Friday, October 19, 2012

Pretties and random thoughts

 If you didn't know it was October on the calendar, notice the cooler weather,pumpkins all around you might think I was stuck in Spring or Summer by these photos. I had fun the other day finally shooting some of the little things I bought at Brimfield. Sorry for the Easter card too!  I'll save some of the other Holiday ones for another time. Couldn't start with the Christmas cards quite yet. I was lucky and found a booth that sold vintage postcards only. They were a cute old couple that just let me quietly peruse their extensive collection. What fun to read some of the messages on the back. Almost as wonderful as the images on the front. Wish they made them like that now. 
The ribbon you see was from that wonderful booth I showed you here.  I spent more time buying various linens. Too many to show you now. The salvia is from the huge pot I keep . It has to be brought in the greenhouse during the winter. It was immense this year. I dried it out so many times but it still survived. I think it likes a little abuse. By abuse I don't mean I forgot about it for days. It needed 2 gallons of water everyday at least. I have a bouquet in the kitchen by my sink and makes dish washing more enjoyable. You might be surprised but I like doing dishes! Gets the dirt under my nails cleaned! 2 birds with one stone.  
Well I just put in another loaf of ciabatta bread. Out in 30 minutes and then I have to run. I was off eating bread for a week but I just can't do it. I have to have bread in my diet even if I have to cut out something else. Not sure what that will be......there isn't much bad food I eat anymore.
Is there a certain food you can't live without?  

What does bread, dishwashing and my salvia have to do with these vintage finds? Nothing just gives you an idea how my brain works:) 

oh yeah it's Friday I think I will join Deb at VIF



Love to hear what you are blogging about.... Have a fabulous Fall weekend. I also can not liv with out bread, I just got some pumpkin bread for toast and it is heaven but my hips and legs do not like it. XO Mary

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

I could not live without bread! Actually this week I picked up some lovely jam at the farmers market and was thinking about toast all week.

oldgreymare said...

your brain and mine run along similar paths..good thing :D

It's me said...


erin said...

aahhhhh, it! also buttered saltines with the salt side down....terrrible, i know! pretty pictures, carole.
happy autumn weekend to you.

Auntie Bliss said...

We love ciabatta bread!
(I don't like focaccia though :/ )
Love your finds!!

June said...

Well I like the way you think Carol. I totally can follow you----maybe it's because mine works very similar : )
You and I had better not try shopping might get ugly!
sending hugs...

Nella said...

Hi Carole, love all these little bits here! My magpie personality is drawn to all the loveliness too! Sounds like we are all wired the same way, my mind is off in a million directions most of the time! Enjoy this beautiful fall weather we are having! N.xo

Anonymous said...

I followed right along and enjoyed it all - 2 minds thinking alike and all that. :)
You found so many goodies! LOVE the locker bins (is that what they're called) and post cards!

KarenB said...

Your pictures are beautiful and I especially love the beaded purse and red sifter. Fun!

Bead and Needle said...

Oh, SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!! Gorgeous! And I'm happy it's an Easter card...Z already has CHRISTMAS up! She REALLY needs to get out more. :-)

Thanks for dropping by the blog - I have been so bad this week - the internet eluded me for most of it. Happy Sunday, Carole - XOXO Tanya

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Carole
Thanks for sharing some of the gorgeous little bits and pieces you purchased - like the beaded bag, postcards and braids - love all and every piece!. Looking forward now to viewing your linen purchases!!!

That purple salvia is divine isn't it?
We have several bushes scattered throughout the garden and it can even handle a bit of frost here - not perfectly but it never dies in Winter.
It has the softest velvety look about it doesn't it? Oh and such a divine purple colour.

I'm like you - I don't mind washing dishes at all - in fact, can't remember when I last used the dishwasher!

Big Springtime hugs from here,
Suzy x

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Some great finds you got at the market. Love the lace pieces - ofcourse :-)
Can´t wait to see the linen :-)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Loving your pretties!
Bread and pasta are my weaknesses!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hi Carole! Such pretty ribbon! Love that little beaded purse too. I wonder if I will ever make it to Brimfield? I feel the same about fall. Our trees are only just beginning to turn!

Evi said...

Carole, beautiful pictures.
I find it too hard to give up bread,
even with my "forever" diet, I splurge on a good piece of bread.
Have a great week my dear.
Lots of hugs,

Romeo said...

Ah, you did it again...more beautiful photos! Images to soothe the tired soul....thanks so much for taking the time to shoot and post these! Let's see what can I not live without? Ice cream and milk. Cannot. Impossible to live without. Well I might be able to but someone might get hurt ;) Love the embroidery in the linen - love linens, a weakness of mine too! And the postcard with the little chicks....made me sigh at the cuteness! Looking forward to seeing what you bought at Brimfield that is Christmas related! And oh yeah one more clean my fingernails I usually jump in the shower and wash my hair....doing dishes gives me pruney fingers ;) That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it! Hope you are having a great week!!!! Hugs! From "her"

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Carole, I miss our conversations, and reading this post was just that; sharing a few minutes with my friend! You won't believe this, but today at the antique mall I sell at, I saw one of those sweet little flour sifters in the red/white. just precious. Your bread sounds wonderful, so enjoy!! xoxo

Jody and Stan said...

What beautiful photos of all your treasures. Your ciabatta bread sounds amazing! I can't live without bread too!


Lisa said...

Beautiful blog!