Saturday, January 22, 2011

Echinacea Madness

I thought with all the talk of snow you’d really enjoy a
little bit of summer…… this case these were photographed in the
latter part of September so more Autumn. 

Planting these in nursery pots for the following year they often
bloom outside of their normal time which is good for me so I can see 
what I like better. 

You know me I love me my White flowers.  There was a time I didn’t order white
Echinacea's,  thinking they were boring! perish the thought:)
but my customers must find them so because the other colors out sell them.
It was the golden cone on top that got me to take a second look at the white ones.
 The old standby is a variety called White Swan which is taller, now there are
shorter versions and some double types.  
Plant Group _346open housePlant Group _346open house
Yes I cheated and put these 2 pictures together.
I find I take too many vertically pictures.
Echincea is grown in most parts of the country Zones 4-8 and is
native to North America.
Terra Nova is a plant breeder and they’ve been producing new varieties of Echinacea.
Maybe not as exciting for you all but
for us it’s what we live for.
Ok, maybe not “what I live for” but it gives us something to look forward to. 

ok get your sunglasses on
LOTs of bright Color coming your way!

Plant Group _399open house copy
Now look at this field!!! and the tapestry of color.
Isn’t it incredible?
This was the field that is on the outskirt of the farm. I save it for last most times, if I even
go at all.
I would have spent the whole time in this field if I had gone there first……and
that wouldn’t have been good……..still so much there to see.
Plant Group _400open house copy
Plant Group _390open house

Plant Group _392open housePlant Group _393open house

Plant Group _395open house
This was my favorite…
Now Chessier ,( I’d buy it for the name alone) but it was sold out by that Fall! ugg
The New York Botanical Garden bought them all!
yep every last one.
I guess they never thought of the rest of us wanting any…..haha
Plant Group _397open house
But that’s ok and though a few have sold out there are still plenty to choose from.
In case you didn't notice I put the names on the bottom corners.
Plant Group _402open house

Plant Group _404open house

Plant Group _406open house

merlot close up


amazing dream

not sure
These look like red fireballs.


white merigue
Which one would you buy????
and do you even like Coneflowers? or have any growing in your garden?

It was fun revisiting these pictures of a great day walking the farm.
I have a few more that I'll share on the next post.

Hope you are all staying cozy warm...
We just received more snow last night.

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oldgreymare said...

White Merigue hands down or cones up :D

Would you expect otherwise? hehe


June said...

Well Carole, you have to know that this post got my attention! I love, love, love the Hot Summer and Hot Papaya. I would dig up the entire pasture and plant echinacea if I thought I could get away with it. I am MAD for coneflowers.
I loved every single picture!!!

Renee Finberg said...

i love them.
the white ones or the way out colors.
they are all gorgeous!!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Pink ones at the lake! The white ones are so pretty though! Fabulous photos! :)

Karen said...

I love coneflowers, its one of the flowers that I've been able to grow on my shady and part shade lot.Love the white swan.Fried dough sounds yummy!

erin said...

i have died a wintery death and gone to coneflower heaven...thanks for sending the flowers!! i love them because the deer don't eat them!
speaking of eating...fried dough? man, that sounds good.

Fishtail Cottage said...

oh, i love this post......i had to pull out my Shasta daisy's last year as they were coming up everywhere! xoox
ps - you should link up to Cottage Flora Thursdays (while it's still accepting links)...

MJ Ornaments said...

These are such happy flowers Carole! It reminds me of the flower fields we have growing here in Carlsbad. Love the photos. Take care, Martha

Dorthe said...

How beautifull they all are, but I LOVE all the red and pink ones--I once tryed to saw them in my garden, but, they never came!!
Thankyou for this feast for my eyes, dear.

trash talk said...

I think I've already told you this, but these are my favorite in the garden. I am in love with White Swan and Hot Summer...Secret Passion knocked my socks off too! Coneflowers are never in the nurseries here. Why oh Why?
Down here in Texas fried anything is one of our four basic food groups, so fried dough sounds delish!


Hi Carole, these are one of my favorite plants. Here in the Northwest we grow these as anuals, cause of the rain they rot....................I seem to buy a dozen or two every year. Wish I was able to purchase them from you, one of my favorite nurserys closed down so I am left to HOME DEPOT, they are just not the same as special nurseries. Have a wonderful Sunday. HUGS MARY

A New England Life said...

I did know that there were many different types of Coneflower but I can't find anything different around here besides the old standards. Secret Passion, Flame Thrower, and Hot Papaya are definitely my favorites! Oh how much fun I could have at that farm with my camera. . . said...

GORGEOUS!!! One of my favorites to plant in my crazy garden. So happy you put the names on them, great idea. Getting ready for the snow and frigid weather AGAIN this week. Is it too early to whine that I want Spring....right this minute!
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

A Cottage Muse said...

How lovely Carole...just makes me want to pack up a picnic basket and enjoy some sunshine!

Brenda Kula said...

Love, love, love coneflowers of every color!

sweetpea said...

hello carole! i just wanted to pop over and say how amazing and fabulous the presentation was on the mag! you go above and beyond with every touch so thought out and perfect. it made my day! i posted about it if you'd like to have a look.



Susan deGeneres said...

I'm renovating a large perennial bed this year. I love Day Lily, Cone Flowers and Butterfly Bush. I love the Hot Lava, Secret Passion and Hot Papaya; but my favorite is the Coconut Lime. I love the spark this color puts in the garden.


Olive Cooper said...

I like Merlot. I have some purple cone flowers of some sort. The white ones are pretty too.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Wow Carole.. these shots are gorgeous.. I love them all.. You know it's funny.. what I would like in the garden is not necessarily what I like to look at in the shots... I really like the hot summer shot.. and flower.. and amazing dreams.. but the first is just gorgeous... flower and shot!!

Have a fab week... don't each too much fried dough.. whatever that is.. haha ciao xxx Julie

leslie said...

Hi Carole,
That was a feast of color. What a treat when it is so very cold. I am trying to look for inspiration and those pictures just made me feel so warm inside.

Rebecca said...

Funny, I was just going through pictures of my garden a few years back... when it looked good. Thinking it would make a good post, I am sick of seeing snow! And then I come here and see all this loveliness... I love coneflower and had some pink but it died out, I don't really have room for it, my yard is small. I plan on re-organizing this spring... kills my back now though. The ivy has taken over my back yard along with the morning glories.
Have a wonderful week

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Beautiful pictures, dear Carole! I especially love the close-ups. Which one would I buy? The pinks I guess but you even make the orange ones looking good. Did I say that, LOL? I stay with the pink ones though :-). Now I just need a garden ... Maybe one day, sigh.
Have a great day!
Big Hugs,

Shirley said...

Wow, how beautiful. I do have space that I grow coneflowers as they are one of my husbands favorites. I like them too. I know my husband planted an orange colored one and I will check it out better this summer.
Beautiful post.

vicki said...

Oh Carole- I love that you are sharing these fabulous photos of flowers with us while we are deep in the grayest winter! Just seeing these photos has lifted my spirits! Coneflowers are the Gardener's favorite- all the colors are stunning. Your pictures are worthy of a beautiful "coffee table" book! You Ned to consider publishing one my friend!