Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gift Show #4

Time seems to have slipped away from me but what a way to go
if you can look at
a beauty like this on your walls.
It's new but it looks like one that you'd find at the fleamarkets in Paris.
Or what I think I would like to find in Paris.
I didn't buy from this lovely booth but I did sneak a shot of it anyways.

I'm so bad.

Next time I'm taking a smaller camera and will be even sneakier!!! lol

This is a booth with a more industrial decorating style

but can be incorporated in so many ways.

Modern, garden, country and vintage could all work.

My biggest problem....if you can call it a problem is

storage that looks good.

I really don't like the plastic storage bins that you see everywhere.

Don't get me wrong I have those too but I do my best to hide them away

out of sight.

Not sure what they called these ....not cloches though they

do show them with small succulents under them.

I don't think anyone uses their cloches the way they were
intended to anymore.
The hole on the top of these would let the air circulate better for the little plant inside.

Just noticed the coke bottle....opps

Don't you just love glass and the way it picks up the light?

looks even better in mass!

This booth was full of interesting displays.....we even asked the sales person how he gets

all of it done in time for opening day. So much to do and bring in. He said he did much of it himself.

They usually make them use union electricians, carpenters and such. The cost is so expensive.
They still get charged a minimum of 2 hrs @ $175 whether they use them or not.
The rules are different at the Javits where they don't even want them to hammer a nail themselves but there not as strict at the Piers.

This reminded me of an old store display...which is probably what it was. Most of the things inside weren't for sale but just for eye candy.

I bought a few things from this booth which is why he let me take any pictures I wanted.

It wasn't til I looked back at the pictures that I really got a look at the wall colors.
Green and Orange.
Some of you may remember me telling you that I have a foyer
that has some crazy colors.

Welcome to my new inspiration for that room!

I'm not really sure what style you could call it?

Now, of course I wish I had taken more pictures of the

pillows and wall hangings.

There's always next year.

My foyer isn't going anywhere:))

These wire baskets I went crazy for.

and the mini wire baskets

and be still my heart!!!

the enameled numbers!

These shadow boxes were fabulous and also got me thinking that

I need to use them in my room.

The element of nature was throughout the designs which is another reason I like it.

Sort of a natural history museum quality.

Like long lost artifacts from exotic lands.
to be honest I'll never get to visit!

Before we knew it the day was over.
and we were back on the bus to take us to the train station.
Coming to the show is always the highlight of my Winter season.
I know I will see some old familar faces and companies but look forward to
finding new ones. Speaking to the sales reps and learning what was "hot" in Atlanta or other parts of the
country gives me an insite as to what my customers will be looking for or what we'll
be seeing in design magazines.
There is nothing like that NY International Gift Show.
I have learned that also from the reading your comments and emails.
I thank you for that!
I'm pretty lucky to live rather close to the city....
but far enough away to be in the country!
Hope you've enjoyed the tour for the last 4 posts.
I'm sorry it's taken me this long to show it all.......
well not all as you can imagine.


Laura said...

Hey Carole.....I am in love with all this industrial goodness! Those wire baskets...those enamel numbers....did you see a 52 by any chance? Great post....I have LOVED all these gift show posts! Fabulous photos! What did you order for the shop?
:) Laura

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Carole Carole Carole
LOVE LOVE LOVE.. hahaha... green eyed monster just walked into my living room... i told him to back off.. it's mine.. he politely explained.. no.. it's Carole's.. darn!!!

I love all the industrial... the metal baskets, storage etc etc... the enamel... i truly love this style... i think i want everything i see in your photos today.. not to mention seeing NYC in person!!! yep!! this post if fabulous.. and worth the wait.. although I missed your post terribly and have been checking daily!!! The glass funnels are gorgeous.. I had a similar funnel for my essential oils.. been searching everywhere for it and found it last week.. washed it.. and dropped it!! no more funnel.. I'll have 3 of these please!! don't bother wrapping ... i'll take the as they are... along with most everything in these gorgeous photos. Love the light globes too.. I love glass en masse [but i suspect you know that now hahaha]

Well my friend .. this post has made my day.. It has reminded me how much I love the industrial style so i may have to remember that next time i go shopping.. Take care xxx Julie

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Hey Carole,

Talk about 'eye candy'...WOW! Love the industrial, baskets, lights, numbers, hardware, glass, "The" clock, botanical pillow, colors.....and on and on! I'll be looking forward to your brilliant pictures of your new merchandise and it's display in your shop!

Hope your week is going well...I'm sure you had a great time with your friends on Monday. By the your outfit (thanks to Laura for the pics). So now I know what your legs look like!

Until next time,

Chrissy said...

Oh would have to drag me out there kicking and screaming,so many awesome things,I love those wire baskets too!! Your so lucky!!! Talk soon,x0x0

A New England Life said...

Okay, I admit it, I'm not a huge fan of vintage. I like some of it but mostly I pick, pick, pick. The newer stuff is more my style but you're one of those people who can pull it all together so I know if you like it Carole, it will look good. Why can't I be like that?

I'm sure it was a very long day. Glad you had a safe trip!

Did I detect a little 'Picasa' use in these photos? ; )



Fabulous post! Thank you for taking us along with you to Market. ~ Angela

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Carole, This time I especially love all the wire cages, baskets as well as the metal containers with the round glass insert. The numbered tags and plates are also great and the assortment of hooks on the green wall is just amazing.
Thank you for the whole wonderful tour and all the work you had put in to show us all the fantastic goodies!

Faded Charm said...

Can I please come with you next time. I've been in heaven looking at all these wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing with us you lucky girl.

Take care,


Tami said...

Love the galvanized containers with the view windows, old post card stand and oh the shadow boxes how is all glorious!!

oldgreymare said...

My favorite of all the NY posts. I want it all, just send me the bill and send me stuff! Hey Kathleen, watch out! I've already offered to carry all her bags next time. :-) Ok, how about YOU carry MY bags and I"LL carry Carole's. uh oh who will carry yours? hehe


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Wow, this is my favorite of the four posts you've shared with us. So much awesomeness I hardly know where to begin!

Thank you so much for sharing your most excellent adventure with all of us. :-)
Have a wonderful Friday,

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Carole

I am totally with you when it comes to finding attractive storage, not always an easy thing! I do love that vintage shop counter!!!

What a wonderful place you went to.

Warm wishes
Isabelle x

slommler said...

Wow!! That best describes my reaction to all that you have shown me. Beautiful!! I loved all the storage ideas. That is always my issue. Attractive storage. I did find some metal gym locker baskets that are way cool. Just need to figure out where to use them so I can show them off. LOL!
Love this whole trip!! I loved seeing all the photos.
SueAnn said...

So many beautiful photos!!!!I really need to go back to that show. Next time I will take pictures:) I love the wire baskets too. I have some and they have such a great look they can be put anywhere. Have a great weekend! The Hartford Flower Show is on this weekend!
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Giulia said...

What a nice little trip I just took (via you). Great pix. My mother used to go to the show but I've not been. Thanks so much. Good weekend to all!

Kim said...

Carole, I see we visited many of the same booths! I am so glad you took pictures because I was too chicken too! I also see you discovered many that I missed as well! My feet just couldn't handle anymore! I'll have to plan better for next year. Kim

trash talk said...

I can't begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed going to market with you. If I only had smellablog, it would be just like Disneyland for junkers. Someday when I get to be a grown up, I would love to go for real, but in the meantime...I'll just look at your photos over and over!

Rosemary said...

Hi Carole,
I know, what is it about those wire baskets?
They are awesome, as is everything in the photos.
Makes you want it all.
Glad you like my Alice Crown.
I have an old Alice book too. So fun!
Have a great weekend,

Patti's Artful Design said...

I enjoyed the shopping experience and the beautiful eye-candy! Thank you for the great picts!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

Many thanks for taking us on such a wonderful tour of the Gift fair.
I am in love with the wire baskets, and the enameled numbers and the shadow boxes. (just imagining all the delightful things you could put in there.

Have a very happy weekend

Rebecca said...

Hi Carole
You have outdone yourself on those pictures = great job! Felt like I went to the NY show myself. Thank so much...wonderful booths. Were those shadow boxes for sale or just display?

Don said...

That was an enjoyable visit! Thanks.

Boxwood Cottage said...

Thank you Carole, this was a very interesting and inspiring tour! I saw some great things I'd like to have or create! It was so sweet that you was kind of speechless or starstruck when Wendy Addison asked you if you had a question, the he he :) She's one of my favorite artists too so I don't know how I would have reacted, probably just as you did.
Oh btw my daughter Roxanne is going to NY state in August this year to study Digital media for 6 month at Buffalo University.
I so hope that I'll be able to go and visit her next Winter! If so I will have to ask you for beautiful places and shops in the area, she will have a car so we can travel around! Maybe I could even visit Maynard Greenhouse! Such an exciting thought!
I know for sure that I'll have to go to Tinsel Trading in NYC!
Sending you warmest wishes from Germany
xoxo, Carola

Anonymous said...

Oh, Carole, this is such fun to see!!! LOVE all the natural elements mixed w/ the industrial. Those glass thingys that weren't cloches - I think they're science lab equipment. :)

How I wish I could fit in your pocket along w/ your tiny camera and go with you next year. I LOVE it all so very much!!!


Jacqueline said...

Oh Carole,
I'm so sorry that I'm late on this one. I've been trying to comment for what seems likr days but it wont work !! Arghhhh.I do a brilliant (!) comment and then I lose it and forget what I said !!
Anyway....Julie has said it all for me ! haha.
I love the wire baskets and the enamel numbers. I have only one enamel number. 14. the number of my house. If you see any lying in a gutter that you don't want, send them my way, will you ?
I also want the glass triangular cloches and the glass jars with the metal lids. I can remember them as a child in sweet shops. I can still remember the sound when the shopkeeper unscrewed the top to get the sweets out !
....AND finally, I must have the clock. I love massive clocks. They really make a ststement, don't they?
Love it all Carole and I look forward to our trip next year !! XXXX

Mermaid Queen said...

Loved all the great photos. The wire baskets are the best! Take care, Martha



Fancy Fodder said...

Dear Carole~
Your N.Y. posts are AweSomE!
I love everything ~ especially the storage units
and the wall hooks with the numbers on them (WOW!)
That kind of inspiration would keep me awake at night ~ Seriously! The way they used the firey orange and green, oh, sheesh, it's like a candy store with brilliant colors everywhere :+D

Tracey said...

WOW Carole, it all looks like so much fun to peruse!!! Lots of industrial these days I guess?! Very cool!

:) T

p.s. did you get the JDL mag mix up too? Danish version instead of the English...they sure do have a lot of issues over there!

erin said...

hi carole...well, i was just checking to see if you had a new post and realized i never came back to this, to die for, post to comment!! sorry, i'm bad that way. what can i say, LOVE so many things here...especially the wire baskets and the pop of color, orange and green!!!! love it! i've just made some new curtains for my kitchen, just cuz i needed more color to cure the winter drabness. thanks so much for the tour(s). you must be exhausted from all of the goodness.......i'm sure you have chosen only the best things for your shop, just wish i lived closer to check it all out! take care!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Wow Carole,
great pictures. I'm still jealous of you going to the gift show. I suppose someday I'll get to go. Have a great week.

Jill said...

I've so enjoyed this trip "with" you! I'll have to keep revisiting these posts for continued inspiration. said...

Yes, we have to plan on going together next year:) Yes there was an iron woman there. Do you ever set up at any shows? Do you sell Witch Hazel? Oh, and have you ever seen the huge leaves made of cement or something like cement? Well they were over $100.oo there and I found them for $22.00!!!!!! They are so nice. I went house plant shopping Monday and came home with my little car full of plants and the leaves:)Talk to you soon.

Luiza said...

The enameled numbers are my absolute favorite!!! They are gorgeous!I really enjoyed all of your posts from N.Y. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for leaving the sweetest words on my post. I as really touched...

Wish you a nice wednesday!