Friday, February 12, 2010

Gift Show #3

You know it's going to be a good day when you start your morning watching the cast of the Jersey Shore:)))
on the Today Show in your hotel room.
I didn't start watching them when it first came on the air but probably like most of you I soon heard all about them on every talk show. Whether you like them or not they are entertaining.
I kept kidding George that we were in NYC at the same time as them...maybe we'll see them...maybe you can run down to the NBC studio and catch a glimpse of them!!!
I'm totally kidding of course!

We did have a few other things to do that day...
and some money to spend:))

It was a crisp morning and after a quick breakfast of eggs and pancakes we headed towards the train station again to pick up the shuttle bus.
NYC is best in the morning....people rushing everywhere. You just feel the energy!
This is Park Ave. on the same street as the hotel we were staying at.

I could have spent all day taking pictures on this sunny day but we were already running late
that morning.
Holy Moly it's already 9:30 and we have to crosstown on a weekday!!!

Loved this booths graphics and silhouettes. Not all the booths are large at the show and you can get handmade artist pieces that are very special.

This is another example of some really special jewelry made by a company in Florida.

I was instantly drawn to the birds and nature themes they created.

and the clever way they displayed their jewelry.

The different array of metals made them look even more organic. I had a hard time not wanting everything I I decided to stick to the nature themes with the most neutral colors.
Playing it safe......

Who wouldn't want watering cans hanging off their ears?
What every fashionable gardener wants to wear this season I predict:))
I asked if they sold the earring stands .....but they didn't

....They'll have to go on the" honey do list"

One of my stops is always Cavellini & Company but I walked right by it til George pointed that out.
They had a much larger booth then they usually do.

They have the most exquisite papers,stamp sets, cards and etc.
They started their paper line with maps of all over the world but it's grown tremendously from there with every subject imaginable.
They recently started to make the postcards with glitter and they've been a big hit.
We girls just love our glitter.

The next stop is the area called the Piers....this year only one pier was open....the sign of the times...but for me it was good enough ....I usually never get to finish going thru all of them anyways.
While I'm showing you these you mind that they have no eyes painted in? doesn't bother me but I know the perfect face is what people look for.
BTW the ones I saw with eyes were more expensive.......of course!
Often times the Piers have the exact things I'm looking for. The more gardeny stuff.

See very gardeny and French Flea Market like...

That look that makes us all weak in the knees.

It's now been over a week that we've been back from the show and it's fun for me to revisit all that I swooned over. Hope it is for you too. I still have one more post to show. I've only gotten two deliveries so far. Most of them are coming in late summer and fall for Christmas. By then I won't even remember what the heck I even ordered:))
It's just like opening Christmas presents........except they're not gifts!




Laura said...

I certainly am weak in the knees looking at all those beautiful things! Thanks for taking us with you to the show.....fabulous!
:) Laura

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

This is so much fun going thru these shops with you and sitting down all the while....I know you enjoyed every minute you were there and lucky you to have money to spend...that much more fun.
Thanks for sharing these pictures

slommler said...

Wow!! What fun looking through your photos. What a great tour you have given me! Thanks so much!

trash talk said...

That last photo has just got to be Gina of Peacock Park. Tell me I'm right! I love the "tweet" heart piece. I would lost my mind wanting to buy at least one of everything!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Oh Carole, What are you doing to me ;-)? My wishlist gets longer with every post of your shop, of other shops, of you home, of other homes and of course with showing all the fantastic pictures of the show. I love those wired cloches and those metal "?" (I don't even know what they are called in German) just underneath as well as the silhouettes and the dress forms. Then there is this picture of the shop that has the "Queen" sign. Well, I just would like one piece of everything shown, lol. Is that a little theater on the left side behind the plants? If our keyboards breaks down from all my drooling, I blame it on you ;-).
Have a wonderful weekend!
off to buy a lottery ticket

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Carole
Well first off.. I was watching that same Today show with the Jersey Shore cast. considering it is on at about 4am here I'm thinking that is a bit weird!! Ok enough twilight zone... I love your outdoor shots as much as your indoor shots. Strangely it looks like a certain part of Sydney.. If I ever get back into town I'll take some pics for you...

As usual all your goodies are making me envious... I guess that is one good thing about having a shop.. you can purchase more than you would for your home.. I mean as I look around me now I wonder where I might possibly put anything more!! Love the Cavallini too. in fact in future I may just say... Love it all!!! as I always do!! Have a great weekend... things are 'normal' here!! xx Julie

BellaRosa said...

Carol amor, I love that Piers area...everything that you showed there I wanted :) You show the most beautiful things! Besos, Rose

ps...I especially love the pictures of New York, it looks so beautiful there.

Jacqueline said...

Dear Carole,
I really felt as if I was walking to the station with you and George !! It's very much like walking through the City in London. Gorgeous photographs of rush hour New York. I used to love that feeling when I was working in London.
I think that these are my favourite booths of the show, so far. I love those brooches, the one with the gauntlet hand and the little bird... and the wire work and ...well, all of it !!
Enjoy the weekend, Carole. XXXX

Mermaid Queen said...

Looks like you had a great time Carole. I love all the goodies you show, and it makes me want to go to NY all the more! Have a wonderful weekend. Take care, Martha

Luiza said...

I agree , that New York is best in the morning. When we went there , we could just stand and watch all the people rush...
And again, I love your images of the city!!! Too sad , you didn´t have time photographing all day!!!

Seems the gift show had a lot to offer. And everything in my type of taste...

I love all of it!

Now I want to wish you a happy Valentines day!


erin said...

well, i don't know how you do it?! i would not be able to choose with so many treasures at hand! but that last photo...LOVE IT!! weak in the knees for sure! and i love anything to do with sweet little birdies. i am sure you picked out just the right things. i love the buzz of a big city too, but it's always nice to come home......
happy valentines day sweety!

The Artful Paper Doll said...

Hi Carole,

Weak in the knees is a great way to describe the sentiment of seeing something that makes you want to sprout wings and soar with excitement. Everything you posted is gorgeous. I have purchased the lovely paper Cavallini puts out and now I have a company name to put with it.

You have a lovely place here. Thanks so much for popping over for a visit. I enjoyed your sweet comment. Wishing you a most excellent Valentine's Day.

~Kitty Kellie

June said...

Oh my gosh Carole, I love that white chippy chest with the burlap top. Alergy or not, I would so have that somewhere in my house. I don't think the santos having eyes would bother me. That last booth was full of the greatest stuff. I do think you had too much fun shopping, didn't you?


Oh my, what fun to see all and especially in New York. I love all things that have to do with gardening and as far as the Piers, I would take onee with eyes or without. Thanks again for sharing, XO MARY

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

Wow, what an amazing time you must have had there, with all those beautiful wares.
I loved the Cavallini stand and all the handmade brooches.
Thank you for sharing with us, and New York looked wonderful.


Renee Finberg said...

i have seen the 'wooden bird with metal' guy before.
his stuff is unreal. i love it.

i also see that you love NYC too.




Bleudelavande said...

Great, great another great post! Cavallini stand must be wonderful!!! It's my favurite!!!
Happy Valentine's day to you too my friend!

aimee said...

so exciting! i enjoyed every picture and looking at all the treasures i would love to have :)

Rosemary said...

One word, Amazing!!
Wow, how fun for you.
I'm living through you.

oldgreymare said...


OK friend, you're deliberately making me crazy with this stuff! Not only were you in Darling Daughter's city, but the stuff you got to see and touch, oh my!

If I WAS carrying your bags, you would have to keep prodding me with a stick like some ole heifer (or oldgreymare) to keep me moving along because I would have to stop and linger over each little bit and bauble!

Those bird pins! The garden cloches! Not fair! Not fair!


Connie said...

I've never been to your blog before, sugar, but it is delightful. Photos are exquisite. Nice to meet you!

Kathleen said...

Sounds like fun, C! I don't have pierced ears..we weren't allowed! Do they have clip ons, LOL??

Chemin des Muguets said...

Oh Carole,

What an array of tempting treasures. I would be beside myself. Thanks for the looksee.


Marjorie said...

Hello!!!Can you stop by my blog? I have a little somthin' to give you;)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens