Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Late summer happenings

Hours, days and weeks just flying by. Hubby likes tomatillos tomatoes ( so he says) so I made salsa that I put up. Yup I'm canning. When??? usually very late at night. Friends will ask, when do you have time? I don't, but there is nothing better then pulling out a jar in the middle of Winter. ( that's when I'll sleep)

I found a new thrift store the other day. Actually it's always been there just  bought by new owners but I like their inventory better and great prices. I'll show more later. I love those Limoge plates. How could I resist. 
After going to the bank and post office..... so boring... I stopped in the fabric store Coastal Sewing Machines in town. It's mostly a quilt store but they have the greatest fabric. I gave myself 15 minutes and even set an alarm alert. It scared me when it went off. I really wanted that black and white number but couldn't decide how much I wanted. I showed the photo to hubby and he said I really didn't need it. He was right since I was just going to use it for the produce table. The french general fabric in red and white was 40% off. I may have to go back:) of course I've yet to do anything with the last red and white french general pieces I bought but I like just looking at it in the drawer.
I've been better at saving seeds. Well I'm good at collecting them, not so good at finding them when I need to sow them in the Spring. I'm going to be more organized. These are hollyhocks that were the prettiest shade of pink. I'm going to use them also to add to my own garden. It's hollyhocks and foxgloves all the way for next year. They are so easy I don't know why I stopped growing them? Gives the garden that English garden feel. 
Cricket is our oldest girl and well George's favorite) he even goes and gets her coffee cream from McDonald's because she won't drink any other. No not starbucks, not dunkin donuts not even organic cream from the carton. All I can think is it's the chemicals they use to preserve it. I know

She didn't buy that the mouse was real either.
She's old but she's no dummy.

And yes Christmas merch is arriving and I'm doing a terrible job keeping up. I love when it comes in but the unpacking and pricing is not fun. 

All these photos are from my iphone and instagram.
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Hope you're all enjoying better weather.....I'm loving the temps in the 60's at night.......sigh


oldgreymare said...

are you spinning in circles and checking out your own butt my dear girl?

busy busy busy you!

I think you deserve the treat of fabric-flowers that never fade <3

trash talk said...

There is no way I can top the Old Grey Mare's way! I'm laughing as I'm typing this at the mental picture.
I'm also loving that b&w fabric. Whether you need it or a yard...make that two. One for you...and one for me! LOL!

Hartwood Roses said...

I went to a fabric sale last week. My practical side came out, and I left empty handed. Didn't feel bad about it either. It's progress.

I was canning this morning. Fig jam. I have made lots of jam in my time, but never fig. It turned out really well.

I'm not ready to think about the end of summer. Kids went back to school yesterday (grand kid, in our case). My teacher friends are back to work. I guess fall IS almost upon us.

Dorthe said...

Oh Carole,
that Limoge plate looks beautiful,-
And the fabrics too, I think it is ok to buy something we don`t need - difficult for men,to understand that,lol-
I also collects seeds, and forgets where they are, and what they are,next year- good luck with those (wonderful photo) I hope to see them bloom next summer.

Olive Cooper said...

I adore the story of Cricket and her cream preference. I just started with Instagram and will catch up with you at some point. hugs, olive

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

Beautiful fabrics, ... something I am guilty of buying too and have a great stash.
Can't wait to see your Hollyhocks and foxgloves flowering.
Cricket is such a sweet cat, love the photo with the mouse.

Hope you are enjoying the week

KarenB said...

Now this was a great post. I would've totally given in to that black and white fabric. In my book, if you're still thinking about it in a few days, go back and get some. You'll find something fun to do with it. I was also just at a thrift store. They had the most beautiful sets of china. One may have been Limoge. They were locked up, so I couldn't tell. I bought a vintage baby sewing pattern, basically just for the picture on the front. ;-/ I did score today, though. I bought 7, SEVEN antique hand mirrors for a whopping total of $20. They are varied and really pretty. Should have a post about them soon. Hugs!

Heaven's Walk said...

It's amazing how quickly summer has flown by! But like you, I'm lovvving these nice, cool nights. Great for sleeping - which you WILL need come winter, you busy bee! We just did our 3rd canning session of salsa and stewed tomatoes from our garden. One more session to go! :)

xoxo laurie

Boho Farm and Home said...

You have been busy...and I love that you are canning at night. Your a girl after my own heart! How about you go back and get some of that cute red and white French General fabric (my fave btw) and use it to make toppers for all the great stuff your cannning. :)

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Now girl, you go back and get a piece of that fabulous black and white fabric. It would make a great pillow. You have to reward yourself for your hard work including canning salsa. The French General fabrics are wonderful too. Even though my red and white phase was a short one and some years ago, I still really like that color combination.
It's a cute picture with Cricket and the mouse.
I would have lots of fun helping you unpacking and pricing your Christmas merchandise. What a shame that we don't live close to each other.
Happy Thursday, my friend!
Big hugs,

SueAnn Lommler said...

Loved all the pics. Some cool stuff for sure. And Cricket is adorable.
I hear you about the fabric...they all look good in my storage bins...and then I spot some more. Sigh! Who can resist??
Not me!!

okcamp said...

Hi Carole,
Cricket looks like a pretty smart kitty.

I hate to see summer end. Already the leaves are beginning to change here....I suspect from here on every 80 degree day will be a gift.

Glad to see all is well with you. Diane

Nella said...

Dear know I would help unpack and price Christmas merch if I lived closer...have a bit of experience doing that! Like you besides being smitten with china, fabric is a close the black and white...think you should go and get some too! Your darling kitten is adorable, and am still wondering about instagram! Will check it out...summer is at an end here also....nights cooler and getting dark earlier...going too fast for me....enjoy every last bit! N.xoxo

Rostrose said...

Hallo dearest Carole,
thank you so much for stopping by and leaving sweet words! I love all those fabrics! Of course it would be enough for me just to looking at them in the drawer... Cricket is so adorable when she skeptically looks at the not-real mouse :o))
xox Traude

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Love your instagram pics! I want a fancy phone! Those fabrics are all so beautiful...but mine are all stashed sewing for me. Cool nights here in the mountains...perfect sleeping weather. Hi to well!

Rebecca said...

How are you darlin? How has your summer gone? Fast, for me... and hot, we had such a nice week of cooler temps but we are back up there again... what's with the 95???
Your phone takes pretty good pictures, they have so improved them. Just trying to catch up with you, I have been mia again. Wishing you a wonderful weekend

Theresa said...

I can completely relate to searching for the things that I have saved... usually in a 'special spot' sure to be easy to remember! Our summer has flown by, and I am not ready at all for it to be over and send the kids back to school, but the cooler nights are wonderful and not standing at a show in 95 degree temps will be very welcome for sure! Have a fabulous week! t.xoxxoxo

Karen said...

Gorgeous pics Carole.I don't know how you could resist that fabric.Hollyhocks and Foxgloves are two of my favorite cottage garden flowers. I cant believe summer is almost over and we are already planning fall and Christmas decor. Were did the time go?

Bleudelavande said...

Hi Carole, amazing pictures! The first is my favourite!!!!
Have a nice weekend.