Saturday, October 15, 2011

What’s going on

Wanted to do a quick post just to let you know what I’ve been up to.
Let’s just say I may be
getting a Better Homes and Garden Housekeeping award!
maybe a Housekeeping Merit Badge or two.
just kidding!
but did I ever tell you when I was a young girl that I was obsessed with getting my hands of every girl scout merit badge
(I must have been more competitive back then)

beaded flowers

I have cleaned every darn part of this house….and I’ll be honest I NEVER do that.
I’m a fair weather housekeeper.
A little here,  little there.,,
seems to get us thru most of the time.

red ribbon

I think I may have started to breed a whole new breed of spiders.
kidding again
I try not to suck them up in the vacuum cleaner.    
I take the time to pick them up and throw them outside.
Now the ones that make it hard on me and hide under the furniture.
Well, sorry you get sucked up!
gosh I feel guilty tell you that
....and yes I know it's just a spider!

I have even been without computer for a few days …..

ribbon 2

In pursuit of the perfectly clean home.


Now that’s dedication I tell ya!!!!

I’ve missed you all!


Once I could see above the boxes of plastic bins and cardboard boxes it wasn’t that bad.

 and yes I think there were times I was channeling my
inner Suzan and Donna.

Your organizing tips sure kept going thru my head the whole time.

spoons and jars

Some major things had to get accomplished!
like jacking up our mudroom so it wouldn’t fall off the footings( I guess that's important)
and installing new flooring in the downstairs bath.
None of which I did,   but I had to wait to clean and paint in some cases.

thank you George


The garden has been cleaned up, cut back and mulched,
and even though we still want to redo the whole garden next yr it’s looking better then it has in a long time.

In this case less is more.


Now you maybe wondering what all this has to do with the photos I’m showing?

ring 2

It has nothing to do with it :) 

Just realized I never showed you some of the little things I bought at Brimfield back in September.
I have more just didn’t photograph it all.


Now, I am so excited to welcome my niece to our home who will be visiting us from Switzerland.
It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other.  I know the week will go by too fast, but we
plan of spending every precious moment together getting reacquainted.

I have been waiting for this time to come for so many months (as some of you know)
and it’s finally going to happen tomorrow!!! 



Evi said...

Carole, have tons of fun with your niece.
I must say, sometimes company coming can get us out of our normal routine....which results in a house ready for a close-up.It's such a good feeling, now if we could only make it last!!!!!
Boy, did you have to show me all those great ribbons are such a tease. Will you keep them or sell them...(oh please...let her sell them...!) Can you hear me sighing?
Anyway my friend, have a super time and now try to relax a bit and enjoy.
Lots of love, Evi
A big hello to the man of the hour...he must have worked so hard too!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Dear Carole
Well I know how long you've been waiting for this visit and I'm sure your niece will be blown away by your pretty home.. Just relax and enjoy the company and don't worry about housework....

Just love those blue ball jars Carole.. and the pretty ring also...

Have lots of fun and a well deserved break... will be thinking of you.. ciao xxx Julie

oldgreymare said...

Well now you know what to get Evi for her next gift lol..Those ribbons are gorgeous!

Goodness I love the photos of the jars and silver. Your photographs are stunning. I may be able to organize but you can shoot a camera!
The visit will go splendidly and a wonderful time will be had by all and before you know it you'll be sighing.." it's over so soon.."
and we'll be here waiting to hear how it went....


Heaven's Walk said... THAT's what got you so motivated to clean your house, huh...??? lolol! Well, most of the time, that's what gets me going, too. :) Have a great time reconnecting with your niece, Carole! Hugs!

xoxo laurie

Jill said...

Many blessings to you and your niece! Your excitement is so fun!

Bead and Needle said...

Enjoy your week with your deserve some time off after the house cleaning and spiders! We have scorpions and I must admit to nailing them with shoes, without a second thought...I know...I'm horrid. But they play dead - ARGH!

LOVE the ribbons and the rhinestone buckle...and the bangle...and hell, all of it! Have a grand week, Carole - Tanya

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Carolie, So you were cleaning extensively and I thought you were busy unpacking boxes for your Christmas shop. I do the same thing with spiders and even let some live inside. Just recently I found a cross spider in the kitchen. She had woven such a beautiful spider web and I loved watching her. I called her Mable and believe it or not, I fed her with some fleas, Cecil had. She moved a couple of times and then she disappeared. Maybe she didn't like the menu, LOL.
Your Brimfield finds are wonderful, I especially like the Mason jars, the spoons, the crocheted border and the bling.
Have lots of fun with your niece and enjoy the week!!!
Big hugs,

Nan said...

Hi Carole,
It was great meeting you at Brimfield! I've enjoyed all your photos and glad you were able to make some nice purchases for yourself. LOL about the spiders...I do the same thing (when I get around to cleaning that is...). Enjoy the time with your niece!


Renée Finberg said...

things are looking pretty great!!

xx said...

Oh I always suck those spiders up when I can. The big furry ones with the attitude I squish! They are supposed to be outside not in my house creating tons of webs...DAILY... and meeting me in bed on my pillow at night:)OMG!
Love your photos. Have a wonderful time with your niece.
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Dorthe said...

Hi dear Carole,
I admit it ,too- also sucking spiders up with the cleaner- also the ones on my walls, and in my windows..... yes, there are many here- whenever the dor is open, they come running- and stay, till I get them ;)
Love your wonderful finds Carole- AND-I think I could use a week for heawy cleaning, too
I wish you happy hours with your niece.
Hugs and love,Dorthe

Faded Charm said...

Looks like you brought home some fun things and I envy you being able to deep clean your home. Mine is in desperate need, but can't seem to find the time.

Hope you enjoy your visit with your niece:-)


erin said...

having a house guest is one of the best motivaters to clean!! i go crazy when someone is coming over and then after the fact, i realize my guest certainly don't care if i cleaned the whole house or not! oh well, it does feel good to get it done! it also feels good to disconnect from the computer for a while and i highly recommend it! your pictures are so pretty, especially the ones with the ball jars. i hope you have a wonderful time with your niece......i suppose it is very fall like up in your neck of the woods...enjoy it!

Romeo said...

Hmmmmm, this all sounds oddly familiar ;)

My niece has come and gone and we had a grand time. I hope that you have a wonderful time as well. The time WILL go by too quickly. Wish I had taken more pictures - don't make my mistake, you'll kick yourself later.

And the house cleaning? Yep, I was there too. Sadly, it had been neglected due to show prep. Bad girl I know and yes a little here and there.....well I think it caught up with me.

Still waiting on the flooring - didn't quite get there but the guest room DID get done :)

And so now I am in the final craziness of the show. Leaving in a few days....can't believe it's here already. But I'll be thinking of you and hoping that your porch stays put for you....I mean that would be bad if it fell off while you had company, right?!

Crickett sends his love and tells you that once the dust has settled, we will be writing you the email we owe you....

"Her", Romeo and Crickett

June said...

Enjoy every day of it Carole. I already know you will!
Now if I could just get inspired to clean my house from top to bottom!
hugs from here...

SueAnn said...

Love the photos of all the little things you discovered!! Wow!
And the clean bug hit me a few weeks ago...still going at it...though a bit slower nowadays. Still recovering from surgery!! Sigh!

A Cottage Muse said...

Have a wonderful visit!
Now I am going to look around and see what really should be done here...and I'll probably do it with one eye!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your visit with your niece. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures and yourself.

Theresa said...

have a wonderful visit! t. xoxoxoox

vicki said...

Carole- it just does a body good to get down and dirty with the house cleaning sometimes! We've just had a similar experience - also had some out of town guests. ( my house never looked better--- sigh)!!

Love the photos of your flea market finds- gosh they are beautiful!!

Have a wonderful visit with your guest-- I'm sure she will notice and appreciate your beautiful home!

Ivy and Elephants said...

I just found your blog, ... love your humor!
I too am pretty tough on the spiders, I spray them with Fabreeze!(I'm not completely heartless!)
Great finds you picked up, especially the ring.
Enjoy your niece.
new follower

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Carole,
So sorry that I'm a little late with my comment. We now have our son, daughter-in-law and grandson living with us, while they look for a house, and life is a little hectic at the moment !!
By now, your niece will have arrived and, I'm sure that you are all having a wonderful time together.
You have found more wonderful things...ribbons, jars and sparkly brooches....all gorgeous.
Spiders ?!! I can't bear them. I bought one of those plug in thingys that emit some high pitched sound that spiders don't like and, I thought it was working until Chris said he'd seen spiders running across the floor !! I have also bought a spray that spiders don't like and they are supposed to go off to someone elses house .
High five for cleaning everywhere !! I love it when people are's the only time the house gets a good clean !! haha
Have a great time with your niece and get back to us soon to tell us what you've been up to. XXXX

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Carole,
I am back from my trip and the long awaited for week with your niece must be coming to a close. I look forward to hearing all about it! Now that you are expert on cleaning out and all...won't you come help me? I'm drowning in stuff...yuck!
Lots to share...let's chat soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carole you can come and clean mine now. :) I need to get at this hopefully soon! I did some cleaning out last week, but need to do more! Fall just invites me to NEST one way or another!
Sandi@Wayside Treasures

Poppy said...

Hello my lovely lady!

I hope you had a lovely time with your niece..
gorgeous ribbons, I love your pictures Carole.

Lou xxx

Rebecca said...

Oh Carole I hope you are having lots and lots of fun and what a great feeling to have a clean house to boot...
Many Blessings

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

Do hope that you are having a wonderful time with your niece.
I love all the things you brought back from Brimfield, the Mason jars, ribbon and the bling is gorgeous.
Sounds like my kind of cleaning and yes, sometimes the spiders do get sucked up the vacuum cleaner by accident.


Casa Très Chic said...

My favorites are the blue ball jars and the red and white ribbons.
Lovely post.
Have a nice day.