Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh where has the time gone???

Oh where has the time gone?????

It seems like an eternity since I last posted pictures and did a regular post. I did feel pretty lucky that I had a few back ups to show. Hope you didn't mind my retreads? if that's the right term for them:)))

I'm here to finally announce that I have finally gotten a new laptop!!! Yipppeeee!

17" screen HP, blueray, webcam builting in (now you can all see me if you dare) and hey, this thing really moves with lightening speed. What a dog my other one was! ( no disrespect to dogs) Granted I haven't loaded all my junk on it yet. I'm also afraid to upload the Photoscape photo editing program I always used. All these warnings come up when I get close to downloading it. I may have to breakdown and buy Photoshop. Do any of you use Photoshop???

The new Window 7 is pretty cool but I haven't figured it all out yet. Thank goodness I have a few younger friends that I can pick their brains about this kind of thing. I did actually pick the computer out myself without any assistance...which explains what took so long.
It's times like that.....
I remember when I was a child....
I can here my parents voices telling the story of how long it would take me to pick out shoes I liked.( I have no recollection of that by the way)
Forget about picking out Barbie clothes.........that, I do remember!!!
and especially when it was my $5.00.
That was a lot of money back then!!!
I guess I've always been frugal.....not cheap!!!
I hate that word!!!
It's been really weird not having my own computer for so long.

( friend Kathleen at Brimfield)

Down right Yucky!!!

As I mentioned before I was spending much of my time at the public library using their computers. This is the first day that I haven't been there ........I wonder if they miss me???

It had it's advantages.



More room to work then I have here!

Fast Computers!!!

All the free printing you could want!!!

Free movies to take home at night!!!

(I only took 1- The good!!!)

The only thing it didn't have was a radio.

I really miss listening to NPR!!!

The computers there don't have sound either so no music either from some of your blogs!

or anything else.

But then I was suppose to be working!!! right?

Also no George or my sweet kitty cats!!!

That I missed the most!

He'd call me while I was there and I'd have to whisper, so as not to disturb anyone.


he'd whisper back " you want me to make you some sandwiches???"

I'd start laughing!!!
He answered that way almost everytime!
I'd lol everytime!
I'm easily amused!
Love inside jokes......well, not so inside now that I've told all you guys.
shhhh don't tell him.

It's from the movie "Bad Santa"

if you've seen it you'll get the joke!!!

Sorry for some of you who have no idea what I'm talking about.
You have to see it. It's manditory at Christmas time as much as

"A Christmas Story"

Anyways besides spending lots of time looking for a new computer, getting orders done, cleaning the house after months of never being there, decorating after Christmas with Christmas decorations which I won't bore you with now!

I have been trying to get more......

( puppy at Brimfield)
if only I looked as cute as this puppy while snoozing!!! and didn't snore!!!

Doesn't bother me.... I can't hear it!!!
I just want to thank all of you for having patience with me and still coming by with support as I went thru this little problem.
Seems extremely minor in comparison to what's happening in Haiti.
Those poor people have gone through so much hardship already seems so unfair to have it compounded like this. I hope you can reach out and do what you can.
One website that I've just recently found is
Please go visit and show your support!!!!
Thank you!


Christelle said...

Merci de ton passage chez moi ! Tes billets sont toujours un régal et tes photos sont magnifiques !

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Carole,
How great you've got a new laptop! I use Photoshop and love it. Hey that photo of your friend Kathleen at Brimfield is great, know just how she feels... ewww!! Love Bad Santa and A Christmas Story of course, the holidays just wouldn't be the same without them. So good you've mentioned Haiti (in our hearts and prayers here) and we've been to Doctors Without Borders to show our support.
Have a great weekend!

Renee Finberg said...

it is so exciting getting a new laptop.
it will take a while to get it all set up the way you want it. that's the bad part.

your friend coming out of the porta-potty....
i know exactly her feelings.
when we do these very fancy horse shows, and we are all dressed to the nines in out gorgeous jackets, shirts, britches, and boots, and hats.....
well we still have to go in those disgusting things.
i feel like i am covered in coooties when i come out.


Laura said...

Hooray for your new laptop! Love that picture of Kathleen....she looks cute even coming out of a porta potty!

Chemin des Muguets said...

Hi Carole,

You are a hoot! Glad you're all fixed up with a new laptop. I'm next I hope. It is slow-going here. And speaking of going-love those porta johnnies at Brimfield. (NOT!)

See you around,


Collected Treasures said...

welcome back...and with a new computer.....good for you!! have a great weekend...xojana

Jacqueline said...

Hi there Carole,
Lovely to have you properly back. ... and with some lovely photographs.
I love the story of George phoning you at the library and whispering !! My Dad always told the story of when he was a boy and had a hearing test. The doctor whispered in his ear ' What's your name ? ', and he whispered his name back !!
.... and, I'm guilty of snoring but, like you, I'm not bothered, as I can't hear it.
I love the photograph of Kathleen coming out of the Porta loo (that's what we call them). Actually they look pretty good compared to some I've seen and been in.
Have a wonderful weekend Carole. XXXX

A New England Life said...

Welcome back Carole! Lots of advantages to the library but in reality there's no place like home : ) Enjoy the new laptop!

Maybe you should download Skype so you can chat with your friends. The other night I skyped my daughter from the family room to her bedroom and told her it was time to go to bed. LOL!!

I could hook you up with photoshop if you're interested. Let me know.


June said...

Hurray for new computers!!! I'm loving windows 7. Makes me wonder why I put up with the old one so long. This is great having you back posting like we all love so much.
I love the sleeping pup at Brimfield. She is a lot prettier than me too when I sleep. I guess my snoring is out of control. Hubs gets up in the middle of the night and goes in the other room, which is fine with me, because he snores bad too.

Alabaster Rose Designs said...

Hi Carole,
How exciting, getting a new computer! I've been wondering about Windows 7, let me know what you think when you figure it out. I'm not a big computer buff, so I never know about all the new programs and gadgets. Did you find a lot of goodies at Brimfield? I've always wanted to go. Well have a lovely weekend.


Hello again, thanks for comming by again, it's nice to hear from you. I am glad you got a new lap top, you will have fun with it. I love the clock on this post, it is way cool. Your message on Haiti was very nice to, I hope we can all do something special for that area. Have a great weekend and enjoy your new toy. XO MARY

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Woohoo, a new laptop! That's great and I'm happy for you, Carole! Have fun with your new toy! I just wanted to download Photoscape today after a friend had recommended that to me. If there are warnings coming up, I'd better not do it though.

Have a great weekend!

Hugs and love,

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Carole,
Life with a new computer is like going on a honeymoon. at least that was how I felt last year when I bought mine. It was just fabulous to be able to do whatever I want in moments not hours!!LOL

Luiza said...

That clock image is gorgeous, I love it!

Congratulations to your new laptop! No wonder you´re happy! =)

And what a sweet puppy, I would love to have a puppy, but don´t have enough time for it...Maby as I get older and stop working, hehe...

Wish you a lovely weekend!

slommler said...

Congrats on your new laptop!! It is nice sitting at your own space in your jammies and a cup of coffee. Can't do that at the library! LOL!! As for is a pisser. Hard to learn...just so you know.
PS Photoshop does do a wonderful job though!

Zuzu said...

They broke the mold when they made you, Carole.

But, do you ever wonder who "they" are?

Anyway, I really, really, REALLY enjoyed this post. I'm @ a laptop & I use Paint Shop Pro - love 'em. I have never typed this before, but 'Bad Santa' is one of my favorite movies. And the library is my penny-pinchin' best friend.


Rostrose said...

I am happy that you got a new laptop - "wellcome back to bloggetonia" ;-))
The puppy is sooo sweet!
Big hugs, Traude

Heather's Garden said...

Congrats on the new laptop, I just got a new one from work and I'm really enjoying it since the old one was really slowing down on me. I use Picasa for easy photo fixes and when I need something a little more complex I use a freeware program called GIMP. I'm sorry I couldn't make it out to your store before Christmas, but the 10 days between our return from FL and the holiday were insanely busy. Next year for sure!