Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Instagram love

Have I told you how much I Heart Instagram

Actually I just started it recently and don't have a lot of photos yet. I'm often late to the game on the in thing. 
I was late to Pinterest too. 
Besides all the great effects you can get it's the instant gratification that I like. No having to get the big camera out, manually focusing that I need to do these days...( yep it's still giving me trouble)  I really want to get the new Nikon D800. It's been on my radar since last year but didn't come out until early this year.  I was beginning to think it was a urban myth with 36.3 Mp.!!!!!!!!
It's my dream camera.....heck lets face, it's everyone who likes to take photos "Dream Camera". I've had a good talk with myself and decided to go with a more reasonably priced one....what that will be I still have no idea but I think I will stick with Nikons. I still think they have the best lenses and that's really what matters. 

 Until I decide I will leave you with images of my new timewaster  obsession.

Huge leek blossom. Petey likes to run around with them in his mouth. 

Back of one of the perennial houses....A no admittance greenhouse which is why it gets out of control.
I hate bittersweet!!!!!!

I came home early one day to watch Junk Gypsies on Saturday at 7 pm 
Love that show....thanks Debbie 
Yes that is a metal pull up bar on the left that hubby installed last year.
I'm not happy with it but whatcha gonna do? 

See that scratch on his nose???

Yes this little girl did that. 
When she's not giving him the WHAT FOR she's loving on the corn silk and will jump in the box of veggies we bring home most every night. 
Did I mention we sell the best corn in town?


New ribbon as it was being unpacked. Gosh still haven't gotten those priced. Trying to stay on top of new merch coming in.....but not doing a very good job with it. The gift shop isn't open now but I need it to be by Fall. 

Saw this on our walk last night. George told me to leave it:) 
Of course I did!

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

Your photos are wonderful and I loved having a little glimpse into your week.
Poor old Petey with the scratch on his nose, and can't imagine the sweet little girl doing that!
Love the ribbons

Hope you are enjoying the week

Dorthe said...

Beautiful photoes dear Carole,
about Ingstagram I know nothing :-) but I`m sure it is a wonderful place to be after seing what you did.
Love the ribbons -OH autumn is getting so close, and where did summer RUN!!
Hugs to you.

Hartwood Roses said...

I'm even more late to the party than you are ... Instagram? I have to ask my daughter about it ... she's my social/technical tutor, and she will help me out.

The shot of the cross on the sign post ... perfection!!


Lynn said...

I just asked my daughter if I would need an iPhone to use Instagram because I'm loving the photos I see. Yours are great, Carole! Really nice. I love the one of the perennial greenhouse. I hope you're enjoying your summer :)
Lynn at Cottage and Creek

trash talk said...

Technology is amazing, but a little baffling to an old timer like me. If it's easy...I'm all for it.
I will say having the world's greatest camera is fine, but having the eye for framing is better. Love the way you capture "life" with your viewfinder.
P.S. Funny...we can't grow bittersweet so naturally we want what we can't have. I could always offer to trade you some mexia grass for bittersweet!

La Brocanteuse said...

The images are really good! I am also behind with trying my hand/ eye at instagram, you have just convinced me I am missing out big time! Will have to focus on that..
Have a lovely week
Colette x

Evi said...

as always, lovely photos. I guess Pete is learning to play nice.
I have no idea what instagram is....and wonder, if I want to know. All the new stuff just confuses me.
Carole, I love the new ribbon. So far my favorite is the one on the right, looks like natural linen. Miss you!
Hugs for today,
PS.Say hello to George too from Ebbie and me, and hugs to you from my better half.

Maison Beldecor said...

Hi Carole,
wonderful pictures - I love the instagram vintage style, but did' nt tried by myself. Perhaps I should :-)

Cindy said...

I am glad we found each other on instagram, you have beautiful pictures! I am new to the game too!

vicki said...

Carole-- I'm loving these images-- don't know why I haven't downloaded that app yet- I've been meaning too!!
You have some real winners here--- I especially love the crucifix on the fence post!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I'm gonna have fun catching up on some posts I missed while in France.

Oh Carole I'm sooo desperate for a good camera too... I'm looking for clarity on the distance shots and the up-close eg petals, raindrops.
At the weekend I took some shots I thought wd be amazing...all blurry grrrr. I'm still using a v unsophisticated point & shoot!

I would have wanted those rosary beads too!!!

Poor Petey pops, he'll never get the better of her!!!

Lovely to catch you and MERCI daarling for yur sweet comment!


Denise said...

Instagram.....hummmm....haven't tried it yet. Probably better stay away from it. Got my hands MORE than full here! Love your photos as usual

Barbara said...

OMG,Petey is so sweet. The picture was so sad with tha little tear drop mark and his war wound. He needs extra lovin! Barbara

lynn said...

poor petey! he does look a lot like my bailey:) love the last pic!

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Hi Carol!

Your images are always so lovely! I just started on Pinterest literally like last week! lol And Instagram...well, I signed up for that a few weeks ago and just trying to figure it all out too! lol

Anyway, I just realized that you sell the JDL issues too! That is great! I'll have to save up to purchase the Amazing Retreats book - I had wanted to get that earlier in the summer, but the vendors that had sold it (that I knew of) had sold out! Glad to see you still have'll be on my wishlist! :) I have to tell you that I'm an extreme mag and book junkie! lol

Ok, I shall digress...this comment has now gone on a bit of a tangent! lol Take care and have a wonderful upcoming weekend!


Nella said...

Dear Carole, I have no idea what instagram could be....but I would guess another thing to challenge my techi inabilities!
Looks like you had a wonderful trip to the big city....for us country girls it is always so exciting, isn't it? Love all your beautiful ribbon, and if I lived nearby would rush over to help unpack and price...I have a bit of experience doing it! Hope you are able to put your feet up and relax a bit now that the growing season is winding down.....hard to believe! This is the first few days of respite from our intense heat and drought this summer.....fall is just around the corner and where has the time gone ? Always love your visits, N.xo

Boho Farm and Home said...

Ha! I just got on Instagram too...heck I just got an iphone and that is only because my husband and daughter took my old phone away from me and force me to upgrade...I refused to text. I'll go and follow you...your pictures look great!