Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nature Walk

Last Saturday or maybe it was Sunday George my husband asked me if I wanted to take a walk by the pond which is right along the greenhouse and the old house that belonged to his grandmother. It seemed like a nice break from our routine so I thought why not. I also thought how romantic of him to think of it. He decided to bring an old pot and I soon realized that his motivation for going there was to retrieve all the golf balls he had been hitting over to the other side of the pond all winter long. I laughed and thought I'd bring my camera and enjoy the walk, anyways his cousin had mentioned that they had seen 2 otters at the far end of the pond and thought maybe we'd be lucky enough to spot them.

The pond was once a blueberry bog and dredged out for peat about 20+/- yrs ago. His uncle Ledge had cows that would graze along there from Spring to Fall up until late last year. They got to be too much work for him so he sent them up to his sons farm in upstate N.Y. I'll miss seeing them everyday especially the little calves.

Well at least the ducks are still there....

This is probably about half way down the pond. You can see the back of the greenhouses from here.

Ancient ruins or septic cover?

The big score. It was like an Easter hunt but with golf balls.

My prize was the sunset and the scenery. It was a nice little break from the work day and it's was right there in our backyard...Oh, we never did see the otters...maybe next time....and maybe next time I won't run out of battery while downloading and lose most of my other pics too.....DARN!!!


Bleudelavande said...

Hi Carole, what beautiful places where you live!!! Wauuuu!
I send you a little gift for you on your email, did it arrive???!!!
I hope! Tanks for your pretty comment on my blog. I wait you again. See you soon

The White Bench said...

Hi Carole, that's amazing!
Not only your post (the last photo stole my heart!)... the first thing I noticed visiting your blog was that writing on the header... Old Saybrook, CT. I was there last summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cannot believe that!
I have very warm memories of that place!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you also for your comment, which was soooo sweet.
Thank you, thank you very much for letting me know you!
P.S I loved our meals at the Blue Crab!!

Laura said...

Carole, You are too funny! An Easter egg hunt with golf balls!!!! Seriously, though....what a pretty pond and lovely backyard you have!

Carole said...

Hi Monica,
Isn't that funny!!! I was so excited when you told me you were in our little town. I'm often amazed that people have heard of us, but it is such a beautiful place. We're very lucky to live here. Maybe we'll get a chance to meet if you get to vacation here again. I would love that! I've actually never been to the Blue you've peaked my interest.
Thank you for your lovely comments.

Carole said...

Hi Laura,
I wish I was the "funny one" that came up with that statement, but I have to give the credit to George. He was so funny....he was like a little kid out there.
Thanks so much for your comment.