Friday, February 27, 2009

Day trip

Went for a day trip yesterday with friends to Rhode Island. There's a favorite restaurant in Wakefield called Muse which boost having 68 different beers on draft. So of course the guys were happy. We decided that we would stop in Wickford along the way. George and I had found the town by accident 18 yrs ago while driving around southern R.I. It's a cute picturesque town with shops lining main street. It hadn't changed that much except it was much quieter since it was February and during the week, but that made it even better. Of course we made some stops at a few antique shops and these are some of my finds. The old ledger pages are my favorite along with some almanacs, silver forks,brooches, doll shoes, lint brush and small doll dress. The yarn was from this great yarn shop that I could have spent all day looking at their made up samples. Always amazed how different the yarn looks when knit up. Then I cheated and bought a scarf at dress shop. Can't see much of it in this picture but it's really soft and I love it. I also bought a shelf from all places a used book store. It was in the window with plants all on it. It was this weird 50's green but I liked it. Thinking the color was wrong I remembered it would look good in the dining room. My new pastel vintage look. Something about that look just makes me happy....not sure why?

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Laura said...

Oh Carole!!! I Love your finds!!! It sounds like it was a fun day.....and even the boys had a good time! I especially love the old ledger papers....and the tiny shoes!