Monday, June 21, 2010

Jeanne D'Arc Living le 5mme

Well it's getting close to the time issue 5 will be here.
July 9th actually.
The rumor around is that the price has been reduced due to
the value of the dollar to the euro.
Many emails back and forth has proven otherwise.

Seems the euro is holding up just fine and
the extra shipping cost has remained the same due to
the difficulty with customs.

I never wanted to undercut anyone so I
sold them for the same price as everyone else
Seemed fair I thought.

Now I can sell them for less...which I always wanted to do anyways.

and now more people will be able to afford to buy them
and get to see for themselves what we all swoon over.

Even though I have been extremely busy this season I've spent more time
looking at the last issue then I have any other.
I think I've needed the escape more then ever.
All work and no play makes Carole very boring!!!
I need my magazine to take me to that calm place...
you know that place:))

That happy place!!!!!

Yes I know your saying but all day you're surrounded by flowers.
What could be better then that?
But it's still work.....and it's still 7 days a week!
so I need a little lift to get me up in the morning!
Lately I've been waking up asking "What day is it???"
poor George... at least one of us knows what day it is:))
Not sure why I need to know
it's not like it's a day off.
ok I'll stop complaining now!

Well that was the
the magazine will now
be $25 shipping included

WOO HOO!!!!!


Opps almost forgot if you want to preorder
you can go HERE


Rosemary said...

You are so funny, I don't have a sub either.
Thanks so much for your visit.
I am going right over to order this mag from you.

oldgreymare said...

oh YAY!

Remember I was going to have to wait for the Holiday issues! Now I don't!

So nice to have good news about prices for a change!


Faded Charm said...

You know I'm in. I couldn't even kick the habit when the price was higher. I don't spend any money on any other magazines so I can save up for this one. I love it!!

Glad to hear you take a break once in a while.

Take care,


Luiza said...

Well, Carole, I love the magazine, and whenever I have some money over, I buy it!
It´s such a wonderful magazine with so many beautiful , breathtaking images... No wonder one gets to dream away...

I hope you´ll have some vacation soon, so that you will be able to rest a bit.
Becuase as you say, even if you´re surrounded by flowers all day, it´s still a job.

Have a wonderful week.

Rebecca said...

Hi Carole
So where can I get me a copy???
Love the photo's you posted and I could use a little serenity right now

slommler said...

Wow to the price and wow to the magazine. So gorgeous!!! And the photos are awesome!

Bonjade said...

Oh I am longing for the 5th issue just like you.
Is it now become cheaper....? I did not heard of this and we are selling this also in our webshop...hmmm...I have to ask......
Fine day

erin said...

yippie skippie...i ordered one! don't work too hard, sweety!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Carole
Well sorry it took me forever to get over here.. been taking a few recovery days.... and stupid mouse keeps freezing up on me!! Well.. you know I am addicted to this lovely mag.. some very special person sent me one some time back and now!! loved it as much as i thought I would.... Might have to wait till after my move to order one... but thanks for sharing these gorgeous images... hard to resist!! take care and don't work too hard.. you and George both!!! xxx Julie said...

You need a day off girlfriend:)!!!! Those pictures are gorgeous. I am preordering now. My husband already promised to drive me to your greenhouse on a Sunday. I will let you know when. I can't wait! I love buying plants:)
Blog: Capers o the vintage vixens

Evi said...

Hi Carol,
I have finally learned to leave a comment,woohoo!I have been wanting to tell you for such along time, how I love your blog!
Now you know I told you in person, but this is special, because I feel like a...well...blogger.
Carol, put me down for the next issue, I like you, need a few restful moments, and what better way than with the magazine.
By the way, your plants are doing well!!!!
Talk to you soon,
Hugs, Evi

Anonymous said...

Swooning here. It is such a beautiful magazine!!! :)
Don't work too hard Carole - hope George is feeling much, much better!

Lori said...

the peeks of that magazine i see here and there always set me to swooning...such beautiful images...i hope you show us your hair Carole...i would love to see:)

Emilie M. Paper's said...

Love,love all the pictures I must order me a mag...xoxox Blessings Emilie M.