Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Common Mistake #1

In Country Living's April issue there's a Garden tip section that I thought was right "on". Most of the time I don't agree 100 percent with their suggestions but this time it was written by a nursery owner in San Francisco named Flora Grubb~ well I guess with a name like that she had to get in the business...not sure about the Grubb name though. She must get teased alot about that.

From this picture she looks more like an Ivory Snow model than a nursery owner, I guess we don't all have to run around with a hat, work boots, apron and dirt hands....right??? but it does help to look the part.

Anyways moving on

TIP no. 1 oh by the way this is actually called the 10 most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake: Shopping for just flowers, not foliage

SOLUTION:" I often tell my customers that every flowering plant is beautiful at it's prime-full of lush, abundant blooms," says Flora. "But then I'll ask, how does it look for the rest of the year? "Before you buy, consider the plant's leaves and structure. Include specimens with spectacular foliage...

Like the annual coleus , the shrub cotinus ( smoke bush), or decorative grasses to help keep beds interesting when flowers are not at peak."

Of course she's speaking more about perennials and how you'd better like the foliage because once it's done flowering it's all you'll have. It's also true with annuals because the flowers may need deadheading or it just may not flower all that much at a certain point. A planter is always more interesting when you add a few foliage plants in the mix.... and the nice thing is that there's so much more out there now than just vinca vine and dusty miller.

This is obviously only 1 of 10 common mistakes....will be back with more if I don't bore you first.

By the way today was Opening went pretty well for an overcast chilly day...and nice to see some familiar faces too.

Take care and stay down to earth....



Laura said...

Carole! Opening Day......may it be a wonderful season for you and George! Thank you for the lessons and tips on gardening....I have a lot to learn and am going to enjoy reading and benefiting from the wisdom and advice on your blog!...and I can't wait till I get to come see your shop and greenhouses!
Be well, Laura

Bonjour Madame said...

I'm guilty of this. I need a few more things like this to fill in the area in front of my home. Thanks for the tip.

I have little birds in my next now on the porch! They are so cute.

Rosemary said...

Hi Carole,
I am going shopping for my flowers tomorrow. Wish I could come to your nursery. I could use your help.
Chat soon,

Catherine said...

I think at first when we begin gardening we are all quilty of this..I was, now that I've been gardening for 15+yrs. I have come to love foilage,~for many reasons! And it's one of the things I look for when thinking about buying a new plant, I always look to see if it has nice foilage, I even have a foilage bed, all diffrent kinds of greens~blue green's, yellow greens, dk. flowers except for the heuchra & hosta's & lamb ears~but no real flowers, Yet it is one of my favorite beds!!
Great post, look forward to seeing the other mistakes!:) Glad your opening day went well~wish you lots of success this Gardening season!
Enjoy the weekend!

The White Bench said...

Hi Carole,
I'd love to come there and buy some flowers...!
Have a beautiful w.e,