Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stony Creek and TFG

          stony creek 2
The beautiful picturesque seashore community of Stony Creek, Ct.
has it’s quiet charm in the Winter. To me the Winter is the best time to get away and relax.
Well unfortunately I don’t own a cottage at the beach but I can still
come down here in the winter and enjoy it.
Just a couple of days before New Years Evi and Ebbie had
planned on coming down to visit Paula but Evi having had back problems wasn’t sure
she’d be able to keep to her plans.
Early in the morning I got the good news from Paula that
Evi was on her way.
Woo Hoo and guess what we did????
Shopped of course.
We first stopped off at Deanna’s at Gather but I spent more time talking then taking pictures.
That doesn’t sound like me? haha
I usually do both pretty well….even my clicking away doesn’t get in the way of my talking :)
  I did manage to find  the cutest family of sheep.
Yes another flock!
I promise I’ll show some pictures of Deanna’s shop soon.
Like I said before, we were in Stony Creek and our real visit was to go to
One of the most beautiful shops in the area.
Michelle has a knack for display and an amazing sense of style.

big room

Takenfor Granite_082010

As soon as we stepped into the shop we were greeted by this incredibly gorgeous mannequin
and Michelle who was busy
rearranging the store. I still bent her ear a little….sorry Michelle! 
You know….. shop talk!
We discussed what we thought did well for Christmas and what
we were surprised didn’t. You just never know? but we both agreed
we had a good season over all.
The space has such an open feel and the natural lighting even on a cloudy
day is still  cheerful and bright.


The shop has the most amazing clothes but I didn’t have enough time to
look so I’ll need to bring George and torture him while I try things on.
No really he never complains and actually likes shopping with me.
Most times:)

By the counter they had their table of 50% Christmas items.

Ebbie shopping for a Valentines gift for Evi……
blue table
The table with it’s blue-green paint really caught my eye.
Original paint I was told.

more jewelryjewelry 2
Shoppers sure have an array of jewelry to pick from.  Maybe you could leave a hint
with your significant other that you’ve found the perfect gift for Valentines Day here.


Or this incredible meshed bag.
George…hint hint!
front room
The shop is forever changing but whatever season it is, it always reflects
with beauty, nature, creativity and a touch of antiquity.
Takenfor Granite_062010
If you’re in the area take the time to stop
spring look

I know you’ll find just the perfect gift for someone special
or for yourself.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Love this shop!
Great pics Carole!

Jem said...

Such gorgeous pictures! I love the shop - just a pity it's rather a long trek from the UK :-) The meshed bag is so intricate!

Jem xXx

The French Bear said...

Lovely!!!! I am so glad Evi had a chance to come and visit you!!!
That table is just gorgeous, hope you did get some good deals!!!!
Margaret B

Debra@Common Ground said...

What a great store! That blue-green table is incredible.
I didn't get to spoil Rebecca enough! She told me you emailed her. Now you know I have a great place for friends, so why don't YOU come for a get-away!
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend,
big hugs,

oldgreymare said...

This store is just so pretty. You showed everything Laura didn't it seems, and your pics are lovely...I feel I really can envision what it is like to spend time there. So glad you had a girls day.
The blue green necklace is what caught my eye but unfortunately no "significant" to hint to .. : 0


time worn interiors said...

What a magical shop! It look like something from a fairy tale! Glad you guys had a great day!


Lovely shop, I am glad you spent time with Evi, I bet you all had a wonderful time shopping for some wonderful treasures. Hope the New Year is being good to you. HUGS MARY

Rebecca said...

Hey Carole
what a great shop and love your photos, you are awesome with that camera!
Sounds like you too are having an great week, as I have. The shop reminds me a little like Anthropology
Blessings this week

vicki said...

Carole- you have captured the beauty of this shop with each and every image. Really- what a wonderful place to spend a dreary afternoon. I would not want to leave at all. Would still be there taking pictures~~~

Stunning- a beautiful post- as always!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

That's a great shop, Carole! Thank you for showing us around! The table is really pretty and I love the Eiffel tower on top of the glass cabinet.
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Big hugs,

Karen said...

Such a beautiful place. Looking at the pics I felt I was there.

Fish Tail Cottage said...

very charming! thank you....

It's me said...

Thia shop is great !!!!!!!!!!!....i love it...happy Ria...........

Jacqueline said...

If only I DID live in the area Carole.....I would probably be in there everyday !!!! I LOVE it all.....I am wanting another big clock and I love the ones you have that blue/green table. I could find a space for that little gem !!
Stony Creek looks idyllic......I'm sure that it's lovely in every that ice in the water ? It must be very cold.
Thanks for the lovely tour Carole. XXXX

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I don't think they have enough to pick from...NOT!!! What a gorgeous place to spend a winter afternoon!

d. reyné said...

I totally agree with Theresa! This shop has a fairy tale quality! I would be in trouble! I see several things (including the table) that I would have had to have!
I hope you are doing well and enjoying this slower time in retail...We are in the midst of remodeling the store before we have to spend our days out in the greenhouses!
Oh boy!
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Faded Charm said...

Looks like a quaint little town with some wonderful shops. Glad you had a good trip and thanks for sharing with us.

Hope your New Year is off to a great start.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Dear Carole
Finally more internet so here I am.. I just love this post.. your photos seem extra special and I don't think you have done a 'bling' post for a while.. [or is that just my memory fading? haha]..I'm loving all the bling in this post and feel like I could reach my hand in and touch them in these fabulous shots.. Love the little tables too.. the iron one and the painted one..

Stoney Creek looks so delightful.. I wish I lived closer..and we could wander around for hours and gasbag about this that and the other and stop by the water and have lunch... wouldn't that be perfect? cold.. but perfect!!

Well maybe one day I will get there.. meanwhile I will just enjoy your posts.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

leslie said...

Hi Carole,
What a beautiful shop. I don't know if you remember me but I stopped into your shop with my mom on our way to Mass. I wanted desperately to linger and take in everything in but we couldn't stay long enough. My plan was to stop on the way back and stay longer. Anyway, that didn't happen but I would love to come back some day. Is your shop open all year or just around the holidays?
Looking forward to coming back (by myself)

MJ Ornaments said...

So pretty Carole, and isn't it funny how you never know what will sell? I'm always surprised myself. Gorgeous photos too. Take care, Martha

June said...

Carole I love it when you take me shopping. I NEVER get to see stores like this in Idaho. You've heard the saying 'set your clock back twenty-five years)hehe. I hear that northern Idaho has a couple of nice shops like this, but I haven't even seen any in Boise. When I went to Farmchicks, I saw a couple of awesome shops in Spokane. This shop is what I imagine yours to be like at Christmas. I think I fell for the hat on the manny. I look awful in hats now that my hair is short and I'm all shriveled up from too much sun, but I love this hat!
Thank you for the well wishes, I am doing awesome!
hugs to you...

Evi said...

Carole, you really took beautiful pictures.
It brought back our wonderful day we all spend together! What you forgot to tell is, that you opened your beautiful shop just for us.
I have not had such a fun shopping experience in a very, very long time.
Thank you, thank you...
Wonder if Ebbie got me something?
Heard from Paula that you got more snow than we did, and we had enough too.
Hopefully we all get together soon for Valentines Day. Laura has to come back first.
Love you much,
hugs and more hugs,

mo said...

I am fascinated by your beautiful blog. I am also your newest follower. *hugs*

Jeannie said...

Carole - I just discovered your blog as I was looking for a phone # for Taken for Granite (which i LOVE LOVE LOVE)!! Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog - Knew you were very talented but....didn't know you wrote and photographed so beautifully. Thanks for sharing all of this. Loved your date night too....someday again maybe. So, consider me your new follower.

Incidentally, please tell George that after all my hemmin' and hawin' about getting the tree up...I was amazed - it took Lesya and I five minutes - no joke! We walked it in the house, got it in the stand just right the first time-perfectly straight! Of course, that is because George cut it perfectly straight! I am still wondering why men have always made such a big deal about putting up the Christmas Tree - it was nothin'!!! They always made it look so hard. Anyway, we were so proud of ourselves. We decorated and lighted it that night - it was the prettiest tree we have ever had.

Hope your Holidays were great-seems so long till it's time to buy blooms - stay in touch - hello to George.

Jeannie F.