Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Garden at Paula's

Last Monday we finally got together with Paula and Bill
. We went out for Paula's birthday but first I had to visit the garden.
One of my favorite features is her chicken coop.

When they have guests the two of them come out here and sleep.
I think I'd have sweet dreams sleeping in a bed like this.
Having coffee and oj on this hand painted table would be heaven.

At every corner is something special and nature inspired.
This is the mini version of the main house and is just as charming.

It was a lot darker outside then it looks here so it's a little blurry.
I hardly ever use my flash though I should rethink that.

I was intrigued by this bug.
It was huge!!!!
Paula knew the name of it but I can't remember:)

Fluffing the coleus

A relaxing place to have lunch or dinner. It's a little tucked away under the trees so
the breezes come across the expansive lawn and give some relief in the heat of the day.

which we seem to all be experiencing a lot lately.
When are we getting cooler temps?
You might remember this purchase Paula made when we went to the Madison Bouckeville
Antique Show last year.
We all thought it was cool but we were scratching our heads as to what she'd do with it.
....we had no doubt she'd think of something.

Bill rigged it up with a metal pipe up the center and now it's
 great for hanging votives candles.

We share the love of hydrangeas and Paula must have over 50 of them. This year with all the rain we had in March they are really spectacular.
After our walk thru the garden we waited for George to arrive.
The four of us 
walked over to Gabrielles for dinner.

I'd been wanting to go there forever.
It's been there for over 30yrs...having changed hands and names a few times.
It was one of the BEST meals I'd had in a long time.
I can't  believe I waited this long to go.
I wanted to take pictures inside but I knew I'd get the look from George.
Do you get that look?
The food was not only delicious but presented so pretty.
Just like I make dinner every night:))
yeah right!
The only thing I took a pic of was the sign on the way out.
If you're ever in the Centerbrook area outside of Essex stop in.
Check out their menu HERE

Next time I'll  share what I made Paula.

Hope your having a great weekend!



oldgreymare said...

Oh Carole, I just came down to get some tea and thought I'd do a quick check to see if any pals had posted and I get to see this!

You have to understand, living out here so long I forget what real country yards can look like, be like..and oh my, I flipped up and down inspecting every inch of each photo. I can't even talk about the bed in the coop. I could never leave there, they would have to yank me out kicking and screaming..

oh so lovely....
Kinda makes me sad that I can't see gardens like this nearby, but it also makes me happy that you are able to enjoy them.

So what did you guys order for dinner? The beef filet with the Gorgonzola fritter would have been my choice I'm afraid...still haven't mastered the vegetarian thing : (


Anonymous said...

I would so love to be staying in that beautiful space right now! Beautiful photos!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Paula's home, chicken coop & gardens are gorgeous!!! Thanks for bringing us along too - oh, and yes, Hubby gives me "that look" too. :)

Happy weekend,

sissie said...

That's one chicken coop I wouldn't mind staying in! So pretty and cozy. I love her garden and all her vintage finds.


Denise said...

So beautiful! I would love to sneak into her garden and nap in that yummy bed. Thanks so much for the tour.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

I would like to be like Goldilocks and take a sleep in the lovely bed.
What an amazing chicken coop and garden, loved seeing around and thank you for taking us along.
Glad that you have a great meal and evening with friends.

Happy weekend

vicki said...

Unbelievable photos - oh my gosh - they are all so beautiful. That guesthouse is out of this world! Her gardens are just spectacular - you must have had a wonderful visit! So thrilled with these photos!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Glad you and George had a good time and were able to celebrate with Paula and Bill!
Wish we had been there too!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Wow Carole..
this is all so gorgeous and just what I need this morning... in a funk...maybe I need a little vacation in Paula's guest cottage!! it looks absolutely delightful... a real hideaway... just wonderful

Love all your photos.. but the beehive and the last really stand out for me..Glad you had a great night out... you deserve this with all the hard work you do... take care.. xxx Julie

Anne Marie said...

Hi Carole - every time I see Paula I want her clothes...and her gardens...and her little house...she should rent that out! did you say she did? If not, she totally should.

Hope you are staying cool - it's a hot one in the midwest! ugh!

Anne Marie

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Hey Carole, I'm sitting here trying to think of something 'clever' to say, but I can't even come up with the right words to describe how I'm feeling! Amazing doesn't even begin to describe this great friend of yours and her garden. I'm just dumb-founded.....WOW

Glad you had a great time. Happy Birthday to Paula.

Susie always, your photos are terrific!

Josje said...

Beautiful garden! And the chicken coop is delightful, if I were a guest at your friend's place, I'd want to sleep there!

slommler said...

Oh my!! The garden is spectacular!!! The flowers; the very feel of this space is magical! Thank you for sharing!

from me to thee......... said...

greetings soon as I seen the words "Paula's garden" I became giddy with excitement....I can't tell you how much I LOVE her home & gardens.........I still remember when it was featured in a Country Living magazine.....please share more of Paula's "heaven on earth"....smiles, Linda said...

OOOH I just love that coop and gardens!!!So gorgeous! It looks like a little piece of paradise:)
Blog:Capers of the vintage vixens

The Tin Rabbit said...

Oh wow, this is a gorgeous garden! I'd have sweet dreams sleeping in that bed too! Love all her treasures in the garden!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Carole,
I just love Paula's home and garden....her chicken coop is wonderful. What a great place to sleep and hasn't she decorated it beautifully ? Paula's garden is just gorgeous. It's very much like my friend's who is a potter. She has all sorts of little installations in her garden as well..... and, I love Paula's dress. She looks lovely.
.... and, it sounds as if you had a delicious dinner.It's so nice to go out to dinner and not have to cook, isn't it ?
Have a lovely week, Carole. XXXX

sweetpea said...




Evi said...

Carole, you captured the essence of Paula's garden. It sure has grown again, since we saw it about 2 month ago and it is fabulous!
"The Birds Nest Inn" is aptly named for these two love birds.
Paula, Laura, Ebbie and I had lunch at "Gabriell's" a few years ago and it was wonderful.
I can taste the dinner, you described to me.
Stay cool, my friend,
hugs, Evi

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

What a dreamy place Paula has there. It's so romantic and has so many sweet details. I love what she did with this iron thing. Clever idea and very decorative as well.
Your dinner sounds wonderful. I found a couple of mouth watering dishes on the menu.
Have a lovely week, dear Carole!
Hugs to you,

Crinoline said...

Hi,Carole.What a wonderful place.Thanks for your nice comment.I am fine and enjoy my holiday at our summerhouse. Have a lovely week,Carole.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What an enchanting space! Great photos. :-)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

donna...@ d. reyné.com said...

This looks like an amazing get-away from the world!
I think her garden is magical! And her hydrangeas!!!!
Well, They are gorgeous! I love the varied shades of blues! I always end up with TOO much pink!
Have a blessed evening!

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

Oh my GOSH Carole ~ I am gasping at the gorgeousness. So so pretty. WE are actually doing the Essex thing this weekend - I hope we can stop into Gabrielles - thanks for the tip.

Jill said...

What a beautiful, beautiful place! I just love it!

Blissitydoodah said...

That place is beyond incredible.
That bed is wonderful decked out in linen. And that hook thing...I'd have bought it too!

Anonymous said...

old barns; I lived on 80 acreas and my parents paid $25.00 a month rent for the home. We had an old barn and we raised calves and had a cow. Our barn became well known to artists. They would come out and sit in the cow pasture and paint the barn. Years later it made the newspaper and I have the picture framed in my guest bedroom. I still live a driving distance from the old barn, it was sold 32 yrs ago. Now the barn is gone, houses have started being built there and now they have asked the county to give them legal rights to fill in the wet lands and continue building homes. The wet lands just before the creek that runs through the lower property was where we played in the summer. We would play hide and seek in the foggy wet land fields. Those were the days for childhood fun!

Anonymous said...

the white tall flower looks like my pink one. They do come in different colors. It is called veronicastram