Friday, February 20, 2009

Favorite spots

Look at those feet. All pink white and furry. You can tell she doesn't get much walking in these days. What a contrast to our kitties at the greenhouse. They're my rough and tumble cats. Nigella's a bit of a princess.....but we do love her so.

Nigella's favorite spot too!

This is the view I have from my favorite spot of our family room. Sitting on the wood floor right in front of the wood stove working on my spring orders. Looks like the snowman is getting to jump off the edge. Luckily he never has since I find myself falling asleep there more than I'd like to admit. I know it's mid-Febuary but I can't let go of Christmas all the way. Most of it is packed away but there is always little corners here and there that I keep up sometimes into Spring...most times because I can't find the time then. More reason to pack it up now. Well maybe this year?

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Laura said...

Carol, your kitty is so sweet and cuddly looking! In regards to your Christmas is my tree is still up. The decorations are off....but the tiny white lights are on. Kate says its romantic. Now that she has broken up with boyfriend #5 I guess I can take it down.