Friday, May 28, 2010

Paula's Windowboxes

Two weeks ago last Sunday the weather was gorgeous.
I had intended on posting much sooner...

boy how times flies!!!
It's already Memorial day weekend!!!
and I really should be getting ready
but since I already had most of the post done I'll
get it done lickity split!!!! haha

The best part of the day was when Paula came
to pick out her plants for her 16 windowboxes

yep 16!!!

Every year she's done something different....

well most years.
For a few years she would plant all bridal veil and they would fill the
boxes in no time with these delicate little white flowers.

It was so her!!!!

I remember the year she decided she was going to use some

I almost fell over from shock!!!!
It looked great against her all WHITE house at the time.

Now it's painted a soft gray with crisp white trim so every color

still looks wonderful.

The color theme this year is purple after she spotted some simple purple salvia.

The search was on for more PURPLE and these oxalis called Iron Cross

with their purple centers on the leaves were perfect.

The pink coral flowers set off the dark colors used.

Paula needs no help picking out flowers and most times just does her own thing.

No need for my silly imput
but she still lets me give her some suggestions.
I had asked her a few weeks before what colors she was going to do this year.
She replied.
You know me I'll just
wait 'til something pops out at me.
That's the way to approach it.......just let it happen and don't stress out.
If you like it then it'll be great!!!

I did suggest the lime colored vinca's so much more interesting then the
plan green and white.

Trailing and upright coleus with dark foliage were next on the list.

Petunia mini blue vein.
Love the spot of dark blue in the center.
It'll look great near her blue hydrangea's along the front of the house.
This is what the boxes looked like last year in June.
I took the picture late in the day and the
oxalis was closed up which they do in the evening
so unfortunately you can't notice them.

Cart in hand and windowbox under her arm she was
off and running!

Can't wait to see how they come out.
Thank you so much for all the
well wishes for George.
It's really meant so much to me to know you all care.
He's getting better and is now walking without crutches most days.
It's been frustrating to
not be able do things for himself.
Makes us realize how we can take
our mobility for granted and when you are in a phyical job
like we are, that we need to be careful and not take too many risks...
but even doing the mundane things you can get hurt.
I miss blogging so much and hope when the
craziness subsides and I stop working 95 hrs a week(uggh)
I can get some time to
visit all of you.
Hope your holiday is a safe and happy one!!!!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Carole!
So glad that George is doing better!
I can't wait to see her window boxes in bloom!
Hope you can catch a break soon!
Big hug,
Laura :)

A New England Life said...

Your friend needs color! Real color in those boxes! I'm sure they'll be beautiful. 16 window boxes is a lot of work!!!

Glad George is getting along. He must have hurt himself pretty bad. Don't you worry about visiting our blogs. They'll be plenty of time later on for that. Enjoy the business!


Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

HI Carole ~ Wow ~ sixteen boxes. I can't even get to my 1 little bed to weed. Have a fantastic Holiday Weekend and put your feet up ~ hasn't the weather been great! Im loving it. All the best to George

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Love the flowers and the window boxes... beautiful! Glad George is recovering ♥

slommler said...

So glad to hear George is getting better. Love the window boxes and the flowers are fabulous! Great color choices.

oldgreymare said...

We all love you so much, we'll wait for you to have the time. Meanwhile have a good and prosperous weekend. This is a big weekend for gardening yes?

I recall way back when I lived in in the east, hitting the nurseries with my Mom on Memorial Day weekend. I remember a lot of petunias and marigolds. She would have adored Maynard Greenhouses.

Just realized I forgot to order my magazine! _ and I have the link staring at me every day on my blog....duh...better get to it!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Carole, it's great to hear that George is doing better.
With 16 windowboxes Paula is really busy. I think some color looks very pretty to go with the white.
It's amazing that you manage to post at all with so many working hours, girl! Hopefully you can get a little rest on the weekend.
Big hugs,

Jacqueline said...

Hi Carole,
I've missed you, but I know you must be so busy as it's the height of the season. It's so good to hear that George's leg is getting better. It only takes one accident to really put everything out of kilter. I'm sure that you are normally run off of your feet at this time of year but, with George laid up you must be running round like a headless chicken !!
Well, with a backdrop of such a beautiful house painted in that wonderful grey, Paula can't go wrong. I'm definitely on her wavelength and, if I lived there, I would be buying all of the white flowers that I could get my hands on !!!!
We have two white clematis on both sides of our house that are covered in flowers and, we are going to get another white climbing rose. We have a pink one that is covered in buds (I've allowed my husband that little touch of colour !!!!) It's a bank holiday here this weekend so, all of the nurseries will be overflowing with people. I think that I will leave buying my plants until the middle of the week.
Take care of yourself, Carole and try not to overwork yourself. Love to you and George. XXXX


Happy Memorial Day!!!!!!!!!!!!I wish I can meet you, Paula and Laura,,,,,,,,,,,,,I WOULD LOVE ALL THREE OF YOU 4-sure...........I am like Paula and need no help when I am in a nursery!!!!! I never know what I really want it all jumps out at me and then it all falls in to play for me.................I am glad George is doing well. TAKE CARE XO MARY

June said...

I don't know how it happened Carole, but I missed your last three posts. I was sorry to read about George. I'm glad that he is doing better.
Paula's boxes will be gorgeous. The pictures that you share with us are always the most amazing things. I just love it here.

Anonymous said...

I always perk up when I see that you have a new blog post - yay, Carole is blogging!!! :)

As beautiful as Paula's house is indoors, outdoors must be just as incredible!

My wildflower garden that I planted around the house last year started coming up, and then was promptly nibbled down by bunnies. I've tried all kinds of ideas to encourage them to go elsewhere, but so far my garden is looking very sad. :( Thank goodness there is plenty of beautiful forest to enjoy!

Don't work too hard, Carole, (if that's possible) and I'm so glad George is doing better!


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Carole
We've all missed you!!! missed your happy conversation and gorgeous photos.. and flowers springing up to greet us.....

Sorry I didn't pop by earlier. in fact I did .. but my internet has been at snail pace for the last few days and can't get into blogs!!! maybe you have something for those snails...

I'm so glad George's leg is improving.. I can just imagine how run off your feet you must be... reminds me of my work last year doing the 90hr weeks... argggh... such wonderful memories.. hahahaha

Love all these beautiful blooms especially since tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF WINTER HERE.. boo hoo.... Love that glimpse of Paula's house too...and I think the purple will look fantastic against that grey and white backdrop!!!

Take care dear Carole.. we all miss you!!! xxx Julie

Renee Finberg said...

16 window boxes!!
i wish i were picking gorgeous plants from you for my tiny garden.
be well my friend

Anne Marie said...

will you come here and help me??

if so, then grab that top your friend had on - that looked so comfy and cute

and are too hilariously sweet with your comment " i knew her when "

I have been terrible getting to everyone's blog lately - I still follow yours! and your husband is in our prayers! sorry I haven't commented (my computer was down for about 2 weeks)

thanks for the encouragement Carole - and I really think we'll meet someday - it just seems right!

Rebecca said...

Hi Carole
I am sorry I haven't been keeping up, I am sorry to hear about George but so glad he is doing better!
Your pictures are just beautiful of all the flowers! I know you are busy now and I hope all is well.
Wow 16 window boxes, I would hate to water all of them... but beautiful
Have a wonderful Sunday

Rosemary said...

Hi Carole,
So pretty!! That is a lot of window boxes!
I have missed your posts.
I know you are busy as am I.
Glad George is doing better. My husband was on crutches a few summers ago. Not fun!!!!

Andrea said...

Pretty~! I love window boxes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol! Thanks for the post, and thanks to you the window boxes look great. You always have such wonderful choices of plants. I'm glad George is doing better. Don't work too hard-I'll see you soon. love,Paula said...

Hi Carole, Tell George we are all thinking good thoughts for him (and you too;) I can not believe Paula has 16 flower boxes! OMG! I'll bet they look gorgeous when everything grows full:)Have a great week. I wish it would stop raining already.
Blog; Capers of the vintage vixens

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I've missed you, but I know that you're busy at this time of year. I'm looking forward to your next post and I'm glad George is doing better.

Chemin des Muguets said...

Hi Carole,

Thank you for the July 4th greeting. Wishing you a happy holiday as well.


P.S. Sorry, I didn't know about George. But glad to hear he's getting around better.