Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tender Buttons

I don't know what it is about buttons that interesting me so much. They're a common enough thing. I guess you could call them functional art. The ones in this picture are nothing special but yet they can seem like so much more when grouped together. When I see someones old buttons for sale I think of the person who they may have belong to and what piece of clothing they came from. A favorite dress for a special occasion, wedding or just a well loved shirt.
Though never used I love the old packaging from button cards. The graphics on them can be so interesting. I share a love of buttons with my friend Delores. Though she likes the ones with more "bling" we both can spend a long time rummaging thru button shops or antique stores for them. One of these days we have to get to NYC and go to Tender Buttons . The Button store of Button stores!!!!!One of our customers ( a guy) over heard us talking about the place and said he was surprised he liked it. Adding " I don't even care about buttons" I guess that's a good testimonial. Right?


Laura said...

My love of buttons started as a girl going through Nana's button fun! Looks like we gals all share the fascination!

manon 21 said...

thank you very much.
we love the same thing!!!!