Saturday, August 6, 2011

the brush never stops

Lots of painting going on in the last month.
Most of it not blog worthy.
This one I'm experimenting with.
Mixing primer with talc.

It's what I had on hand.
Really wanted to use Whiting.
Any of you ever use whiting?

I remember reading lots of painting technique books back in the 80's that used it.
I have notebooks written from back then with formulas using it.


This is how it came out.

Later I may do a tutorial on it.

But as my husband likes to say jokingly.

"I'm on break now!"

Yeah ok!


day 6


oldgreymare said...

yes please ...a tutorial.


vicki said...

Enjoy your break girlfriend - I need one too! (love the new paint experiment - love the finish). Hope you are having a great weekend. Is it starting to slow down a bit for you yet?


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Carole, I like how that came out. It has a lovely distressed look.
Have a great Sunday :-)!

T's Daily Treasures said...

If just adding talc to the paint makes it come out looking distressed automatically, then I am sure everyone will love this technique.

I think of the idea of the blog break is one picture, no talking. :) Have a wonderful August! Tammy

time worn interiors said...

I am always looking for new paint techniques! Please show us how!

mary pernula said...

Hi Carole, neat idea. I hae never heard of it b-4. Would love to have the combination of paint and talc and give it a go. Hugs Mary

Anonymous said...

~ would LOVE IT if you could do a tutorial, Carole!!!
Happy break,

Evi said...

Hi Carol,
I never heard of whiting, but it sure came out pretty.
I want to do that cabinet Eb build...the one with all the drawers in the diningroom.
Wonder if I can do this on that piece.
Have to get more info from you.
Gosh Carol, I thought you got as much rain as we have had. How can that miss you all the time?
It seems to always be heading your way.
Talk to you soon,
Love, Evi
Ebbie says hi too, and hello to George.

Theresa said...

I would LOVE a tutorial on this! Thanks Carole ~ you see inspired by you again! t. xoxoxo

A New England Life said...

I never heard of whiting, or mixing talc with paint, and I'm a painter! The results look good though, Carole!

Miss Gracie's House said...

The august break thing would have been is the talc in the paint like the chalk paint rage that is going around?

Heaven's Walk said...

I've never heard of Whiting and never heard of using talc with paint, Carole! My hubby keeps telling me how he used to mix lime with water to make a "whitewash" for the cow barn years ago. I'm anxious to see your tutorial, girl! :) That table is sooooo sweet!!!

xoxo laurie