Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall ....LOVE it...even the clean up

                                                                            With beautiful cool temperatures mother nature brings us a riot of color.
                                                                    People come from all around to
                                                                          see the spectacle that is New England’s foliage display.
                                                                           I don’t think there are many of us that don’t like Fall.
                                                                                          It’s the season of more comfortable weather, harvesting crops,
                                                                        county Fairs, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and lets not forget
                                                                           Leaf Clean Up
                                                                              One of my favorite garden chores.
                                                                               We still have a few trees that hold on to their leaves    forever it seems, so we do it in stages.
                                                                              Cutting down the perennials that have yellowed or gone by is usually my job while George
                                                                           works the blower…..
                                                                  the blade cutter, and other “MAN  machines”.
                                                                                   That’s fine with me I do the picky work trimming all the herbaceous plants and shrubs.
                                                                            This time I really was ruthless and not only trimmed but yanked out plants
                                                                        that have gotten too large and just
                                                                                 outlived their usefulness. I’ve wanted to redo our garden for some time now or at least
                                                                       tame it and I did make progress this season
                                                                             but not as much I wanted to hence why I never shared it with you like I had hoped.
                                                                   We designed this garden 15 yrs. ago and while I had changed a few things
                                                                            like the 4 separate beds to 2,  most of it has been the same for sometime.  
maple leaves copy
                                                                                    There are some plants like our dwarf Japanese maple that I would never get rid of but
                                                                                           that may have to be moved.
                                                                                                I love it even when the leaves have curled a bit after a slight brush with frost.
                                                                                            We had skirted  frost that the rest of the state received.
                                                                                         We just had 28 degrees the other night.
                                                                                               It  had to happen eventually.

                                                                                                Watching the leaves blowing in the air and the sunlight coming through the trees
                                                                                         was such a sight that I ran into the house and grabbed my camera.
                                                                        Unfortunately I missed the right moment but made the best of it.
                                                                                               Yes there were more leaves to fly up in the air but it wasn’t the same.
                                                                                                I found a garden design recently I really like. I rarely look at
                                                                                   Better Homes and Garden magazine
                                                                                         but I was looking at one at a friends house and loved this
                                                                                     colonial garden surrounded with a white picket fence. It didn’t really seem like
                                                                           a possibility since it's not at all laid out like our
                                                                        garden until I looked at it more closely.
                                                               I did want a change after all.
                                                                 It may take us a few years to get it completed but it
                                                                 gives me a goal.
                       lily turf
                                                                                                One of the changes will inevitable be to remove all this Liriope or Lily turf or Monkey Grass
                                                                          like they call it down south. I also have some that doesn’t spread like this one “Big Blue”.
                                                                                When I planted this it didn’t have a tag anymore. I figured it out later but
                                                                           throughout it’s life here I’ve loved it, then hated it, then loved it again.
                                                                      Loving it now but it will have to get moved anyways…..
                                                           It never flowered this year which was disappointing but that happened because
                                                         it got a buzz cut with the hedge trimmers during the summer.
                                                         But look how green and glossy it looks now. It’s a mass of flowing green wave of lusciousness
                                                              that sparkles on a beautiful Fall day .
                                                             If you want to see the garden design that we’re going to do….. with of course some modifications
                                               you can take a look
                                        Hope you're all enjoying the season!

                                        A note about not being around as much.
                                     Still working of the shop. I'm one of those that
                                       gets very easily distracted so though not cold turkey
                                              as this post attests to...... I have dwindled my blogging time to only a few
                                           moments here and there.
                                          Miss you.


Denise said...

I looove fall! It's my favorite season. We're expecting our first freeze tonight. I've dug out Monkey Grass (yes that's what we call it here in the South) and it wasn't a bit fun. Those things root deep and hang on for dear life.

Have a wonderful weekend!

oldgreymare said...

I'm tired just thinking of all the work you put in. When you finish yours, wanna come do mine? No?

miss you too. BTW love the clouds in pic 2



Dorthe said...

Your photoes are gorgeus, the clouds so fantastic, what a beautifull autumn.
Here it looks almost the same, -cols-a little sun, and yellow leavesall around, but you captured it so wonderfull with your camera.
xo Dorthe

Theresa said...

Good Morning Carole! Our leaves are all on the ground now. Duane got out the blower and him and Cam went to town on them a couple of weekends ago but then we got huge winds and so the rest of them came down and now well lets say, poor guy it looks like he didn't touch the yard! If we don't get the snow they are calling for then maybe this weekend we can finish it up. I love fall too, it's just so pretty. Have a great weekend! Theresa xoxo

slommler said...

Fall yard work is so relaxing! And it does promote dreaming of garden plans for the spring. Love this time of year! Great pics!!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Carole,
So much to little time !!
First of all, your photographs are AMAZING. The frst one looks like a Constable oil painting. It has such texture and atmosphere. Autumn is just beautiful, isn't it ? In the last few days, our Autumn has turned a wonderful fiery red and it is a joy to be out and about and enjoying the beauty of it all.
Your garden looks so lovely. I think that beacause you live in such a big country your gardens are so much bigger than ours. Our garden is thought to be reasonably large for a garden in the suburbs of London but, I think it would probably fit inside one corner of yours !!
I love the look of the Better Homes and Gardens garden. It has a courtyard feel about it and a little bit English. I love the circular bed in the middle.
Are you sorting the shop for Christmas ? I hope that you will show us when it's finished. Have you got some gorgeous bits and pieces ? I bought a few things yesterday and have got quite a lot of our presents bought but, not all of them. I like to sort that part early so that there's more time for the titivating !!!!
Don't work too hard Carole and I hope that George has finished the leaf blowing although, in my experience, they are all back within hours !! XXXX

MJ Ornaments said...

Your photos are so pretty, and I bet the change in seasons is beautiful to see. Not much change here, although I think my palm tree is getting bigger! ;) Have a great weekend Carole. Take care, Martha

Collected Treasures...for the home, heart & soul said...

Hi Carole....I so understand about cutting back the blogging can become too time consuming if you let it. I had to put it all in perspective and do the same thing. The fall colors are spectacular. There is nothing like working outside in the cool brisk air to cleanse the soul....take care and come back often.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I'm going to sit and rest now...that's sooo much work!! But it looks fab!!...and so do the pictures!!!

Heaven's Walk - said...

Wonderful photos, as usual, Carole! Our leaf clean up here is juuuuust about done. Just one more time, I think. We've been blessed with beautiful fall weather this year for it, though. Just perfect! I looked at your new garden design, and it's going to be fabulous. Can hardly wait to see how it turns out for you! :)

xoxo laurie

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Carole
Your photos today and your treatment of them is just FABULOUS!!! I LOVE the first two... such a wonderful play of colours!!! and clouds!! who doesn't love clouds!!! ... just fabulous!! [I said that already!!]

Autumn here is sadly a bleak affair, we don't have those wonderful coloured hues to ease us into enjoying the weather change.. just bleak... but I can imagine how much more I might enjoy it over your way... In fact it feels like autumn here instead of spring... two months of rain rain rain and rain!!! and cold!

Well... glad George has his Man Machines.. hehehe although I am very anti leaf blowers... although with how much property you seem to have I guess it is a necessity... Your place looks like it back onto a forest??? All those beautiful tall trees in your own yard... I imagine a lot of work.. but very beautiful..

Ok.. you had better go prepare for xmas... we will look forward to seeing the results of your handiwork.. ciao xxx Julie

time-worn interiors said...

Those are some fabulous photos!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

Your photographs of the Autumn trees and clouds are wonderful, thanks for sharing.
I can see why people come from all around to take in all the beauty.
Your new garden is going to be lovely.

Happy weekend

vicki said...

Beautiful fall images - the colors the sky - you canalmomst just feel the fresh autumn air in these photos. They are outstanding - and you are so lucky to be able to work amongst the beautiful colors. You have captured this season of change beautifully.


June said...

I love the design Carole. If you knew how my garden plan came to be, it would make you shudder. I bought something...stuck it in the ground, moved it the next Spring, and the next and the next. Bought something else, stuck it in the ground moved it year after year after...and so it has gone. I make a lot of useless work for myself, I tell ya'. But that's how I keep my girlish figure. hehe! that's a laugh!
Your images are gorgeous as always. Why is the men always get to run the power tools???
I'm sure things are busy for you now, and though I will miss your posts, I love that you keep life in perspective. That's what I am trying to achieve for myself here. The blogging has got to came second (or third or fourth or) right now. As much as I love to post, I just find that there are times I have nothing to say. Gosh! I don't think Dale would agree with this statement!!!
big hugs to you...

Candylei said...

Yes, fall is when we dream of big things next spring. Changes and new additions and we promise to try harder to keep the weeds out of everything. Every year I go more and more towards evergreens. They look spectacular all year long.
Have fun cleaning and dividing and just enjoying working outside.



Hi there my friend, this world is small. I am aware of the Scandinavian shop.... Chalet in the Woods. I have stopped and looked at her things she sells. When I worked outside at that time it was nice to come apon her shop tucked back in the woods. Love all the photo's as ususal, you are great with that camera. Lots of Hugs. MARY

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots, Carole! Somehow it doesn't seem so much like work to be out in it, yes? I also LOVE the garden design - beautiful.
So take good care & we'll see you when you have time visit!

Rebecca said...

Hi Carole
How are you Sweetie
I love your pictures, you know your photography skills are getting awesome!
I miss you too, but I totally understand as I have been such a bad blogger but just no time to breathe let alone visit around. Hopefully life will calm down a little now
Many blessings to you

My Grama's Soul said...

Such beautiful fall photos....we don' have much of a fall in AZ so I have to get my fix by looking at beautiful spots like yours. Thanks for sharing it with me.



Debra@Common Ground said...

Your photos are gorgeous, Carole. I love fall, but I'm not into the cleanup, I guess cause hubbs doesn't give me alot of help. I know this is a super busy time of the year, so just know we all miss you too.

Giulia said...

Even the clean-up, she says. Okey-doke. Get down here right now!

Seriously, lovely photographs, Carole.


Chrissy said...

Now those are some awsome photos,your really good!!! I love fall too but I must confess at the moment I am looking forward to winter and Christmas!!!!!! Hope your keeping well my lovely blogging friend! x0