Tuesday, July 6, 2010

White Wednesday and HOT days and COOL flowers

It feels like so long since I've done a White Wednesday post.
I might venture a guess that it's been two months or more. The weeks have just flown by.

I'm sitting here on the 4th of July starting this post.

To be totally honest I thought tomorrow was that crazy?
I have no sense of the week anymore........

Maybe it was the heat today.

It was a dry heat so not as uncomfortable...... none the less


How do you Southern girls do it?
The sun seemed to almost be sucking the moisture right out of my skin today.
I'd find myself trying to hide from it even just in the cool shade of a small plant.

Any little bit of shade that I could find
was sweet relief.

The work still has to get done and the poor little plants are even more thirsty.
There was a time I worshipped the sun and now I seem to hide from it.
It's been years since I've laid on the beach wanting to get as much sun as I possibly could.
Those days are long gone.

I have fond memories of that time none the less, like any teenager. 
Growing up we lived in Deep River, a small town a few miles north of the shore
and I would ride my bike to Old Saybrook almost every weekend in the summer. I would stop at my parents
restaurant, get my provisions for the day, maybe hit the library and then
head for the town beach.
I thought there was nothing better in the whole world!
Today is now Tuesday.......

aren't you impressed? I know what day it is! whoopi!

It's the last day of the hottest day of the week

...I think it was 99 degrees today.

it's supposed to start cooling down everyday until the weekend

when then,
 it's going to rain.
  We need some rain desperately but does it really have to come on the weekend.

It's been slow enough with this heat
and my customers don't like to get wet!

The lovers never seem to mind!

as they steal kisses under the parasol.

All this white really makes me feel so much cooler.

Does it for you too?

What colors do you use in your garden?
do the flower colors influence your mood?

For all of you who love white as much as I do.....

do yourself a favor and visit Kathleen at

Faded Charm and she'll link you up with all the wonderful

participants of White Wednesday.



Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Trying my best Carole...even here in the mountains it is least I can jump in the lake! Pretty photos...pretty whites!
Take care!

trash talk said...

If you want to take those photos, your header photo and a couple more and make them into a calendar...I'll be the first to buy it. Oh my lands...they are just beautiful!
P.S. Down here in Texas we are so rarely without humidity, we are never dry. We don't sweat...we glow and believe it or's great for the skin! That's all it's great for though!

Beth said...

Your photos are lovely! Love the white coneflowers. White adds alot to a landscape! Happy White Wednesday!

Renee Finberg said...

your images are fab!!
i say "go to the beach"
"just do it!"


Sandra said...

I am feeling the heat too but I always do in AZ it was 105 today, but it is awful when it is not usually part of your hometown weather pattern. I liked your post and I do hope it rains at least in your part of the and dry out here for days to come!

oldgreymare said...

Pretty Pretty Pretty!

"If it's Tuesday this must be Belgium" Anyone besides me remember that film? That's what this summer feels like.

I'm still writing June for the date : {

so good to see you here. We really need to catch up.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

I am so hot right now as I write this. Never owned an AC in my life either! It is sweltering in my house.... I'm praying for it to cool off soon 'cause I don't WHAT I'm going to do with myself if it doesn't!

Kathleen said...

Beautiful! Love whites...I don't know how anyone lives without at least one ac. I'd give up my cell phone, ipod or whatever it took. It has to be cool to sleep!
We do need rain, C! 3 weeks and everything is browning!

Faded Charm said...

Your photos are truly amazing, Carole. The flowers are pretty enought, but the way you capture them is inspiring.

I hope you are doing well and take some time to enjoy summer.

Take care and thanks for the magazine. I love evey always.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

I will send you over some of our cooler weather.
Yes gone are the days, when we used to spend all day out in the sunshine and at the pool or sunbathing.
I love all your amazing photos.

I hope that you have a great week and find some time to relax.

It's me said...

It is all so pretty and also stay cool darling ......i will Ria...........

slommler said...

Beautiful photos!!! And I do feel cooler now! Sunbathing!!?? Wow! It has been a long time! Those days are long gone now....sunscreen and minimal exposure is the rule of the day so it seems. Sadly, I too miss those "laying in the sun" days!
SueAnn said...

I remember those beach days.......My garden can use some rain too. Brimfield is next week so I hope it only rains at night while we are sleeping. Wouldn't that be convenient:)Love your photos. Oh, I received the gorgeous magazine. Love it!!! Have a great week?
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

~~Carol~~ said...

I can't take the heat like I used to. And if you add in humidity, forget it, I'm in the house all day!
I love your coneflowers. I used to have white ones too, but for some reason they disappeared and all I have is pink. All of your flowers are gorgeous! We could use some rain, so I'm going to step outside now and do a little rain dance!
Happy WW!

Sandi said...

Your flower photos are lovely and I love your couple too! They are too sweet! Happy WW!

Evi said...

yes, normally white would make me feel cooler, but at 103 degree nothing seems to be doing the trick! Thank God we have the pool, and air conditioning in the studio. I am getting grumpy!!!
And yes, I am also watering and watering, even my favorite dogwood trees. The leaves are all droopy, enough already!
I am not a beach person.
I like pools.I can see, what is swimming with me, ha ha.
Love the magazine, trying to reach you to pay for it. Thank you so much.
Your pictures of the flowers are beautiful!
Call me when you get a minute.
Love, Evi

from me to thee......... said...

wow !!!! these photos are breath taking.......smiles, Linda

Giulia said...

White feels cooler, yes. Also blue, green.

Sitting here in white linen tunic & no pants (well, I'll put them on before I dash to corner drycleaner, I promise.) tho' I cannot drink coffee or eat lunch with white tunic on because there are not enough Tide pens in the world to help me here. I lost my mind when I purchased it last month. (But I love it.)

I have never used the a/c so much in my life. Very happy that I bought an overpriced, teensy but very strong, quiet fan at store I usually make fun of (obese furniture & overpriced aspirational nonsense. I grew up with the originals & cannot fathom these prices. relieved I "felt" this fan at a friend's house. It's that quiet.)

Off to wet hair. Have hosed down the cat.

BTW, hot is hot. I've been on many an archaeological dig or a reporting trip in south Med, N.Africa, Mideastern desert. If I heard one more person say 'but it's dry...' I thought I'd club them over the head. OK, crankiness is returning. Sorry.

It is worse in the humidity but at a certain point, 120 degrees, dry or not, is hot. (No, it's not hit that in DC, but I've been in 120F often enough.)

What else? What everyone does (I hope). Hats, hats, hats, sunglasses, water, water, water. I would look 300 years old (not to mention the other dangers of no protection) if I'd not done this since young. Redhead's skin, coloring.

I'll go back & look at your fleurs again. Oh so pretty.


Candylei said...

Your photos are so beautiful...the tinting you added....LOVELY! Keep cool and keep gardening and watering. That is what I have been doing too.

sweetpea said...

well carole, we southerners just stay in the house lol. but if we had those gorgeous gardens we just might have a hard time doing so. thanks so much for your sweet comment, i am feeling better tonight. your pics are so pretty and i'm with deb at talkin' trash, i'd buy your calender too.



Isabelle - Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Carole

I like the sound of your childhood memories, they sound perfect!
I am not one for very hot weather but as 2009 was a year with very little sun for us here, this year I am loving the sunny weather. I was getting very fed up with nothing but grey skies...
Today the temperature is quite cool.
I love your photos!
I like having purples, pinks and blues in the garden.
Have a lovely weekend
Isabelle x

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I can't stand heat very well and so I'm glad we had only a few days so far, especially since A/Cs are not common in European houses. Hopefully you'll get some rain soon, dear Carole! If we had a garden, there would be lots of pinks and whites, a little bit of blues purples but not the tiniest bit of orange.
Today is Friday BTW. Just helping you out a bit ;-).


Carole, I am not a fan of heat at all, and ours has already been above 100 degrees. This past week has brought welcome rain showers, which keep the heat down. I do love white in the fresh and cool. I also adore blue salvia and pink petunias. Your photos are absolutely splendid! Hope your weekend is lovely...thank you for stopping by my blog. ~ Angela

Anonymous said...

Hi Carole,
Love the photos in this post - especially the white foxglove. Sigh. :)
I love having whites, pinks, purples, blues, & soft yellows in my garden.
Wishing you cooler weather and sweet rains,

Heaven's Walk said...

Hi Carole - I'm a new follower to your beautiful blog. It's just beautiful - and you're a great writer!

White definitely does it for me for a cool looking garden. I planted green/white hostas in front of white hydrangeas across the front of our farmhouse and it looks very serene and cool there.

Looking forward to future posts from you!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

vicki said...

Simply beautiful photos! Oh how I love to visit here and see your gorgeous photography!