Thursday, November 29, 2012

NEST in Mystic, Ct

 George and I went to visit Marcia at NEST back in October.....I know, where does the time go? I'd meant to share it much earlier. 
I finally got the photos transferred from my phone. For some strange reason I couldn't get them to transfer so I emailed them to myself. Pretty easy:)  Anyways here they are. I'm sure the shop is now full of beautiful Christmas decor. Marcia and her staff are amazing. 
In case you didn't know they moved from their old location just down the road. 
Say hi to the girls for me.

80 Stonington rd
Mystic, Ct 

Told you, amazing right?

Happy Holiday shopping!!!



Karen said...

oooh, such beautiful things!!.... Happy holidays to you too...

oldgreymare said...

Nest is right. I want to move right in :D

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

It's been a long time since I have visited Nest...time to go back! Great those celluloid mirrors...cute idea! :)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Carole,
I couldn't possibly list all of the things that I would buy ...... suffice it to say that I would love to buy it all !!!! Just gorgeous, every last thing !! XXXX

Anne said...

So beautiful Carole! BTW just received my JDL magazine today.I am enjoying reading and viewing the beautiful photos!Have a great weekend!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Wonderful shop! Styled so pretty. Wish I could go. Love your photos!

Olive said...

Yes, amazing. And full of stuff. I always email my pics to myself. It just works out that way:}

Denise said...

Absolutely amazing! I saw a couple of pieces of milk glass I would just like to pull through my computer screen. I saw pics. of your shop at 52 Flea not long ago. Equally as amazing!

Romeo said...

Well, "her" and I were sitting here, leisurely looking at the beautiful pictures you took at the nest. Suddenly, "her" heart started racing and "she" started breathing quickly....dropped me on the floor and ran out the door, saying "she" needed air. That was 45 minutes ago. I think purrhaps, "she" is at the airport.....


Romeo minus "her" who went out...

Anonymous said...

For someone that cannot get to shops like these, this is pure delight. I also enjoyed the photos Laura shared on her blog of your shop, Carole ~ gorgeousness!!!

Nella said...

Carole, just beautiful shop! Loved seeing yours as well from Laura's blog. I miss shop keeping when I see lovely ones such as these.....brings me back....N.xo

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

That's an awesome shop. I've seen so many things I love. The super large glass jar is among the things that had caught my eye immediately but there's a lot more.
I know that there's an other fabulous shop about half an hour away though. YOURS! I saw the pictures on Laura's blog. Oh Carole, sigh, you did such a wonderful job again, shopping and decorating. You've got a great taste and as every year, I wish I could come by and see everything in person. Your customers don't know how lucky the are.
Have a busy weekend with lots of customers, dear friend!
Big hugs,

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

So amazing...thanks for sharing Carole!

Susan Thomas said...

Carole, was amazing meeting you today and basically buying one of everything in your gorgeous shop!! I see in this post you love NEST like I do, Funny thing, in the first photo of this post, it shows a giant spool with the sissors!! It now sits proudly in my dining room!! ha ha
Hope to chat with you sooon. Thanks for a lovely day!!

MJ Ornaments said...

Love everything Carole!

Xoxo Martha

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

That shop is so pretty. Would love to visit in person next time I'm in Mystic.


suziqu's thread works said...

Wow you are so lucky Carole to have THIS amazing shop to visit just down the road!
And I just had to visit 52 Flea thanks to dear Julia and OMG! everything is so stunningly beautiful and oh how I wish I could visit you there dear friend.
That cloche with the Virgin Mary inside is the one I would have to come away with!
Wishing you lots of sales from now on until the New Year and a few tootsiesup at the end of the day.
Sending hugs and love,

Donna said...

Hi Carole!
This is such a great store!
I am such a sucker for fab displays!
Thank you for sharing!
I love to see places I may never get to visit in person~ plus it is always so cool to see things through another perspective!
Have a great week!
Hugs to you my friend

Tutti Chic said...

what a gorgeous shop!! thanks so much for sharing!! :) chris

vicki said...

Carole- I'm so slow in making my rounds- I almost missed out on seeing these beautiful pictures!! What a dreamy shop-- full of absolute loveliness! I'd love to see it now with Christmas decor!

And-- you just know that I LOVE the name of that shop!!

Happy Holidays to you Carole--

Rostrose said...

UUUUH, WHAT A SHOP!!!!! :o)))
Thanks for visiting me in your blog-pause, dearest Carole, and for the nice words you left to my California-Dreaming-posts :o)
★ ♫ ♫
I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful last week of Advent and a wonderful holiday season!
Cordial Rusty-Rose-Christmas-hugs
by Traude

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