Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 11

Happy Tuesday, oh right it's Wednesday!
Does it show that I don't plan out what I'm going to write?

Are the days until Christmas flying for you too?
I can't believe it's the 7th already.
I haven't bought one present yet!

I thought I owed you all more then just one photo a day.

so here's a couple....

I want to thank you for suggesting Pandora for my 
listening pleasure.
(I know Suzan you told me about it months ago)

Many of the songs and artists you suggested played automatically and I loved them.

I know we all have many things in common....
so I shouldn't be surprised.

It rained today all day so we goofed around a little playing songs.... now I have to get back to work.

Did you know I'm part elf !

( now picture me dancing to Mariah Carey's
"All I want for Christmas" )
the greens will be flying tonight!



Julie@beingRUBY said...

Gorgeous Carole and can't believe it's day 11 already.. hooley dooley where have I been? I think i got lost back on day 4 or 5... will need to play catch up... see you'be broken the 1 shot rule.. and i for one am grateful

just been drooling over your gorgeous shop over at Laura's,... you'll have to do some mopping up before you open the doors tomorrow.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

oldgreymare said...

haha funny girl... you know my Pandora stations are no longer working..maybe I just had a trial run or something? anyone else know?

the shop looks so pretty..I thanked Laura :D

Pamela said...

Oh, Mary and Jesus...I love all things Nativity and my living room tree is full of nativity ornaments. My husband told me yesterday that I had 14 nativities. They make me smile -- as did all your beautiful pictures and whimsical words.

Boxwood Cottage said...

Well I guees you can buy all your presents in your own beautiful shop, no?
Yes you sure owe us more than one picture a day because if it weren't for Laura's spread about your shop I would never have known what a gorgeous Winterwonderland it really is! Oh and I spot more beautiful snowmen! Yep I can picture you know making wreaths to "All I want for Christmas" :) Good night and sleep tight Mrs. Elf!
xoxo~ Carola
P.S. I see that at least for the blue sky I don't have to be jealous anymore ;-)

Theresa said...

Everything looks beautiful Carole! I listen to pandora too,it is wonderful :)
fa la la,

SueAnn said...

Such fabulous eye candy!! Thanks for sharing!!
I am still rockin' to Direct TV's seasonal channel!!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Carole,
Everything is so sparkly and festive. I just told Laura that you must have every Christmas ornament ever made !!!! You have such a wonderful talent and have made your shop so magical.
I also love the fresh trees that you have. They are so lush and such lovely shapes. It's just a pity that you are so far away from England otherwise I would be over straight away to buy our tree ! Could be difficult taking it on the plane as hand luggage though !!
Looking forward to more of your Christmas posts. XXXX

time worn interiors said...

Looks great! Seen pics on Laura's blog!

Dorthe said...

Yes I can see you are a part elf, with all that is going on, here in your fantastic shop- I so love the snowmen-- and all your lovely glittering pieces. Saw the gorgeous post over at 52.Laura took here from your shop-- MAGIC, Carole


Denise said...

I just returned from 52 Flea and the pics. of your beautiful shop! I've decided I want to be one of your kitties. Then I could curl up and sleep some place in all of that beauty! :)

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I just looked at Laura's post about your shop. Hey, You've held back quite a bit, girl! I'm so very much, totally and absoulutely in love with that bottle brush tree wreath and those glittered crowns, tea and coffee pots. So GORGEOUS!!! Sigh!
I loved seeing your shop from the outside too, Carole. It's beautiful!
Have a wonderful weekend :-)!
Hugs and warm wishes,

Bine Beldecor said...

Hi Carole,
you are so right, the days are flying and it is hard to rest for a moment and to enjoy the time in Advent... wonderful pictures from your Christmas spirit. Many warm greetings from Germany and I hope you will have despite of all the stress wonderful days

blessedmom's simple home said...

It's going by far too quickly, as it seems to every year :) I'm fairly new to Pandora too, but I'm loving it!
Beautiful photos my friend :)

Romeo said...

Still at it eh? Well then, there is NO doubt whatsoever that you are part one else but an elf would still be going strong ;) As always beautiful, but now after reading a few comments, it would seem that I need to wander over to Laura's and see just exactly what "you've been holding back".....

"Her" and Romeo

vicki said...

Carole- as always- your shop is breathtakingly beautiful. So much shimmer and shine -- and bling. Every photo is exceptional- I am in love with each one! Every year- I think- this is the best--- but honestly they are always beyond gorgeous!!
Love every picture--