Tuesday, December 1, 2009

White Wednesday....after a few days!

With a couple of days under my belt.....I'm beginning to feel a little more relaxed. The initial first days are always a killer.........oh I mean a complete joy...sorry! :))) Seeing my favorite loyal customers is the fun part and really makes it all worth while. During the whole setting up part I'm a basket case. Did I buy too much, too little, is it going to sell? is it in the right place? Will I remember where I've stored more, did I price everything? Is this place ever going to come together and not look like a bomb went off???!!! etc.etc........

To the point where I make myself NUTS!!!
and you thought I was normal!!! haha
I sometimes have to imagine that I'm just at home decorating for myself......just doing a lot more of it.
Then it becomes FUN!!!!
Well, anyways this is more of the results of all the blood, sweat and tears!
The White Wednesday way!

I took some of these pictures before we opened the first day and I already see so many things I don't have the candle holder in the background with hanging silverware. I had glass ornaments hanging from it and it looked so good there. I did find something else to replace it but I kind of miss it. Isn't that crazy..??? I never got a picture of it up close.

This is like the bear I showed you before but pulling a sleigh with a tiny bear along for the ride. That's not here anymore either.

This is a close shot of the mannequin I got in Madison Bouckville or I should say Deanna found and kindly sold to me. All dressed up you would never know the fabric under her was pretty ugly.

This is the tree I repainted white from iridescent silver. It's covered with mostly white and silver ornaments though I wonder if they show up well enough? see, there I go doubting myself again.

fake plants.....yup! I hate watering plants unless I can water them with a hose. My friend says I'm spoiled....yup that too!

Love this little snowman on a box......he's gone to a nice friend Barbara bought him over the weekend. Happy I got a picture of him before he left.

Here's one little sweety that is still here. My baby Charlotte. I call her my shop greeter!!! George calls all our cats "Sale Associates". Too bad I can't use them as a tax deduction:)) lol

This was taken on the first day we opened (Black Friday)......a rainy day.....but that didn't seem to keep my loyal customers away. I'm sooooooo lucky to have them!!!

Now do yourself a favor and go visit Kathleen at Faded Charm and see all the other participants of White Wednesday. I'm sure they'll be you with some amazing Christmas goodies!!!

Until next time!!!!

Be good

Santa's coming!


Tracey said...

Oh Carole it's fantastic! All of it!! Every single bit of it!!! Beautiful!

:) T

Barbara Jean said...

What a wonderful visit i have had here.
I'm glad i found your blog.


barbara jean

Laura said...

So much sparkle!!!
Can't wait to see it up close and personal!
Can't wait to see you!!
:) Laura

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

So beautiful...would love to see it in person! Your pictures are always so perfect...would love to take a few lessons from you! The bear on the box IS adorable, but for the life of me I can't quite figure out what the figure to the left of it is?!

I had to chuckle when I read your quote about the watering hose...I always say that if I can water it with my hose, I can grow it! I do struggle with indoor plants.

I'm sure you will have a successful Christmas season in your shop...

June said...

Everything, everything is gorgeous Carole!!! Your picture are always stunners and make everything magical. I would make a bad, bad business owner, because I would hate to see all these pretty things sale. I sure hope you continue to treat us to more of this.

Sammy Girl said...

Mmm mmm good! Kinda sad to see the goodies go - but that's the point, right!
Hugs and Happy White Wednesday!
Betty :)

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Have I mentioned that YOU, yes YOU are FABULOUS?! Everything is picture perfect. Is Charlotte a Russian Blue? She is gorgeous. I have 2 new kittens that are making my life miserable. In my lifetime I have had many cats. But these act like they are on steroids and they are destroying the princess' mansion. IF I can get through Christmas without a tree being pulled down I will be thrilled.

Gypsy Purple said...

Absolutely fabulous!!!!

BellaRosa said...

Oh my stars Carole...lets see now where do I you have a cuppa coffee ready?? No?? Go ahead and get one...I will wait...ok..lets see...hmmmhow do I say this without repeating myself over and over :) First...I was looking at your second pic and I tried zooming in because I could see something really neat hanging in the background...wasn't sure what it was but was positive I HAVE to have it! and then I read under the pic...SOLD :)

2nd...each picture just showed prettier and more beautiful things that I just HAVE to have...then the mom in my whispers in my ear's all about your girls this Christmas not you...darn that mom voice anyways...then...

3rd...I see that wonderful pic of that adorable snowman with the stars and I start laughing and show it to my eldest and she said ohhh mom, that's an "oh my stars" snowman :) lol what can I say my kid gets me...yet that darn moms voice is still there naggin :)

4th...that lil christmas tree that you know the one..that you didn't think you would like...that you weren't too sure know...the one that me and I am SURE many others are loving...came out just gorgeous and YOU did that :) how awsome are you...

5th...those gorgeous lil white bears and all your cloches and wood & glass display cabinets...all I can say is I totally agree with June...I could never run a store...I would have the hardest time letting things that candle holder with the hanging silverware...I woulda ran after that person like a mad woman yellin...Wait!!! I changed my mind...I have to have it back and then I would go back into my store..close the door and enjoy all my pretties...course I also know the reality of having to deal w/ Mr wonderful at the end of the day...see my delima :)

And finally...See how awsome you are? You have wonderful taste and an amazing wonder...your store looks so beautiful and will do so amazingly well :) This I know...

Ok now go drain your coffee cup...and back to work :) Besos, Rose
and your welcome for that lil coffee break..see almost as good as if I was there :)woooo that was long..I think I am too tired to post on my blog now...I can just direct them to yours lol

Faded Charm said...

Your pictures are breathtaking. I can see why alot has already sold. Why do we do this to ourselves? About now I'm wondering why I think this is fun. Tomorrow I take everything to set up. That's the fun part for me.

Take care,


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Your shop is just gorgeous, Carole! No wonder you are sold out of items already. All the wonderful ornaments would be just perfect for our tree. Your painted tree turned out very pretty and your shop greeter is a beauty! Hugs, Julia

Anne~fiona and twig said...

So beautiful! The subject matter is only enhanced by your gorgeous photos.
Love your little sales associate!

The French Bear said...

Each time I come to visit you have fabulous photos! Wow, your shop looks amazing, how wonderful and glittery!!!!
Your door greeter looks quite happy considering there must have been a lot of customers! He he......
Margaret B


quel beau chat, le mien me manque !!! je l'ai perdu, il avait 15 ans .il me reste mon cotton du tuléa elle a 6ans . belle décoration ,vous avez de trés jolis choses cela me donne des idées pour ma décoration de noel . bien a vous

Fancy Fodder said...

I can only wish I could visit your shop and explore every nook and cranny! It's just beautiful. Thank you for posting such lovely photos.

Zuzu said...

Wishin' I was a kitty cat and could be one of your Sales Associates - lovely, lovely - all of it gorgeous!!!

erin said...

Gaw-jus!! love everything...why are you so far away? it's so cute that you become attached to your shows the love!


Jacqueline said...

Oh Carole, I want to come to your shop and be a customer. I want to see it all in 'real life'. You have done such a wonderful job. No wonder it's all flying off the shelves. You must be so pleased....and your gorgeous grey cat, Charlotte. She is just beautiful, and what a sweet face she has. We used to have a grey cat so I can see why you love her. Here's wishing you lots and lots more customers and lots of chinging of the cash register !! XXXX

A New England Life said...

I hadn't heard of white wednesday before but it sure is beautiful on your blog! I love the white bear, and I almost bought a similar snowman at Marshalls and then left it behind. Now I'm wondering why!

Wish your shop were a little closer to where I live. Such beautiful Christmas decorations!

Rebecca said...

Hi Carole
Oh how I know the feeling!!! I am in the middle of it! Did I send out my invites too soon... will I have enough to eat... I have to pu this and don't forget that and what if no one the weather for snow!!! Last 3 years we got a snowstorm on the day of the open house. OK do I sound nuts!!! Can't wait until after this "jouous" occasion is over and I can relax until next weekend for Ladies Night Out event...ha
Joys of a shop owner....thanks for letting me vent :)
Blessings my friend

Rebecca said...

PS Your store looks FABULOUS! Wish I could come and see it in person...

sweetpea said...

just fabulous! takes my breath away...



Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Carole
Can I please be accidently locked in your shop one night?? I'll be good I promise! I'll just pretend I am at the North Pole and Santa and Mrs Claus will be along at any moment. Little Bear and sleigh will keep me company along with Clown and if I get hungry I'll just eat up the Ginger Break Stockings....Charlotte can show me around and introduce me to the gang.. You can go home and rest your feet...It'll be fine... promise!! Everything will still be here in the morning..

Just gorgeous Carole... a winter wonderland! xxx Julie

Isabel said...

Simply beautiful! No wonder your are selling things so fast!!!

I wish you many sales and please don't forget to enjoy and feel the pleasure of seeing your hard labor turn into treasures in someone else's home!

giulia said...

Carole--I'm with Julie about being locked into the shop. Though I am closer than Sydney (Washington, DC), I'm not close enough to visit. At least not before Christmas. Just gorgeous photographs & of course, I adored seeing Charlotte. Lovely girl.


Renee Finberg said...

the little white sparkled bears look like candy.
everything is so sweet.
merry holiday to you and your loved ones.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

What a magical and delightful shop you have.
I can see why all the beautiful treasures are being sold and would so love to be one of your customers and take a walk round your Wonderland.
Love the sparkly bear and all the decorations.
Miss Charlotte is adorable, having two grey Persians once, Hyacinth and Gainsborough, love your little one so much.

Have a happy weekend

Jill said...

Carole~all so pretty~ Thanks for sharing. I don't have a shop, just a little booth. I can imaging how one would doubt themselves but you absolutely SHOULD NOT! You do beautiful work. Just enjoy it and then others will too and all will be happy!

Feelings said...

Dearest Carole!
Don´t feel bad, for not being around lately...
We all seem have short of time.
At least I do.

Your shop looks fabulous. I´m sure , if you let me in there, I would be leaving, with no money left...
And your darling Charlotte is beautiful. I love cats, and have one of my own =).

I wish you a great end of this week.


Charlene said...

My favorite was the white bear! Loved all your photos sooooooooooo great. So clear. I wish I could get mine to turn out that well. You must have taken a photography class. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas! Charlene

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Hi Carole! Gosh! Wish I lived close! I'd be there in a heart beat! Love your Beautiful shop! Everything looks so Gorgeous! You did an awesome job displaying all of it!!

Hope you are having a Wonderful weekend!

Your sales associate Charlotte is gorgeous too!

Hugs & Blessings ~ Teresa

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Wow, Carole, everything is amazing and gorgeous! What a wonderful shop you have, I cannot imagine all the work you've put into this season's decor and merchandise. It's all just beautiful! I adore all your kitties, especially your new black sweetie. You could just use her to dust with, so cute! Have a wonderful week!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Carole, me again. I just wanted to let you know that I posted about the tree that I painted and I linked back to your Las Vegas post. Thanks again. I'm so glad you paved the way on this.

Les Cotrions said...

Waw Carole! What gorgeous Xmas ornaments and arrangements!!! Your photos are stunning and the atmosphere is simply magic!!!! Yes this is a very busy time but I like to be busy!
A nice new week to you!

Chrissy said...

WOW!!!! So beautiful Carole...I want Charlotte!!! Love every single photo,you really have capture the season!! x0x0x