Wednesday, January 18, 2012

That’s the Yeast of it!

I’m really enjoying having this Giveaway that you can still enter. 
It’s been great to hear from my blog friends and to meet some new ones

There have been some new bloggers that I hope to share with you in the future
I found a great easy bread recipe in
She called the post the Fear of Yeast!
I found that amusing because I find too that people DO fear making bread with yeast
and you don’t need to.
(get it?…… knead too…haha)

I know that was bad.

We have made so many different kinds of breads and followed a ton of recipes but most of them
have been super simple and fast.
This one is much like one we have made before except that it allows you
to keep the dough in the fridge for 2 weeks.

We love bread so it won’t be in the fridge for 2 weeks


I hadn’t taken these photos thinking I was going to show them here just wanted to remember my first bread of 2012.

I would have styled it better :-)

We baked them on my parents old pizza pan.
A pizza restaurant was the first business they owned after we moved from France.
Did they know the pizza business or even speak much English?
No but that didn’t matter.

They worked hard and
like my father used to like to say
The only words I need to know is Pizza, Grinder and Money.
My dad was a tough Frenchmen.
Well, they never made a lot of money but we got by.


I covered this bread with sesame seeds.
Love them!!!



This was the kind we used to make ….
big huh? I think this one was the no-knead bread that we saw on Martha Stewart.


I like everything about making bread.

water 2

The simplicity, the easy access of ingredients, the fact that people have been eating
it for centuries.
It’s a staple in every household.
The best part is I know what’s in it…..

and no preservatives.


Just yeast, water, flour and salt.

new dough

Ok sometimes I get fancy and add….


Olive Oil.

So are you going to try it?
Now don’t forget go
Here and watch the video and the recipe that Lisa provided
and say hi while you’re there.

Then come back and enter the giveaway

I'm going home and having some warm bread that George was making tonight.


Bead and Needle said...

Heading for the video next...just wanted to drop in and say, "Hey"...the breads are beautiful, and I swear I can smell them! XO

Nella said...

Oh my goodness Carole....I am one of those people...I bake but have never used yeast!!! Yes...never! You have now intrigued me sufficiently to give it a go! You make it look and sound so easy...and my maternal grandfather owned the village bakery in Italy. He would not be pleased....
N. xo

KarenB said...

YUM! I love the addition of sesame seeds. My favorite. This looks so great! I may have to give it a go.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Carole, Your bread looks so mouth-watering. I would like to make one instantly but I had decided to stay pretty much away from carbs for a while, sigh. It's been some time since I baked a bread, acutally it's over 10 years ago that I made one. It will be your fault when I now think about fresh baked bread for the whole day, LOL. Don't you just love that smell? It would be the perfect ambiance or candle scent if you want to make someone hungry :-).
Enjoy your yummy bread!

Boxwood Cottage said...

Well now I'm hungry and have to hurry and go get me some breakfast with yummy bread before I go to work.
xoxo~ Carola

ariadne said...

I love this blog post! You have humour first of all and also the connection of the bread making to your parents immigrating brings tears to my eyes for my own who came from Istanbul to Greece. My dad was a pastry maker but turned into a worker here. Life was so difficult!
Anyway I'd love to try that bread it is easier than I thought!AriadnefromGreece!

SueAnn said...

Oh wow!! That bread has me drooling for sure...I need to visit that video now.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

WOW Carole,
Your bread looks FANTASTIC !
I'm not a big bread eater but, when you get a fresh, warm loaf and spread butter on it well, there's nothing better. I shall definitely give it a go.
Hope all's well with you ..... sorry I've been missing for a while but I seem to have been a little busy. Will email soon. Much love. XXXX

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

.... Oh, forgot to say how much I LOVE your new header.

Dorthe said...

UHHMMMM I can smell those warm, beautifully looking breads Carole, I love new baked bread, and the wonderful smell through the house.
Your photoes are great, and the new header, so spring-like and sweet.

Theresa said...

I had not made bread in many many years and it was because of the yeast, yes, I am a yeast scardy cat! Hannah though, has been taking life skills and they made cinn. rolls with yeast so she had me buy some so that she could make some at home. They were delicious! (and I felt a bit silly for not having made bread in so many years when my 13 year old is telling me how easy it is!) So now we have all of the ingredients and I do like knowing what's in my food... so thank you for this! OH and I love your new header!!!

trash talk said...

I've always thought it a lovely idea to bring bread to a housewarming. I'd probably score a lot of points if I showed up with yours in a basket. It's gorgeous!
I love that first photo...styled or not. Seeing it made me think of what bread, traditions and welcome home.

traci said...

oh this post is just so beautiful. i love bread and have never made it. i am one of those who fear it. you do make it look easy. hmmmmm. maybe i need to try. your images are gorgeous. i could just jump through the screen and grab a piece.

Lisa DeNunzio said...

What a great surprise to get a 'shout out' in your Blog. I feel quite honored. And your pictures. Spectacular. Carole, your writing style is delightful, witty and expressive. I can only aspire to those heights.

I did receive the entire book of bread making for the holidays. Let's see what 'develops' next.

Best, Lisa

Boho Farm and Home said...

That bread looks wonderful! I make so many things around here but I do have the fear of yeast. I make cheese for goodness sakes?! So why do I avoid bread? I just need to do it...thanks for the kick in the pants!

Karen said...

That bread looks delicious Carole and its beautifully photographed. I love bread, especially homemade but sadly I am gluten intolerant. I've tried a ton of gluten free recipes, its just not the same.I'll just enjoy looking at yours lol.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

So lovely and homey seeing your beautiful loaves!

Barbara said...


I am anxious to try the bread. Looks easy enough and I bet it is so yummy right out of the oven! Hoping I am a winner!

Renée Finberg said...

this looks so amazing.
isn't it sad i could live on bread!
good bread!!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Love, love, love all kinds of bread...I'm practically drooling looking at these photos! Rob's sister and I used to make a Russian braided bread with saffron every Christmas.
I want some warm bread and butter right NOW! :)

Maricela @ painted star said...

Thanks for joining to my followers list in my blog, I'm going to try the bread, I found your post very inspiring.

The Sweetest Days said...

I must confess Carole, I have a big fear of yeast. I bought some recently (as in a couple months or so ago) and never made the rolls I had intended on making. Maybe this will be the year!

I think the breads are styled just fine. They look absolutely delicious!

Bleudelavande said...

Yum I'm totally in love with bread, yours looks so delicious!!!!
Have a nice weekend my dear friend.

vicki said...

Carole- your home made bread is incredible. The photos are fabulous. We love fresh bread-- I love to use my bread machine-- but every now and then I like to do it all myself. There really is nothing like it. Loved this post!

Evi said...

this looks so good! I'll be over in 2 hours and 15 minutes, ha ha.
Must see this video and get the recipe. Used to make bread all the time...this will get me started again to make one every so often.
The pictures are great...makes my mouth I am going to make myself a sandwich now, unfortunately on store-bought bread.
Lots of hugs,

June said...

I love the smell of the dough Carole. I always feel so good about myself when I bake a batch of fresh bread. When the kids were small it was almost impossible to keep it in the house. They loved to have hot bread and milk.
Your photos are so beautiful. I always love your photography!
sending hugs...

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

Baking my own bread is something I love to do. The thrill of kneading it, and watching it double in size and then the cooking, smells wafting from the oven {has to be one of the nicest} and then the eating.
Yum, give me fresh bread with a bowl of steaming hot tomato soup and I will be happy.
Your bread looks amazing, as always your photographs are extraordinarily gorgeous.

Happy weekend