Friday, February 20, 2009


Rosemary....everyones favorite herb. Wish everyone could see how beautiful the flowers are in the winter in this greenhouse. Temperature in here is only at 40 yet it always does well. The trick to keeping it in your house in the winter is to give it plenty of light but not too much heat. The roots always go straight down like it's digging to China for it's water source. It can be a very aggressive plant and can get pot bound quickly with roots coming out the bottom. Planting it in a plastic pot can help. Rosemary represents remembrance so it makes a great gift for many occasions.

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Laura said...

My pitiful little pot of rosemary in the kitchen is trying to hold on till spring. Her 5 or 6 skinny stalks still smell so lovely but I'm afraid my not so green thumb will do her in! Do you really keep the temp at 40 degrees in your house?