Sunday, January 3, 2010


You may be wondering why I'm posting with images from this Fall in the middle of Winter.
This post I had started back in early October and never posted after a walk we took along the shore of our little town. I had named it "Surprises" and though I could have picked from a few others I thought the name was appropriate.

You see today I sit here..... not at home or at work but in the public library writing this post.

My computer is in the hands of geeks(I say that with all respect) and only they will tell me the fate of it.

I'm really not all that "surprised" because it had been giving me trouble for the last year or so. I found the original sales slip the other day and it showed that I bought it 4 yrs ago. 5 years is the average time for a computer so....... it was in the cards so to speak!!!

Procrastination is my middle name so I desire what I get.

The good thing is that I had been backing up files and all photos had been moved to my ext. hard drive right before it happened. I knew something was wrong with it right before it happened.

In "happened" I mean it wasn't like it went into some crazy bizurk mode like I've heard some do. No, it just wouldn't start back up. Not a good sign but I have a good feeling it'll be OK.

Maybe it's my new optimistic outlook I've been trying to have.

See it's working!!!:))

Ok, back to this post......

On our walk that day along the causeway we spotted a raccoon in the stonewall....I should say George spotted him. I think he blended in too well for me to have noticed him. It took me awhile to even see him.

It wasn't until he turned his head that I saw him. Sorry it's really blurry I was trying not to scare him back in the hole.

These very resourceful critters find their way almost anywhere.

He went back to his routine after he knew we weren't going to disturb him. This time of year it's pretty quiet here so he can do as he pleases without being spotted by us humans.

Another wildflower that seems to grow everywhere.
Another happy surprise!

When we saw these 3 wild turkeys at Fenwick I was excited enough until
we saw even more....

I think we were able to see a total of 11 in all.

This is one of my favorite homes that we passed by....not overly fancy for this area but I'd love to see it from the inside. So many windows... it must be wonderful during the day and the view here is one the best. Except for this........

Sadly it resides next door......... which appropriately has caution tape across the front. I think it's been condemned for a long time now. What do you think of the rooftop garden ??? nice touch don't you think????
We saw this right before Halloween and couldn't help think what a great Haunted House it would make. Not sure the neighbors would go for it.

This was the last picture I took that night. It was late and completely dark out but you couldn't tell from the way it came out ( no photo editing this time)
The sky was so blue like nothing I'd ever captured.......
an other wonderful surprise!
Hope to able to get my computer back on Tuesday and have good news.
Meanwhile I'll be hold up in the library working on some orders that I need to finish up for our Spring season.
Yes I know it's cold outside and maybe it's even snowing where you are but us growers are preparing for the time when the public will be eagerly wanting to get back in their gardens.
Hope to able to visit you all again soon!!!!


Tami said...


Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Love the turkeys and the white house oh my how wonderful!!

May you and your family have a Blessed New Year!!

Feelings said...

Your photos are gorgeous!!! I love them!
And that house.... It´s a dream!

Hope the "geeks" will fix your precious computer fast!!!

Have a lovely sunday night!


Faded Charm said...

Thanks for showing all these lovely photos. It makes me want to get outside. Good luck with your computer.

I hope you had a nice weekend.


Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

So Beautiful Carole!!! Love that cute raccoon! & The Turkeys! LOL Love that photo of the sky! Breathtaking.. So sad about that house.. Just waiting for someone to Love it!

Fingers crossed here for your computer! I hope they can fix it!

I think you may have been leaving a comment when I was making a new post! I posted a couple photos of my New IKEA furniture.. Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit! I know you are so busy & I really appreciate it!

Big Hugs ~ Teresa

Jacqueline said...

Dear Carole,
Your photos are wonderful. I love the little raccoon. What a sweet face he/she has. We don't get anything as exotic as that, so close to London but, whenever a fox comes into our garden, I get so excited !! (it doesn't take much, nowdays!!).
I just want you to know that I will be keeping vigil next to my computer for any news of your sickly computer !! Here's hoping that you will be reunited very soon.
Oh, and, by the way, I did a Black and White Sunday without knowing it, today !! XXXX

Sharon said...

Carole thanks for the tour. Love how those turkeys look so regal. I want to see inside that house too! Sharon

The Garden Bell said...

What a sweet tour Carole, but I want to pick the flowers... please.

I totally was in the same boat with the computer this weekend. Thank goodness, Scooter is one of those geeks at a hospital. I was fixed lickity-split.

Did I tell you I have a raccoon bathroom.....

Laura said...

Hi Carole,
Hope you are up and running again soon. I love geeks..and trust me, I am very close to and hold several dear to my heart! Your pics are is such a beautiful area that you live in! Both houses intrigue me...would love to see the inside of each! Have a good week!

Kathleen said...

Rooftop garden, LOL!!

We have wild turkeys all over the place, they hang out in the field with the deer..which I have no love for as they destroy my shrubs, flowers, vegetables. They are welcome to the weeds, but they don't eat those..:)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

Your photos are always so lovely and you live in a beautiful place.
I hope that you have your computer back and running soon.

Have a wonderful week

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I've never seen wild turkeys! That's so cool! Racoons look so cute, don't they? I love your lantern picture! The blue is really amazing. Good luck for your computer!


Sammy Girl said...

Hi, Carole!
Thanks so much for sharing these pics ... they were LOVELY! (as usual!) I especially like the "wish ball" ...
I am so glad there are folks who help us get ready for spring gardening ... and I am busy looking for some pips to force (yep, forgot to order for fall mailing ... so what's that about procrastination??)
Well, sweetie - enjoy this week (with OR without computer) and know tthat the days are getting LONGER!
Betty :)

BellaRosa said...

Carole amor, I should have visited and read this post before I emailed :) what a relief lol Now... thank you for sharing these wonderful "surprise" pictures of your walk, they are so gorgeous, you live in one of the most beautiful places that I can imagine, an old friend of mine lives on San Juan Island and the pictures that she sends me reminds me of the beauty you share here. I loved the pictures of the raccoon and the wild turkeys, but those two homes are just beautiful but you know...I think I would love to see the inside of that older sad house, I bet with a lil love and the right family, this home would be amazing! I mean look at the windows, the doors...I can only imagine what is inside...hmmm I wonder if I could move up there :) Besos, Rose

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dearest Carole
What beautiful surprises.... the true beauty of nature popping up to greet us.. This little raccoon is a cheeky thing with it's bandit face, but that dandelion!! what transitory beauty!! you have captured it's essence!! a wild thing!! like you! hahaha

Well Im glad you like the geeks.. cause i'm sort of border line geek in my profession.. part geek if you will... although my naughty little mouse and keyboard keeping freezing me out.. and saying 'no blogging for you!!' well have to get that resolved quickly... waiting patiently for your return... xxx Julie

trash talk said...

Whatever is going around for computers...I sure hope it isn't catching! I need to find out how to download onto my hard drive...put that on my "to-do" list for sure.
Your photos are treats for the the blue sky and who doesn't love photos of critters!

slommler said...

Your photos are awesome!! Love the dandelion one the best! But that blue sky...wowzers!! Amazing!

Rosemary said...

So sorry about your computer.
I had better get busy backing up my photos too!
Love all of these photos. We had a raccoon in our backyard last night!!
Happy New Year to you!
Chat soon,

aimee said...

cute little guy :) i love that house too! i hope your computer is fine. happy new year!

June said...

Hi Carole, I do hope your computer gets well very soon. I'm kindda glad it got sick though or we may never have seen this beautiful post. I loved your pictures and all the surprises you encountered that day in the fall.
Yes, I hope all the nursery owners in my area are busy getting their orders to the growers. In fact you helped me remember to call one about some special orders I wanted.
Please Carole's computer...get well soon!
hugs said...

Hi Carole,
Sorry to hear about your computer but I hear that those 'geeks' are genuises. Your pictures are beautiful. Isn't it wonderful where a wild flower will decide to grow? And that raccoon is so cute although I have had other names for them when they have eaten my chickens:(
Capers of the vintage vixens

lou said...

The photos are beautiful and I’m in love with the house. I will keep my fingers crossed for you about the computer.

The Raccoon is soooooooooooooooo cute!!!

Take care love Lou xxx

Rebecca said...

Hi Carole
This is not my year for computers...right now I am on a laptop that stinks. I had my HP which I loved and it died right before Christmas so not wanting to put $300 into it my computer guy hooked me up with this tradein for 95 bucks - but I hate it. My desktop is only a little over a year old and that is the one I can't get a connection on. So I guess I will have to spend another 130 and get the geek squad in. I just spent the whole evening going back and forth to Best Buy buying ethernet cards and taking apart the computer and installing them to no avail...ugh!
All my pictures are on that computer so I better back them up and learn to adapt :) If you can go to the library I guess I can go to another computer in my house :) I have one at work also but no software on that one and no pics. It has vista software and I hate Vista. That one is only 2 years old... I am ready to bite the bullet and go get a decent laptop! So how was your Christmas now that I have ranted all over your blog! I just got back from Mn for 2 weeks with all my kids and was really nice. I hope yours was as well.
Wishing you a most blessed new year.

Rebecca said...

PS Love the racoon even though I have many in my back yard that have gotten into my roof! Had a family of them living above the family room...mama and 5 little stinkers, you could hear them scold each other. I didn't want to call the trapper because they kill them hear in IL, state regulation they said. So we waited for them to leave - they all did except one kept coming back even tho it was nice out so I waited and didnt hear her and we patched up the opening they got into under an eave. Well we went out that evening and when we came home around midnight I could hear her up there we locked her in! I told my husband nother we can do tonight we will let her out in the morning. Well she had different up the next morning and she had chewed through the ceiling into my glass cupboard - opened it up climbed out and luckily we left the sliding glass doors open in the family room and she went through the screened slider...only broke 2 cups climbing out of the cupboard too!

Fancy Fodder said...

Dear Carole ~
I hope your computer is feeling well soon.
It's weird how attached we can get to them.

How neat that you saw all those wild turkeys,
and the garden in that house's gutters is kinda cute, (in an Adam's family kind of way)
I can see living there and painting up that lil
fence, too :+)
I'm going to save fabric scraps, too now! :+D
Maybe we can come up with something fun and nice?
If you do, you have to post it!

A New England Life said...

Hi Carole,

I'm SO glad you backed your hard drive up! You hear it all the time, people losing everything when their computers crash because they didn't have an external hard drive. My laptop isn't that old but is acting a little weird lately so I just backed it all up too! At least if it dies I won't freak.

At this point it seems you might be better off to just bit the bullet and buy a new computer.

Do you think that Racoon was eating Mussels or snails? It sure was intent on something! You've gotta love a Turkey. They are so humorous to watch!

I'll be watching for your computer drama to play out. Best of luck Carole. Stay warm!


disa said...