Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Giveaway at Z’s

Do you know my friend Z?
Actually Suzan ( with a Z) of Old Grey Mare
old grey mare

Well not only are you in for a treat when you see her humungo giveaway
but you will fall in love her and her blog.
We met around 2 yrs ago when we were doing White Wednesday.
Back in the day when there was no linky.
Remember that?…ok not all that long ago.
I knew from a few emails back and forth that this was someone special.
Ok I could write a whole post about how I feel about her but I’ll stop gushing because I
really want you to go to her blog and win some of these lovely gifts that these very talented and generous
gals have offered up for grabs.
My contribution is a Jeanne d’Arc Living Magazine.


Amongst all these other wonderful handmade goodies it may not seem to measure up
but for those of you that know this publication you know how beautiful and inspiring it is…… for the others,
you have no idea what you are missing.
This magazine has had a amazing effect on my decorating style and many others.
About half of my home has reflected this style for a long time yet the other half
has been a mish mash of different identities.
It’s been since I learned that my niece from France was coming for a visit this Fall ( hi Vanessa)  that I have
finally decided to tackle some of those projects that have been on my mind for 2 years now
( ok much longer then that)
The guest/sewing room has been a disaster for years now. Disaster is too strong a word.
Well, ok sometimes it was hard to walk around in there without injuring yourself…but
I knew where everything was….and I certainly knew where the pillows were.
and not all pretty ones either….just ones that I thought I’d recover …..someday.
You know in my spare time while working 7 days a week….ok I digress.
Today I finally finished another piece of furniture.
Whoo hoo!
and I have my friend Z to thank for it.
Yep between her and Martha I made my own chalk paint.
A book from Annie Sloan that hubby bought me yrs ago also convinced me I was on the right track.

anne sloan

At the time I had no idea who Annie Sloan was and that I had one of her books.
Imagine my surprise when the woman’s name that everyone has been talking about was staring right at me.
Well it was exciting for me : ) Doesn’t take much.
Also pays off to clean and organize.
I started with this:


No Photoshopping done just to give you the real deal.
If I did I would Photoshop a railing for our deck.
I won’t go there.

You can see it had some damage to the finish but that was a plus. I did no sanding just a slightly damp cloth to clean.


I had taken a photo of it after I painted and sanded but I had it on Manual setting from the day before.
It was overexposed and forgot to look to see if it came out.
I blame it on not having my morning coffee yet.

This is after it was waxed with Butchers wax.
Not sure what all the different waxes make.
I had Butchers so that’s what I used.
I’m  a big believer in using what you have.

It just gives it a finished look and along with antiquing it gives it a mellow effect.

You can see how the damaged grooves helped the look somewhat.





more edge

I’m rather happy with how it came out.
This post is getting a bit long…..
are you still there? lol
So I’ll be back with how I accomplished  it and the one I did with talc.

Now don’t forget to enter Suzan’s giveaway


Oh yeah almost forgot,
joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for

Thanks for visiting


Karen said...

Well I'm very intrigued to know your secret. The finish is very pretty. I'm all for making things myself because I'm very poor,broke,thrifty lol take your pick.

Hartwood Roses said...

Making connections through our blogs is one of the BEST parts of blogging. I have never visited Suzan's, but I certainly will as soon as I finish here. :)

I normally don't like imitation distressed paint finishes, but yours started out distressed ... so it's honest and I like it!

oldgreymare said...


You know what you mean to me so no gushing here. I already told you how much I love that table and if I lived even remotely near by, I would be sneaking it home with me and then look you straight in the eye and say..
"What table?"
so now I guess I have to get to work on stuff huh? Like the chalkboard door I wanted to do 15 years ago? Think it's time? You know I'll do anything to avoid the job search.

send food lol


Anonymous said...

That transformation is amazing! I really, really want to try AS Chalk Paint!



Heaven's Walk said...

Wow, Carole! It looks just like an AS Chalk Paint result! LUUUUVLY job!!! Just perfectly imperfect. :) I'm so glad that you plan on sharing that recipe with us! hehehe!

xoxo laurie

Bead and Needle said...

I know I can always drop by your blog for stunningly beautiful photos...even of tables. This is beautiful, Carole...fantastic job! Probably BETTER than Martha!

Butterbean Row said...

Carole, I love your blog. You left me hanging though {lol} since I can't see the whole table after your refinishing. I will have to come back.


A Cottage Muse said...

Ok Carole I think I need to jump in and start using some of that paint! Thanks for the giveaway heads up...I am already in!!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the middle of painting my kitchen (summer has too many distractions)thanks for the inspiration, now I think I know what I want to do with the little marble top table I have to do something with. Thanks

Dorthe said...

Carole your table turned into the most beautiful piece, after your work- Love it and all the effects you so cleverly made.
Also love the danish mag. and alwayes buyes it-
your two guests from below are just the cutest-must have been a wonderful day,with them.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hey Carole, Have you missed me :-)??? I didn't ignore you. Our computer screen had died and I had to take an unintentional break :-(.
I love the shape of your table and how it turned out. Sometimes we just need a little pressure like someone visiting to get things done, don't we? How cool that you made the chalk paint yourself. I have to keep that in mind, especially since that kind of paint is so difficult to get here.