Friday, February 5, 2010

Gift Show 2010

Our trip to the New York International Gift Show started at

Grand Central of the 7th wonder of world....well not really but compared to
what it looked like
years ago. It is a miracle!
The place is magnificent now. We arrived early Sunday morning. A quiet peak. You should see this place at peak time. The people remind me of little ants running around. Maybe the sea of black coats help the image:)). It's winter when we go but I often wonder how different it would look in the Spring or Summer?

I'm not sure why I think of this every time we're there. Maybe it sooths me to break it down in simple terms. It seems less intimidating.
It's an exciting place....much like an airport can be. People all going in different directions. It fills me with all sorts of ideas swirling around my head. I feel like a different person when I'm there. A small part of the bigger picture.

On Sunday unfortunately many of the shops in Grand Central are not opened til late morning.

But it's always fun to window shop

I remember the last time I was in Papyrus. The place was packed. It was right before Valentine's Day and everyone was trying to find the perfect card that would say what they themselves could not on their own. Don't you just love a blank card when someone has written their own words?

You don't have to be a poet.....just write from your heart!!!

What also speaks to my heart is fresh fruit.....haha! well food in general!!!

This is The Central Market at the station. Of course this was closed too. This is where busy commuters on their was home come to pick up dinner. There's everything to make a meal and more....fresh fruit,meats,seafood,cheeses,bakery, gourmet jarred sauces and even flowers to pretty up the table.

The NYIGF conveniently has buses that shuttle you from many locations around the city.

One of course comes right to Grand Central. On the day we arrived we got to the Javits Center in record time. The plus of coming on Sunday.

We had a 1/2 hour before we were let into the showrooms. There are over 2700 exhibitors.
We woke up at 4 am and with 3 hours sleep I was surprisingly awake. Shopping has a way of invigorating me. haha

How could you not be invigorated by the site of this building. The Javits Center is mind boggling to a small town girl like me.

As I was waiting for opening time I snapped pictures of some booths over head. Sorry about the glare from the glass. This is Pine Cone Hill the company that makes wonderful bed linens among other things.

SedaFrance.. what a beautiful booth. Candles and scents in amazing graphic packaging.

This is a booth I did buy a few goodies in. You know how much I love silver and this booth sure had it.

The company is called Sherri's Designs

and these are Sherri's angels wearing some of her creations.

They could be wearing bowl on their heads and still look good:))

but the headbands sure are cute!

Adore the white fur wreath around the deers necks.

One of my favorite stops is the Tinsel Trading booth.

All decorated for Spring! Bunnies everywhere and beautifully decorated eggs.

Wendy Addison originals of bunnies hopping across the grass.

They are known for their vintage trims and tassels but Marcia Ceppos has taken her grandfathers business and dream and taken it to a whole new level. An over 70 yr old company that is a treasure of the NY garment district.

I loved this mushroom ornament. Mushrooms are suppose to represent something in German Christmas decorations. Do you know what it represents? I vowed I was going to look it up but maybe one of you knows.

(Anna, Wendy Addison, and Marcia Ceppos)

They kindly stopped to let me take their picture. Anna on the left is Marcia's store manager....very sweet and very knowledgeable. The wonderful owner Marcia Ceppos on the right. Of course many of you will recognize the famous Wendy Addison who came to help promote her new line at Tinsel Trading.

I had met Wendy before at Tinsel Trading retail store but when she asked me if I had any questions I looked up and said " Oh no I'm fine" then I thought......

was that who I think it is???

Sometimes the lights are so bright that I think I was blinded when she came up to I thought do I go back and talk to her? What if I say something stupid? so I decided it was better not to take the chance of embarrassing myself...... acting like a giddy groupie or worse.

So I chilled and just kept smiling at her.

So that's me...... COOL Cat!!!:))
I have plenty more pictures to share.
Will do more in the next few days!




Kathleen said...

Hi Carole, so glad that a CT girl enjoys my state, LOL..
The city is pretty foreign to me though, I am a country bumpkin. I do enjoy a trip in once in awhile, and I would have loved to gone to that show with you.
It all looks amazing!

One time when we were in St Pat's Cathedral I held the door on the way our for the next person..well I was there for 25 min as no one else would hold it and I didn't want to let it slam in someone's face! My family was hysterical!
It amazes me how the tourists talk etc. even when there is Mass going distracting to the worshipers!

Magdalena said...

Hi Carole
I'm so glad that you spent so nice the time in New York.Thank you for sharing with us those lovely moments.I`m hoping for more pictures from the trip. Have a wonderful weekend!
Magdalena/Color Sepia

Laura said...

Hello Miss Cool Cat!
So who is WE? Did George go with you?
It looks fabulous. Was at the gift show once, years ago. Love the TT booth! Show us more!
:) Laura

A New England Life said...

Carole, I'm so jealous! Did you pick me up one of those fuzzy red pens in Papyrus! How about one of the Swans? I'd love some silver and white. Or an ornament with feathers!

Glad you had a good time though I know NYC can be extremely exhausting! Odd seeing GCS so empty. When ever I've been there it's been fairly busy. Wonderful shots!

Btw, I have a new blog: if you'd like to check it out. Yeah, I know, another blog. Ha ha!

Tami said...

Such wonderful eye candy, gorgeous, gorgeous pictures, what a wonderful time not sure that I could have left there with out spending a fortune. Thanks for sharing your trip!!

Jacqueline said...

Hi there Carole,
What a fantastic building The Javits Centre is.... and you must have been in Seventh Heaven..... all of those beautiful things and you've only shown us a few so far. Shiny reindeers and sparkly bunnies, gorgeous bedlinen and feathery headbands....I bet you were running round like a headless chicken !!
I bet you went to sleep that night as soon as your head touched the pillow. Those exhibitions are good but soooo tiring. Looking forward to part 2. XXXX

BellaRosa said...

Carole you lucky girl :) Looks like you had an amazing time! I just knew you were gonna somehow get to see the Tinsel Trading store :) Ahhh I am living the delights through you right now :) I can't wait to see more of your pictures and the treasures you bought back with you! Besos, Rose

Rebecca said...

Hi Carole
The New York show looked great! I went a few years ago but it is expensive and sooo big. I prefer the small shows, Chicago's show is not a good one and I don't know why. It is a big city you would think it would be good. Do you go to Atlanta? This year I did nothing. I am just going to order from the vendors I have.
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed seeing all that I missed--Wendy Addison wow!

Rue said...

Hi Carole :)

Your story about Wendy cracked me up because I did that once at an event. Not her but someone else.

What a great show! Thank you for the links.


Fancy Fodder said...

Dear Carole~
New York?!?
How neat is that?!?
Your pictures make me want to take a bite out of that Big Apple, too :+B <--the "B" is supposed to be my two front teeth
I hope you have lots more pictures to share.
Have fun and don't get lost.

Chrissy said...

I would feel like I had died and gone to heaven,so much to see and do and smell and taste.....lucky girl!! x0

Renee Finberg said...

did you know that grand central wasn't always so pretty?
'jackie O' restored it to the glorious state that it is today.

that gift show looked like a blast.

slommler said...

Oh what a fabulous time you had! Loved all the pics and the merchandise is amazing!! Can't wait to see more!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Carole, You must have heard my sighs while I was drooling over your pictures! So many pretty things. I love all the silver glittered items which could just get me back in Christmas mood again. The mushrooms are really pretty. I don't know about mushrooms in general being a symbol in Christmas traditions over here. I just know thay fly agarics symbolize luck but I guess that's the case in other countries also. We do have a word in Germany that translated in English would be "lucky mushroom" and is the equivalent to your "lucky devil" or "lucky dog" :-).
Have a great weekend and relax your legs!

trash talk said...

Going to something like that will never happen to me in my lifetime, but how fun that I get to go through your camera! How wonderful to see ahead of everyone else what is coming down the bunny trail!
Looking at your photos of GCS made me wonder what it would have been like during WWII with soldiers coming and going. Can you imagine the kisses and tears shared there? Amazing!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

What a treat to be shown a little of New York and the Gift Fair. Everything looks amazing and thank you for sharing your photos.
Love the glitter of the silver booth and the headbands are very cute.

Enjoy your weekend

DustyLu said...

Thank you for taking me there! I have been to the gift shows, but never New York! thank you taking me there! ~lulu

oldgreymare said...


Love the photos- cannot wait for more...hurry hurry. When I took darling daughter to NYU last fall it was my first trip to NY and on the second day I headed for Tinsel Trading. I spent about an hour just taking it all in and another 45 minutes picking out some vintage silver trim. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to see their booth at the show in addition to everything else. sigh. I'll carry all your bags any time you want to take me ;-)


Julie@beingRUBY said...

OH Carole
This is exciting... I love your images of Grand Central Station.. that reflect the depth and awe I imagine you would feel in real life. I've only ever seen it in the movies.. haha.. NYC is one place still on my list of must go too... but It is always one place I never wanted to do alone... I could see myself getting lost!!

Well the gift fair look fabulous!! It must have been so much to take in.. I can see you made a bee line for the 'Handmade' and glad you did.,. the tinsel bunnies and paraphernalia are so sweet... although I hate thinking about easter already as that means winter on the way here..

OK... Miss Cool Cat.. enough from me.. look forward to more of this loveliness.. I might be going to the gift show here in Sydney next week... but that won't have the excitement of NYC... Take care xxx Julie

Bleudelavande said...

Hi Carol, tank you for sharing those wonderful images of New York!!!All looks so great. I've never visited New York( It's one of my dreams) but unfortunately I have some problems with the airplains, I don't like very much fly! :(((
Have a nice weekend my dear

Jill said...

Wow. Thanks for letting me experience that vicariously through you. It must have been such fun!

Jacqueline said...

Dear Carole,
I'm back again. Meant to say that, I, too, loved your photos of Grand Central Station. I love New York. To me it's like London with an American accent !! I also love the photo of the flags. It has really captured NYC.
The other reason I came back was to say that I love the photograph of George with one of your cats. It's gorgeous Carole.
Have a fun weekend. XXXX

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hey Carole, thank you for sharing all your great photos. I've never been to NYC so loved seeing your photos. The gift market looks fabulous, I could wander for days!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Wow what fun! The NY show looks a lot different than the LA show. And Tinsel Trading doesnt come out here, darn. I hope you found lots of amazing things.
p.s. you are a cool cat and I totally get you!

Zuzu said...

Sherri's Designs is pretty great, but it has been one of my dreams to someday visit Tinsel Trading Co. LUCKY, LUCKY YOU! :)

Thanks for sharing all the goodies w/ us, Carole!

Anne at Fiona and Twig said...

What amazing photos! Looks like you had a ball, I sure would have!

Have a great weekend,

Luiza said...

Oh, New York.... How I love that city!!! Your photos are amazing!
Thank you for sharing!


Denise said...

Wow! I would love to go just to see the Tinsel Trading booth! There are so many more yummy gift lines there than in Dallas. Okay I admit it, I'm jealous! Hope it was fun!

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

Oh Carole ~ I so wish I knew you well enough to tag along to the show. I used to go with a good friend - then she moved across the country and its just no fun going solo for me. Your photos are almost just as good as being there. I would have done the same thing with "The Wendy Incident" as it will be called by me. Too funny.