Tuesday, April 2, 2013

greenhouse days

I really like when our plug orders come in. Even after all these years it's still exciting. All that potential. I am not good at always showing the progress as they get to maturity or RR ( retail ready) as the wholesalers like to call it. I know its confusing for customers as they might run across a cell flat of 100 or so little plants. Some come up with the whole tray to the counter. My fault as we don't always have the room to put things out of reach. They often look a little sad that I can't sell it to them. Maybe the price would discourage them? If you go only to box stores you might find our place strange....a little raw. That's ok. How many box stores have kitty cats and a pit bull running down the walkways? Just kidding we don't have Petey running down the walkways. The cats though will greet you. Charlotte especially likes to come up to people in the perennial area. That's her area. I love when people tell me "I saw a cat on one of the benches" or when kids come up to me and ask where the cats are.   I love when Petey ears go straight up in the air. I love his ears, his pink skin, his little black spots, his one pink eye with white lashes.  He's such a good boy and goes crazy for my homemade treats....when I have time to make them.
That fig tree we kept inside the greenhouse as they are one zone off of our area. Two seasons ago we planted one outside and I thought it hadn't made it. It wasn't until almost June that it sprouted some growth from the bottom and then finally the rest of it flushed out. I finally got some fruit late in the fall. Not having enough sun slowed it down I think. We planted 2 others in a sunnier spot last year. I am crossing my fingers as we had a harsher winter this time around. I was inspired by my friend Connie to do some cuttings. We are going to do a swap when mine are big enough to ship to her. She has a variety that produces like mad but doesn't remember the name. I don't need a name, just the figs!   That weird clothes pin contraption is our plug board that George made our first year in 1990. A dibbler. One pin is missing. He loves that thing. I rarely use it. I like using my other finger to make my own dibble. For years he has thought that I will lose it or worse secretly trying to lose it. It's for planting 806's or what normal people call annual flats. 8 packs of 6 plants each. Makes the perfect little hole to put those tiny little plugs in. Don't tell him but I have come around and use it all the time now. I am stubborn to a fault.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Carole,
Look at all that Spring growth ..... there isn't much going on in our garden at the moment but, today we have sunshine and clear blue skies so, I'm hoping that Spring has arrived at last and some green shoots will start to appear !!
Is it only you and George who do all of the work at Maynard Greenhouses ? ....... no wonder you are so busy.
Beautiful photographs of Spring's new growth, Petey enjoying himself and Georges dibbler { if you'll pardon the expression !!!! } !!!! haha. XXXX

Bead and Needle said...

Your secret's safe with me...I would love this whole atmosphere for work I think! Such a beautiful, happy place. AND, I used to frequent a nursery back home that had not a pit bull, but a Bull Mastiff in the aisles...he didn't run, but sort of laid around like the 175 lb. lump that his name implied - Mumbles. Happy Tuesday, Carole - Tanya

Mary Pernula said...

Love this time of year, wish I was close buy so I could bring the whole flat up to the counter and buy!~~~~ Happy Spring Hugs Mary

ariadne said...

The neighbour has a fig tree at our beach house and we eat lots in summer. I love them!AriadnefromGreece!

Dorthe said...

Dear Carole,
what a wonderful, quiet,and special mood, I feel their is in your greenhouse. And all those tiny new plants and flowers which will soon be grown much bigger-and more beautiful...
We do have a fig tree here on our close to the Baltic Sea, we have longer and warmer autums on the island where I live, and therefore the figs can cope. Some years we have many ,many figs, and like last year there were only a few because of no rain in spring and a colde summer.
I wish you luck with your fig, ours is 3 meter something high now and we planted it 20 years ago!!
Hugs and happy spring,

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I love that dibbler!
...and Petey does look cute with his ears straight up! :)

Nantucket Daffodil said...

I guess I am truly a novice! Plugs! I thought seeds. I like this plug idea! I am actually about to go plant seeds....but I will be yearning for plugs!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

I too can see how special and beautiful Maynard Greenhouse is and must be lovely working here.
Love all the gorgeous new growth of all the little plants.
George is very clever with making the dibbler gadget and must be really useful.
How sweet Petey is running down the walkways.
Happy week

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Run Petey run
Happy belated Easter wishes Carole. Hope you and George and all the criiters had a lovely weekend
Ciao ciao xxx julie

oldgreymare said...

Everything look so pretty and so charming compared to my lousy visit to Lowes today. Half dead plants, lousy pricing ARGH!!!

LOVE the running pic of Petey..sent it to Judy already :D

Olive said...

I would love it there. The cats make it homey. The image of the cup is just splendid.

Willow said...

So nice to be in the green house getting started. Oh Petey has completely stolen my heart.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Oh I'm enjoying all your wonderful shots of the nursery! Makes me wish I had a green thumb.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I had thought of you intensively yesterday and there you are :-). It looks wonderfully springlike in your greenhouse. The picture of running Petey is so cute. His ears seem to stand upright.
We harvested some figs last year and made fig ice cream. Very yummy.
Happy Wednesday, dear Carole!

Heaven's Walk said...

Ohhhhh....I can just imagine that wonderful earthy scent of your greenhouse right now, Carole! I think that spring has finally arrived - though still creeping - here in Michigan. I actually uncovered the burlap from the rose bushes this afternoon. What a glorious feeling that was! :)

xoxo laurie

Maria dolores Lopez godoy said...

Wow, your blog is very very beautiful and you are very creative. Kisses.

Tamara Jansen said...

Your pictures are just beautiful! Have a great spring rush :)

Romeo said...

Only a real greenhouse has the comfort of animal ambassadors!!! Whenever I find a store with a resident cat and/or dog, it ALWAYS makes me smile and want to linger. It just adds to the shop!

As I can see you are busy and then some, want to thank you for the peek into your world! Figs and all!!! Yum!!!

Hugs and purrs,

"her" and Romeo

Theresa said...

That's funny, i was thinking that the clothespin 'dibbler' looked like a small shelf and thought, oooooh I want one of those on my desk! Then i thought that I could come up with a clothespin necklace hanger/display. Then i thought how wonderful your greenhouse must smell right now. All fresh and green. happy Spring! love, t.xoxo

Jill said...

So jealous...

Vicki Boster said...

Oh Carole- spring has arrived!!! Your images are gorgeous!! The one with the teacup is my very favorite! Love the photos of your doggie baby-/ so precious. I'm looking forward to all the beautiful flowering photos that will be blooming on your blog this spring!

Sending hugs--

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh at last some lovely sunny weather for you to enjoy what you so love most! Your images are beautiful! and yes like Vicki I love that one with the tea cup cause that's what we do when out in the garden!
Hey, guess what? Jeff and I have never used a dibbler and I personally didn't even know what a dibbler was until I received one for my birthday a couple of months ago and it's gorgeous - all hand turned on a lathe too!
Love the images of Petey sharing your world also.
Wishing you many happy Spring hours in your greenhouse for some months to come,
Big hugs,

Hastypearl said...

Ahhh. The green house doors are definitely OPEN in south central Texas or commonly called The Hill Country!
The bluebonnets did the best they could on our highways with the drought we have had, but deadheading will keep them blooming all season on my property. Hey, it's what we crazy gardeners DO! We do the things everyone else says...hmmm....wish I'd thought of that:)
LOVE your photographs...Snap On!