Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 12

I have had the best past few days. 
I've gotten to make so many new friends from this little
blog......some that came from as far as Massachusetts. I know compared to other states that could fit all of New England in only one section of their state that may not seem like much,
but to us "little staters" that's a big deal....well to me it is.

I so appreciate all the love you gave me.

Cindy was so cute......her hubby teases her that 
she shouldn't call me a "friend" since we had never met each other....
and never spoken or written.
She'd been a lurker reader since I first started blogging.

I am so honored that you find me in anyway interesting enough to want to 
call me a friend. 
I think as bloggers we only think fellow bloggers read our blogs. 

It's nice to know that we touch other people with our stories.

Yes we are most certainly friends!

I want to thank Laura too for doing such a great post on my little shop.
I know so many of you have wanted more photos. I guess I'm a little shy about that.
I can't really explain why? I'm working on it.

The last few days I've taken very few these are just some random ones from this season.

At night I sometimes bring a work table to finish up projects. I do more in the morning if I have time. Then the big rush to clean everything up before we open.

Which reminds me I have couple of orders to finish before I leave tonight.

I was getting ready to leave last night and turning off the lights when this certain view of this glass ornaments hit my eye.
This smaller one could be viewed from this huge one in front of it.

It feels so special here at night.

A little bit magical just for me.

Like no one else gets to see it. 

Is that selfish? 
well not if I'm sharing it with you now.....right?

So many of you have asked about Bella. She's doing well though her and Charlotte still aren't buddies yet...probably never will be.
She's a hard one to take photos of but the other morning I found her loving up the deer with a broken antler. I think she was telling him that one of the elves would make him good as new soon.

Little Ronny and Cricket sleeping under the counter on my bags.
This is usually Crickets spot of choice but she's willing to share.

This might explain the cat hair on the bags.....oops.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

oh right forgot to mention....we're taking our Christmas trees home tonight.
yep our usual 2.

Can't wait!!!!!


Olive Cooper said...

Oh please post a large pic of Bella and the deer. It is very very special.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Your shop IS magical Carole!
I loved every minute visiting with you and spending time in your magical world!

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Must visit you!! Are those little Ballerina soaps?!?!
Oh your little shop looks so magical :)

MJ Ornaments said...

Carole, everything is so beautiful and I love the picture from the ornament. Love your kitties, we are getting one for our daughter for Chriatmas. Xo Martha

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

This is such a cute picture of Bella. I could just grab and cuddle her. Ronny and Cricket are such sweeties too. They just do wonderful customer service, providing nicely preheated bags :-).
I love seeing more pictures of your shop, Carole. You have so many great things to show. If I lived near by, I know I would spend hours in your shop.
Have fun decorating your trees!
Hugs to you,

June said...

I've been sitting here going through all of your beautiful posts on the shop decorated for this year. It is gorgeous Carole! Every corner of it. I loved seeing the photos on Laura's blog too. It looks magical in there and I was sitting here thinking about how lucky you are to have such a beautiful workplace with your sweet cats all around you. Blessed I say!!!
hugs from here...

Bead and Needle said...

Such grand visions to fill my head before heading off to bed tonight...SO beautiful, and sweet. Happy Wednesday, Carole...hope you're getting some rest!

oldgreymare said...

Hello dear, it is all magical. I worry about your hands and all that wreath wire and are you getting rest? The trees going home is a good sign for nesting at home to come.

The rest is near, enjoy the shop and it's magic and your friends and know we all support and love you girl. It is a crazy, crazy world and your little corner is peace and love.


SueAnn said...

Such beautiful photos of a very special place!!
Yes we are all friends for sure! At least I think so!!
Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous pics

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Its always heartwarming to come visit... the beautiful pictures of the shop, the kitties, the shows you attend... adds enjoyment to the day.
Thank you Carole for sharing.
Susan x

sissie said...

Hi Carole,
I love your shop photos. There are so many things inside that I would love to have. Just beautiful!

Love the kitties too. Where would we be without them. Mine love to help with all the projects! LOL!


trash talk said...

Hmmm you say shy...I'm thinking humble. You have such a gift for picking out just the right things and putting it all together beautifully. This says volumes about you whether you know it or not.
I like to think I'm a friend even though we've never met, but maybe someday. A girl can dream can't she?

Rebecca said...

Hi Carole
The shop looks lovely and I so love the boxwood wreath you are making, I put boxwood all over the house. It is one of my favorite decorating tools. I love the shot of the glass balls, one of the perks I found with blogging is looking noticing more of the little things around you through the lens of a camera... I love that.
Blessings to you this week

Anonymous said...

I love your photos, Carole! It's my chance to see a beautiful shop while hanging out on the side of a mountain. Florists & nurseries have always been my most favorite places to shop.
Enjoy decorating your 2 trees!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I love the kitty pictures, especially Bella and the deer. But your ornament photo is magical too. I have been enjoying sharing your late nights. There's definitely fairy dust in the air around you!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Not that all you photos aren't lovely but you probably heard me scream there in your "little state" over that header photo!~

I just had to comment and tell you how gorgeous it is... from this girl who dreams of having her own barn someday.


Kathy said...

Hello! I am new to your blog - LOVE your store! I am in Georgia, so I think you're not close - your kitty is so sweet! I feel the same way about blogging - it has been so much more a blessing than I could have ever imagined! So glad to have found you and to now be your newest follower!

Dorthe said...

I would not get tired watching photoes from your beautiful shop,-and so enjoyed Laura`s post from here- everything so magic- just like the ones you share today...the birds are wonderful and the swans also- and love the boxwood wreaths you are doing.
A lovely visit as alwayes :)
Hugs,Dorthe said...

Well, I am one of the lucky ones to have met you. And I do consider you a friend:)Wish we could get together more often but enjoy the times we do see each other. Hugs to you and George. Wishing you a blessed Christmas!
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Anonymous said...

I'm not a blogger (yet)but I really enjoy reading your blog as often as I can (while I should be working!) Not sure if I'm your furthest away reader, as I'm in Melbourne Australia (where it is summer now)
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Sue in Melbourne

Poppy said...

Hello lovely to make me smile! Everything looks as gorgeous as ever.

Have a lovely weekend Carole xxx

Michelle Robles said...

Season's greetings! I stumbled upon your blog this morning, while opening up the business I work for, the Timothy Pamment Salon in Madison CT. I can not wait to show this to our salon coordiantor! She would love it. Already told our Facebook fans and twitter followers about it!

Barbara said...


I love looking at all your photos. I especially love the red barn in winter at the top of your page. I am not a "white" person, but your shop amazes me. I wonder if most people know how small your shop is since you manage to make it so beautiful with an amazing amount of items. Still hoping to get out there to see you.

Kathleen said...

It looks wonderful, Carole! I will get there someday!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, many blessings from across the Sound!

A Cottage Muse said...

Love visiting you and really feel merry and brighter when I leave!

vicki said...

Hi Carole- your shop is more than beautiful- it is true Christmas magic. The photos are simply stunning- oh how I would love to be there to walk among your treasures!

How wonderful that you did get to meet some of your blogging fans-- I would love to meet you ( and yes- we are already friends!)

Your shop is truly a work of amazing creativity- I don't know how you find the time to be so creative. I've loved every single picture--


Boho Farm and Home said...

I just found your blog through a tiny cottage on grand...I am going to follow you along on your journey!

erin said...

hi Carole!
well, so sorry i am just now catching up with you...i have just LOVED seeing more of your heavenly on your bloggy and just now at laura's!! i LOVED seeing the outside of your darling building! i do not think i have ever seen a shot of that before...and seeing the trees and greenery outside was so nice because now i can visualize you and george working and well, just i know you even better now. your darling shop would fit in PERFECTLY here in downtown franklin!! and you would sell soo many treasures (so many to choose from, but i think i love the little mouse, i spotted at laura's bloggy, the cute). i am so glad that you have taken home your tree and can start to enjoy your very own holiday time, as you have been giving to so many others so that they can enjoy theirs...YOU and george deserve your time too!! thanks too for sharing the kitty KNOW i am a furball fan!
take care sweety and don't work too hard this coming week...