Tuesday, January 19, 2010

White Wednesday

Welcome to White Wednesday hosted by Kathleen of Faded Charm
I had planned on showing you what I worked on yesterday but that's ok it can wait. I didn't want to miss another White of my favorites to participate in. I've gotten to know so many great ladies from this weekly post and have found we share more then just the love of White.

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments about Marcia's shop NEST. It was fun to read how many of you from around the world have been to Mystic and many of you lucky ones had been to NEST. Some of you now wanted to come visit the shop.  I didn't mention it last time but the shop was featured in Victoria magazine a few years ago. I found the it about 16 yrs ago by accident while with a friend but couldn't remember the name. It drove us crazy that we couldn't find it again but we never forgot it. Imagine how thrilled I was when she told me she had rediscovered it again. I knew she would!!! there isn't an inch of this State she doesn't know.....but that's another post!

Today I want to show you Marcia's good friend Michelle's shop
in Stony Creek part of the town of Branford, Ct.
They often shop together and share merchandise but they both have unique looks.
It's nice that they have each other to bounce ideas off of.

The pictures I chose to show are mostly white though I had taken more. I can show you the others if your interested in seeing them.

Ok I wasn't spinning in the room like you might think. I guess I just like angles!
These star lights are so pretty and put out a lot of light unlike the ones I have. Mine have a antique finish on the inside and it's nice but not enough light comes thru. I've considered scrapping the finish off but it doesn't seem practical.

My friend Kathleen bought one of these candlesticks....I have a better picture of it I'll show later. It looked old but without the "antique price tag".

They have tons of different shells for sale most of the year.

The Christmas items had all been put away so it was a clean palette of white and pale blues to welcome in the rest of the Winter season.

A charming display of leaf shaped soaps to grace a bathroom.

You can't really tell from this picture but the shell that was used to display the other ones was huge.... almost 2'.
It was magnificent and I think probably just used for display.
I have a designer friend that only uses BIG objects when she's decorating a home. It's like I hear her voice telling me "GO BIG!!!"   everytime I think  "where would I put that????"

Ok that ends another White Wednesday for me!!! I hope you get a chance to visit Taken for Granite and Nest when your in the area.

Please go visit the other participants when you go visit Kathleen!!!!

Make it a good and productive day!!!


erin said...

hi carole! a beautiful store... thanks for the tour! i'm happy you have a new puter and i bet you love it! i've been painting a lot and have not had much time for blogging...not enough time in the day! i was going to post a w.w. because i have some white paintings to share, but alas, didn't get to it. i feel like i have missed so much....
i do love visiting here!

junkdreams said...

Wow Carole,.....this is a gorgeous looking shop. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into it with us. Happy WW!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Wow, Carole, both of these shops are wonderful. Those shells are just gorgeous, and the soap "leaves"... everything looks so clean and fresh. Glad you don't have to live at the library any longer!

Bleudelavande said...

Woooww Carole you made anothe wonderful post!!!! Tank you for this magic tour, your friend is great!
Now I run to look her site!!!!
Have a nice nice day

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Carole
Well these shops and your gorgeous photography just make my day.. I love the heart detailing behind that 'antique candlestick', wish I could buy that but imagine it is actually part of the shopfitting so that might make it a tad hard, not to mention the few thousand miles i'd have to travel to get there... haha... The natural crystal votives are quite nice also... It's all beautiful. I'd have so much fun in that shop.. of course more fun with you girls along..
Have a great week xxx Julie

slommler said...

Wonderful and beautiful shop!! I love it! Those shells are amazing! And your photos are terrific.

Gypsy Brocante said...

Carole .. Thank you, again for delivering a wealth of inspiration this White Wednesday!

sweetpea said...

very pretty for sure.



Rosemary said...

Stunning photos Carole!!
I didn't know Maine has mudslides.
You have a great day!!

Rebecca said...

Hi Carole
Lol...only another shop owner would know I was fantisizing about sitting around. Although I do get home and sit at the kitchen table on my new laptop :)
Love your post today, my fav is the Moruvian star

Jacqueline said...

Yet another gorgeous shop, Carole and filled with even more gorgeous things. I love the candlestick and, don't the shells and soaps look lovely, all piled into those glass containers ?
Your photographs are brilliant. I love to take them on an angle too. I always think that they look rather professional when they are taken like that !!
I get Victoria magazine sent to me from America. I'll have to look back at some old issues to find the one that featured 'NEST' XXXX

Faded Charm said...

Another great shop to visit. I wish I lived closer. Hope you are having a great day!


sissie said...

What a gorgeous shop. I love shells, so those are my favorite pictures. I'd sure like to visit there.
Great post.

Chrissy said...

Another wonderful post my friend,packed with ideas and inspiration!! X0X0

Rue said...

Hi Carole :)

I'm glad you're back with a new laptop!

Gorgeous shop. That candlestick glimpse is promising ;)

Happy New Year (a bit late)!


Denise said...

Wonderful pictures as always! I loved everything, especially those pretty soaps. I've had the cream paint out goin' to town here! Woohoo!

Mergirl said...

I love Taken For Granted ... this is a good reminder to take a short road trip.

Anne~Fiona and Twig said...

I love to get a peek at stores I'll probably never get the chance to see firsthand. Thank you!
I love all the shells!


June said...

Hi Carole, it's a lovely shop full of beautiful things. I love the name of it. I love how many cool names that shop owners come up with for their businesses. I know I have the issue of Victoria with the previous shop in it. I'll have to try and find it (no small feat)and look it over again. Beautiful photos again my friend.

Tracey said...

You have some amazing shops in your area Carole...lucky duck!!! And you always have such lovely pictures to show us!!

Hope you have a great weekend ~

:) T

Fancy Fodder said...

Dear Carole~
You're so lucky to have two amazing shops
All those pretty things...soaps and all the rest.
I'd love to see what you worked on yesterday!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Wow everything looks great. I love how you create visual interest in your pics. They're not flat, they allow a little peak at other things in the background. Well done.

Barbara Jean said...

Love your whites, and your white banner.


barbara jean

PS thanks for coming by. =0))