Monday, November 29, 2010

More Shop stuff

               I’m so late in showing you more pictures of the shop.
                 Oh but before I start I hope everyone had a wonderful
                  I wanted to do a post but things here have been nuts since we  opened.
                I’ve missed my blogging time and have been going thru
              some real withdrawals.


         Having you all in my life really makes some of the hard times
         much easier to get thru.
                I wish I could live in this little blog world that is always
              so welcoming and encouraging.
            But I guess that’s not really possible …
            is it???

for a good child
                    I wanted to thank you for all the kind words about the Christmas Shop.
                I wish you could all come here too and we could play with my ribbons…
               or something !!!
                 I have a few customers that really “get me”and it’s great when
                I get to see them this time of year.
                  And yes we play with the ribbons….
              amongst other things.
                I’ll be quiet now and just let you look.
                I’’ll be going back to finish up a few orders…
               sometimes I feel like an elf working late into the night!!!!


Hotel Majestic

Christmas Shop_072010 

bird on mann


more stars



big nest

silver hearts

star 2


at night
               This was taken at night when almost all the lights were turned off.

little crown

                                              G and Char
                      The best picture of ALL!!!!!!
                    George and sweet little Charlotte


Olive Cooper said...

You are my kind of elf! The shop is ever so pretty! You know I love the cat pic.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

It's a magical wonderland! pretty Carole!
Hope I get to see it in person next month and that we have time to play with the ribbons!

The French Bear said...

Oh how fabulous!!! Laura, you need to play with ribbons for me!!!!
It looks marvellous Carole!!! Awww....pretty Charlotte!!!!!
Are you sure I couldn't just send you money and an amount and you could surprise me!!!!!!
Margaret B

Chemin des Muguets said...

Oh Carole you have been busy! Everything looks stunning. And I am quite taken with Charlotte.
Hope you hear the jingle of many cash register sales!

Fish Tail Cottage said...

Your shop is darling! I wanna visit!!!! Where are you located? On-line shop?

marysworkshop said...

Your shop is beautiful!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

The shop looks wonderful, all your hard work pays off!!!

oldgreymare said...

well..of course it's wonderful.

lucky local shoppers : D
sad far away shoppers : (


trash talk said...

Carole, you are quite the elfette! I love it all. I've got to warn you...I sold Odette out of the window at W&T's, so don't be surprised when I steal that Fab U Lous manni idea. Oh mylanta...I wish I had thought of that first!
I would love to come play in the ribbons. We could take turns braiding each other's hair!

Dorthe said...

It is a beautifull wonderland, I could stay forever.LOVE the dress form with branches and birds on top.

sissie said...

Hi Carole,
I'm in love with everything! I sure wish that I could shop in your shop and come play ribbons!

I wish you sold these lovely things on line.


slommler said...

Oh how beautiful!! I love all the decorations...totally awesome!!
And that last pic of kitty is puuurfect!!!

Anonymous said...

I "get" everything you share, Carole, and oh how I wish I could come visit you at your shop. Everything is so beautiful - including George and little Charlotte hugging! :)
Wishing you a happy one,

A Cottage Muse said...


Hi Carole...everything looks so wonderful! I am trying to talk my honey into a roadtrip before Christmas! Mass to CT...not a bad ride!

Have a wonderful day!!

The French Hen, Essex, CT said...

it's even prettier in person!

erin said...

i'll be right there to play with you!
love the shot of kitty and her daddy...they have the same color fur!
sell lots of goodies!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I love love love the manny with the twigs and birds. And how did you get a picture of my kitty, just kidding, but they could pass for twins. said...

Your shop looks so magical:)Beautiful photos as usual. I hope we can make it up there before Christmas. It is so crazy already. Will you be open after Christmas? Have a great week.
Capers of the vintage vixens

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Magical! It must be so much fun setting everything up. I'm planning a trip soon :)

Giulia said...

Oh gosh, what to say? What I always do: I wish I could pop into the shop, for real. So pretty & I need a fix. We're expecting terrible rains/high winds down here so I'll keep moving along to buy batteries. Hope it won't be up there too but no time to check at moment. Cheers, Carole.

PS: Charlotte is so mignon...oof

Chrissy said...

Oh have outdone yourself this year..I could spend the entire day in there,provided of course you made me tea!! Love it all! 0x0x0

MJ Ornaments said...

Everything is so beautiful and welcoming Carole. And I love my magazine I got from you, just lovely. Your kitty looks very content too! Take care, Martha

Marcia from NEST said...

Shop... breath-taking, Ornaments...exquisite, Attention to detail...stunning, George and Charlotte...Priceless! Can't wait to sneak away from shopkeeping next week for a visit!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Little Elf!!
You've done a wonderful job making a magical christmas setting.. Your photos and displays are just sublime!!

Carole.. it truly looks like Christmas.. Almost makes me sad that aussies christmases just don't have that 'special feeling'!! Is it because it is summer and no snow?!! or am I just getting older.. hahahahah...

Try not to work yoursELF... to the bone!! and yes I think George and Charlotte cuddles looks so sweet!!! .. ciao ciao xxx Julie

Heaven's Walk - said...

Did you see any of Santa's elves while you were working late, Carolyn? lol! I love that pretty white bird in the twigs! She'd look sweet topping my Christmas tree. How large is she? Is she for sale? :)

xoxo laurie

Heaven's Walk - said...

Oh.....and I know exactly how you feel about living in Blogland, Carolyn. The support, encouragement, friendships, love, creativity, blessings, and prayers.....does it get any better???? :) My hubby has to literally pry me away from it every evening when it's time for bed..... lol!

xoxo laurie

Rebecca said...

Hey sweetie
How did I miss your first post! The shop looks wonderful!!! I get you girl... but I know what you mean.
I am doing a show this weekend, I might steal your idea with the branches on top of the dressform... I love that.
Hope your selling your little heart out!
PS Haven't missed retail yet

Rebecca said...

PS I can't believe I haven't been a follower all this time... I am number 300 ha... time for a give away!

Theresa said...

Carole, everything looks so beautiful! You are obviously one of Santa's favorite elves, making everything so magical! Have fun with your ribbons, Theresa xoxo


Hi Carole, I love all the ornaments, I would love to visit and look at all your ribbons. George and the kitty are precious. HUGS MARY

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Oh Carole, You sweet little elf! Everyhing in your shop is just so beautiful! I so wish I could come play and shop. A funny thing is, that when I went shopping with my dear hubby yesterday, he bought me exactly the same mercury heart like you have in your shop. That's amazing! It hangs on our tree now and I love it. Unfortunately I haven't seen any of those pretty glittered letterings over here yet.
Big HUGS to you,

texasdaisey said...

What a gorgeous place to stop and read a while. I truly enjoyed stopping by...

vicki said...

What I would not give to be able to walk among your beautiful treasures - my camera in hand - these pictures take my breath away~~