Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Testing testing

Well thought I'd try something scary. Try to post from my phone. Isn't that the way the saying goes? Do something scary everyday. If I thought I could mess up a post from the comfort of my laptop then I'm in for some laughs with this new venue. The photos are totally random. I forget now what they even were?:)
In an ironic twist my laptop just died seconds ago. I thought it just needed plugging in. No it's dead finally. Maybe taking out the battery will work again and it will live to see a new day.... Even if only for a few

Ok wish me luck.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Well Carole ..... it worked very well !!
It's just as good as a post from your computer ...... you are cleverer than I !!
Promise to send an email soon ..... I'm trying to tweak my blog needs a bit of updating !
'Speak' soon. XXXX

La Brocanteuse said...

Well done!! Beautifull images and if you did not say, I would no have known! Yay!!! Colxx

La Brocanteuse said...

....and you can post those pics you are going to sneak for us....right away, hot off the floor! Colx

Debra @ Common Ground said...

I'm trying to get this same function, just not brave enough! great job!

Olive said...

Well done brave one. Looks wonderful as usual.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Carole
You clever girl! is all I can say!
Well is it dead or was it just teasing?
Love your bottles shown here - gorgeous!
We have very excitedly just renovated and installed a slow combustion wood heater stove which we have been without for the past 7 years - they are so divine for heating, cooking on and in - nothing like them and it came with a thermostat just like the one in the bottle!
Good luck girl!
Sending big hugs,

oldgreymare said...

worked great!
buy a mac, buy a mac, buy a mac mac mac lol

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

Clever you! have not tried this myself and really should.
Love your sweet photos - especially the vintage girl on the bottle with the thermostat.

Happy day

Auntie Bliss said...

You did it!! It had not even crossed my mind to try it and I have always loved that phrase about trying something that scares you every day.
I love the pics!

Denise said...

It worked beautifully! And the photos are delish. Sorry to hear about your laptop. They're touchy little things for sure.

Faded Charm said...

Your photos are always beautiful no matter how you post them:-)

Just ordered my magazine. I've been so busy lately that i completely forgot. So glad you posted because when I saw it I remembered.


June said...

You did good girl! Now that wasn't so scary after all, was it?
I sure hope you can revive your laptop.
hugs from here....

Willow said...
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Willow said...

Sorry I accidentally deleted comment, back to do it right those time ;) Lovely phone post ! Yes I started blogging by phone and found it can be a bit challenging and scary. You have done very well. I stop by from time to time ~lovely work.

Nella said...

Carole, you are such a champ! Great job! I am blogging from my iPad with Blogsie....still learning! N.xo

Maywyn said...

I admire your bravery.
I had to ask somebody how to shut my phone off. lol

If you need a scare everyday, then throw a piece of your favorite chocolate in a clean unused waste basket. Remove the chocolate when you calm down from the shock.

Ti Bo said...

LOVE your post! Great job!
I am wondering if you created those wonderful fern art work???!!!
Now, if I could just do the 'scary' thing and BLOG!!! I keep looking for knowledge and...I don't know what. a good spoon-feeding! ha.
ps I do pray that the computer situation works out for you!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos and subjects, Carole. My battery gave my computer all kinds of trouble, so I pulled it out and took it to the recycle center. Hubby felt I should get another battery, so we did, and my computer started having all kinds of problems again. So I use it w/o the battery.
Good luck with yours!

trash talk said...

I'm impressed. Heck...I'm impressed by the fact you also use a laptop. I have to hook up the monitor, mouse...and keyboard to do that. If I don't...I get my mords all wixed up!

Dorthe said...

You did it perfectly, dear -
such beautiful photoes, and as for your laptop I hope it lives on again .
I love the bottles Carole they are gorgeous.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Just perfect!!

Theresa Smith said...

Good job! I haven't tried this yet! Everything looks awesome!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Carole, That had worked out very well and the pictures are lovely.
Hopefully your laptop can be reanimated. It's not old enough to die.
Have a great Sunday! Hopefully you did not get too much snow?
Sending big hugs,
PS: We've taken 3 new puppies in until they get adopted. They are such cuties :-).

MondayNightFashion said...

haha, my laptop is about to die as well :) did you take the photos with your phone? they are really pretty!!

vicki said...

You did it!! I've often wondered how it would be to blog this way!!! Did you use the mobile app? I'm just too scared to try it!!! You are such a brave girl!!


Rebecca said...

Hi Sweetie!
Looks good over here, I am impressed, I don't think I could post from my phone... it takes me forever just to text. My highest accomplishment is status updates on fb from my phone!
Beautiful images also, love the botanical's, did you do those?
I hope this finds you well, miss chatting and getting around like I used to but just no time.
Blessings today