Friday, August 5, 2011

August Break

Do you feel the pressure to post?

Yeah me to at times.

It's summer and we all have a million things we're doing.

So I'm participating in

Read about it here!
at Susannah Conway's blog

Ok hopefully I'll be able to participate everyday

We'll have to see.
Little behind starting on day 5.

Showing only one picture is hard for me.
....coming  from the girl that will show 8 photos of the same thing.

So I will have to practice restraint.

I stayed home later then normal yesterday before coming to work.

I just had to clean our bathroom.
Mostly around the tub where an asparagus fern
had shed it's leaves. I'm usually pretty good with it.
See I dry plants out too.
No worry it's still fine.

Anyways it had made a mess all over the tub surround and you know
one thing leads to the other.
So I rearranged things.

It's not finished all the way and neither is the whole bathroom but it's much improved.

Ok off to visit my friend Ginny at her shop.
After being open since 1992 she's decided to close her shop
but still keep her website.

Sad but I think she's making the right move.

She's having a big sale to move some inventory this weekend if you'd like to come.
Check her website HERE

Waterside Antiques
109 E. Main Street
Clinton, Ct


Faded Charm said...

Saw your post and it reminded me that I hadn't ordered my magazine we couldn't have that could we?

Hope you are enjoying your Summer. It's just flying by at my house:-(


Hope said...

lovely capture.. you have a very nice blog..

Anne Marie said...

enjoy your "break" Carole...

and have a great weekend!!
Anne Marie

oldgreymare said...

I could not manage with a single pic and no words either...but I still like the option and the excuse. lol
Beautiful bottles. :D

SueAnn said...

Love the pic!! Yes! Summer is flying by. Makes me sad!!

trash talk said...

The one photo I could handle, but the no words thing would be tough to chew!
I'm stealing the upside down hurricane idea...just so's you know.

Hartwood Roses said...

This August Break is taking all of us in a bit of a different direction. I'm wondering how long it will be before I bust out and do something uber-wordy and photo-filled. :)

I just scrolled to the bottom of your page of posts, and I really like what I see here. Consider me your newest follower!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

I like the sound of the break....must think about it! Hope your doing well,lots of love to you! x0

vicki said...

Carole - I think that August should be National take a break from blogging month! I have just finished a major project (it's on my blog now) and my whole body is feeling a sense of relief. I have not had time to visit friends blogs at all. I am going to take a break from mine for a bit and try to catch up with the folks I love ~~


A Cottage Muse said...

I took a blog break a week ago from posting but can't stay away from visiting...I feel like I would miss so much!