Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Cool Lover!!!

Here's bit of color in the middle of winter. Some of the perennials are getting a little ahead of themselves. OOPs! I'll have to take the primroses out in one the unheated houses before they bloom out. Another year has gone by without me planting any in my garden. I've been telling myself that for too many years. I guess I'm going to have to do it in the Spring instead of putting it off til Fall (when I put everything off to). By Fall they just don't look that great.....They always look a little pooped out but as soon as it really gets cold they look great again. I have memories of my Mother having them in our garden along a walkway. They were always so cheerful looking in the Spring. You could see the flowers popping thru the snow when we'd have a late storm......nothing seemed to stop them.

Arctotis in Red

Meyers Lemons that I've been hoarding. Have them on order so I'm crossing my fingers they get here...

Phormium-but can't remember what kind?????

Hens and Chicken's in George's old workboots.

Rosemary of course

Trying some succulants in hangingbaskets... at this rate this one will be huge by Spring

Pansies and Vinca Vine


Laura said...

Oh, the color of those primroses! I love that blue! Hey, I have an old boot too up at the lake with hens and chicks.....looks so cool.

Catherine said...

Oh what pretty pics~& flowers! I have enjoyed perusing through your beautiful site, loved seeing all the plants in the Greenhouse~I look forward to starting seeds this week in my small Greenhouse!
I Love the vintage Easter post card on your header. And love that you named your cat Nigella~after the plant love~in~a~mist~I presume..?!
Have a wonderful week!