's California! BEAUTIFUL photos, as've made my morning! Have a great weekend, Carole!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I would just wander around wanting everything but not buying anything just in case I found something even better. But what could be better than those pergola pillars (I think that's what they are), and the little vintage dresses and fairyhouse thingy? L.O.V.E.
Thanks for the eye candy, Carole!

Dorthe said...

The little doll dresses-the bling candelabre-the chest of draws -the rust-the stained windows-all are gorgeous, and I would have tryed to grab one of each, Carole- I`m glad you had a wonderful tour, despite the water and mudd, dear friend.
Hugs, and a blessed week-end, to you.

A Cottage Muse said...

Gorgeous photos happy to see Yvonne's cute pups! She comes to our shop often with them!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Love it all Carole
Well they are some pampered pooches!!... I met a girl in Paris who had one just like little Fifi here.. funny little dog.. went everywhere with her

Love the candelabra shot and love love those tarot and playing cards!!

Too bad about the fields.. was that a result of weather Irene brought with her??

OK take care... ciao xxx Julie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing me there virtually. I love Mr. Boo and I think the wire baby crib is something to feed farm animals maybe, anyways that is what it reminds me of.

vicki said...

Hi Carole
Every single photo is fabulous. I'd be happy if all I did was walk around and take pictures. Your photos could make a gorgeous coffee table book! I know you had a wonderful day- I love going to the flea!!
Thanks for a great tour--

June said...

Fifi would make T.T. Rabbit's heart go all a-flutter (maybe not, he's been neutered) anyway, she sure is cute! Oh I would give my neighbor's right arm to have that chippy arbor-thingy. LOVE!

Your photos are truly the best Carole! I am always in awe of your photography.
sending hugs form here...

Donna said...

I would love to make it to this event! Such wonderful treasures! I would be in deep mud!
So, you brought home balusters? Cool! I would love to see what you do with them!

Jane said...

You took some gorgeous photos! The pics of the dogs are my favorites!!
I saw a lot of stuff I would the rusty pieces!

Karen said...

Oh Carol, there is way to much good stuff at Brimfield. I would love to visit one year, to bad the weather wasn't better. Your photography is really beautiful.

Evi said...

I could have bought sooo many things from what was on your post. Boy, they got hammered by the rain too. Loved the doggie pictures.
Hope, you came home with something.

Mitzi said...

Thanks for sharing the gorgeous images from Brimfield. I especially love the shot of the glove shapers.