Friday, January 22, 2010

Little sewing project

A couple of days ago I had this idea to make a birthday gift for a friend. I had a day and a half to get it done. If all else failed I would have to go out and buy something. Oh the pressure. I had the idea in the back of my mind for awhile ever since I saw Magdalena from Color Sepia make one out of her husbands wool trousers. She of course is much more talented in the seamstress department. You can see her post HERE
and the image below.

 I, a mere novice......  was willing to give it a try. Armed with my trusty Bernina that was once my mothers I felt confident. Well as long as the needle didn't break and I had back up needles.

As I got searching for old but suitable pants to use I began to think  this wasn't such a good idea. I found nothing I liked. Then suddenly I found a pair of of linen pants that I owned. There was no way I was ever going to wear them again. Unless I starved myself with only crackers and water til next Christmas! lol

Ok now after some help with the seam ripper I had gotten the two pieces put together. I decided to leave the lining thinking it would give it some body.
My mind also went back to my friend Franny from Fancy Fodder. Look at her post HERE. This is what she came up with when she couldn't bring herself to throw out a stash of fabric.

Don't you just love it???

My sewing result looks nothing like these wonderful creations but you never know where your inspirations will come from.
I soon realized the seam down the middle would have to be covered. I cut various different pieces of fabric  to add like a patchwork. I must have spent hours trying to come up with the perfect combination. I started this whole thing on our bed. Isn't that the place everyone works on a sewing project???:))
I know!!!
I was going to show you the mess but it's just too scary! In the background you can sort of see Nigella. She behaved very well and I only had to move her once. She spent the day sitting on the couch on the other side of the room staring out the window.....or the curtain really. I don't know why but that bothered George that she wasn't enjoying a better view. ......but who really knows what our crazy cats are thinking??? maybe she was mad I wasn't making her something!!!  hummmm???

 I couple of hours later I realized that this was not coming out anything like the scarf I had invisioned.....maybe more like a shawl......but I didn't want a shawl and it was too small for that.
 Now this is when I wished I had taken more pictures of the progression of this but I think I just wanted to get it done.
I decided I would make it a closet pocket thing. There has got to be a name for it but I still don't know what you call it. I guess an organizer would be a good name too.
I'll let you decide.

Wished now that I had made it with either all white and cream or all browns and dark tan fabric.
From the top they look much like overalls don't you think???

I purposely wanted the fabric to have some raw edges and fringed and to have nothing too straight. In the end I trimmed  up most the fringe because it looked awful.  If I had time I wanted to paint the hanger white and distress it but it matched the brown fabric so I left it.

I hand sewed a few do-dads.
Gluing would have been so much easier.

I wanted to use much more lace but it made it look too Victorian and I knew she wouldn't like that.
I spent more time decided what to use than the actual sewing time:))
Do you do the same on a project???

I wasn't sure if I liked it until I dressed it up with a few things I had laying around.
In the end I was happy with it. It could have been better but I had made it out of scraps,buttons, ribbons, lace and a lot of determination:))
and my own hands.
BTW I only broke one sewing machine needle:)) not bad.

Now I just had to wrap it up and present it to her!!!

Happy Birthday dear Friend.


aimee said...

what a special treasured gift for your friend! so beautiful. she will love it.

Laura said...

I love it Carole! It's too bad it's not my birthday! did good! :) L

Anne Marie said...

You missed my if you have another one laying around somewhere......well, I'd be happy to send you my address.....

Debra @ Common Ground said...

This is just absolutely gorgeous. What a creative idea. I love it! And Carole, I love the combination of materials. You really had a labor of love, what a blessing you are to your friend.

Jacqueline said...

Dear Carole,
Have been missing for a couple of days as my computer had to go to the shop to be mended !! Anyway, you have done a magnificent job. You are too modest by half. You don't realise how good you are at so many things. Your friend is going to be so pleased with her present. There's nothing lovlier than a present that has been made by a dear friend. You've done a beautiful job and can be proud of it. XXXX

A New England Life said...

Carole you crafty lady, good for you! The organizer reminds me of an apron more than overalls but I suppose they both have a similar look. Hope your friend loves it!


* Btw, I sent the CD out today!

Fancy Fodder said...

Dear Caroline~
This is a great present for your lucky friend!
All the little vintage bits and bobbles stitched here and there, and the earthy colors...
That you took the time to create something
from scratch is Wonderful, AND Green :+)
I wish to humbly thank you for mentioning my blog on your blog.
You're as dear as deer gets!

Denise said...

That is so so cute! It sounds like one of my projects, I start out thinking one thing and end up with another. I am truly worried about this wedding! A "closet organizer" sounds good to me. Although it's too pretty to hide in the closet!

Chemin des Muguets said...

Hi Carole,

You clever girl you. I love what you've created from various bits and bobs. Your friend will be delighted.


Renee Finberg said...

you know what i can wait to see?
how good at this you will be next month !!!

trash talk said...

She must be pretty special to rate so much attention to details...and a broken needle.
I love it and I think it would make the perfect chunky jewelry organizer. I gotta get more creative...I throw out way too much stuff.

Tami said...

Carole~ It is all the embellishments!!

Word Designer said...

Oh, how lovely! When do you want me to come by for it... friend?

Word Designer

Magdalena said...

Your gift looks great!!I´m so happy that was able to give you some inspiration!
You are so talented my friend!!!
Big hug and lots of love
Magdalena/Color Sepia

BellaRosa said...

Carole prepared for a long list of everyone sending you their birthdays to get in line for one of these lil beauties...k now that said...let me be the first since it was my idea lol Hey and since my birthday already passed you have a whole year to get started...your welcome :) Ha! No really amor, it came out beautiful! Your friend is going to love it!! The lucky duck :) I would fill it will all my lil bisque bebe dolls and found treasures...Hey wanna know something sad...before I saw your beautiful "organizer" finished...I kept going back to the picture with all your beautiful notions, trims and materials and thinking...what a beautiful picture..that would be an amazing gift in its self.. a lil box full of bits and pieces :) see sad...little things just do it for me I guess :) Carole...Thank you so much for visiting my lil blog and leaving me such a wonderful birthday message, it so made my day...hubby is finally home! Hey how can it be that after 21 years married when I first saw him again, all I could think is hmmm look how cute he is lol what a lucky girl I am :) not superfical at all am I lol Thank you for your emails too Carole, I always smile when I see your name :) Besos, Rose

Julie@beingRUBY said...

You are so looks fabulous and kudos to you for putting an idea into action...You;ve done such a great job and I love all the remnants, buttons and lace you have used to bring it all together... You are just full of surprises.. I'm sure your friend will treasure this gift all the more knowing it is 'Handmade by Carole'.... Clever girl xx Julie

BellaRosa said...

Carole amor, I also meant to tell you, I think your idea of all creams would have been pretty too, but seeing the contrasts in the colors and textures and the embelishments that you added made this did good! and I am green that you sewed this all on your own :) Besos, Rose

slommler said...

I love your is so beautiful. Your bits and bobs made a special and spectacular gift for your friend. She will love it.


OMG,what a wonderful post. I would be honored to have such a gift made by my friend. YOU DID WELL. XO MARY

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

I love it! She's a lucky friend to receive a gift that you obviously spent much time, care and thought over. It turned out beautifully. And yes that's how I work as well... pieces evreywhere andon a bed or couch, only getting up to invade another of my boxes of stash to see if I have a 'better' treasure to add! Thanks for sharing ~ Theresa

Christelle said...

Jolies images pour des magnifiques créations !

Rostrose said...

Oh wow! Your gift for your friend looks wonderful - ald also the work which has inspired you! When I see all those pretty sewings I am a little bit sad because I am so bad in handcrafting. (I inherited an old Bernina, too - but I am not able to sew a straight seam with it...)
Hugs, Traude

June said...

Carole I do think you have the luckiest friend in the whole world to be able to receive such a lovely gift from you. I adore all the little touches you added. The little buttons and bits that you have stitched to it makes it so special. How cool is it that it is all made from things you had around the house.
BTW my birthday is in June!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

How lucky your friend is, to receive a lovely handmade birthday gift from you.
This organizer will be really useful ~ I love all the embellishments.


Jill said...

I love how your project evolved--I can relate. Starts as one thing and ends up different based on so many things--mostly what you have--and you like it. (I do too-lucky friend you have)