Monday, August 1, 2011

Succulents and a little something for me

I don’t know how you feel about succulents but in the last couple of years I
have really gotten to love them.
(These were from a vendor at the Old Saybrook Art and Craft Fair last week)


Maybe it’s the ease in growing them?

and of course they don’t require as much watering….
and that’s always a good thing.

Oh except these are ferns.


They may lack flowers but the colors make up for it.





Ferns make a nice addition to these troughs too.









I spent most of my time photographing things that
I didn’t leave a lot of time for shopping
but I did manage to find this little necklace.

jewelry craft_01fair 2011

jewelry craft_02fair 2011
The top is from a real acorn attached  to a handmade bead.
While I was retrieving the website of the vendor I bought
this from I noticed the links weren’t  working right,
so I went back and fixed them.
Just incase you wanted to visit
jewelry craft_03fair 2011
The price was reasonable at $15.
I thought.
jewelry craft_04fair 2011
The necklace looks petite next to the hydrangea flower but it’s a variety
called “ The Swan”  which gets the biggest blooms I've ever seen.
It gets it’s name from the way it grows.
Starts off like an ugly duckling and
matures into a.......yes you guessed it

 beautiful Swan.
jewelry craft_08fair 2011
It had just rained a few minutes before and with it came a cool breeze.
Ahh so nice after all this heat we’ve been getting.
While I’m on the subject I thought I  would show you a print I bought on one of my
other trips to the craft fair.
It’s a Giclee Art Print. From the word “squirt” in french.
If you’re interesting in how it’s done you can read about it and the artist below.

I just know that it spoke to me the moment I saw it
…..and isn’t that what Art is supposed to do?
I’m a little behind on framing it but I’ve been painting a lot of frames as of late…..
so I should be able to get to that soon.

Waiting for the rain to come…….
skies are getting dark and rumbling in the distance.

Hopefully this will cool things off a bit.

How’s the weather your way???

10 comments: said...

The sky is dark and it has been thundering and lightening for about an hour now. No rain just yet but I hear it is on its way.
Love succulents too! Inside and out. They love my front yard with lots of sun. Your pictures are beautiful. I'll bet you can create a great catalog for your greenhouse with all of your beautiful photography:)Have a good night:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Renée Finberg said...

i am seriously loving succulents for the past few years.
when i was in maine at my mom's place....
a few years ago i planted some on the boulders flourished.


oldgreymare said...

I love succulents, you know that but I adore those troughs. MAJOR coveting going on.
I also must mention that I think that pic the fourth from bottom may be one of your best or maybe it's just the color that has me ga-ga. My favorite shade of green EVER, even though I know in reality they are white. GRRRREAT shot!

OK... off to read my magazine (again) that the B-day fairy sent me :D

Evi said...

I bought my first big succulent this year and love it.But I am a "fern" girl most of all.
I adore them and keep adding some every year.
The acorn necklace is a lovely idea, very clever.
It has been raining here, hailing, and God knows what all late afternoon, and as I am writing this, I hear thunder again.
Hope I can sleep with all that racket.
Hugs, Evi

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

I too love succulents and find they do so well here when our summers are dry and hot and we need to be careful with our water supply.
I love your sweet acorn necklace and the print.
Enjoy the week


SueAnn said...

Oh such luscious photos you have here!! I love succulents too! I have many in my rock garden and they bring me such joy!!!They are quiet and unassuming but give such sculptural qualities to my garden. Love them!!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Succulents are definitely cool! Speaking of cool, I haven't feel 'cool' in a long time. It is awful, sticky & muggy hot here. When you first open the door to go out, the heat hits you like a blast of hot steam. Why do I live here in Florida? Hummmmm.
Have a wonderful day,

Jacqueline said...

Hi Carole,
I never used to be a big fan of succulents until I planted a few in a big terracotta pot and they hung over the sides and looked really good. I tried to do it again this year but, I think that I bought the wrong ones, as it didn't work so well !!!! I went to some gardens last week and I might do a post on them. You might be interested. I wouldn't say that they were the best gardens that I've been to but some parts were lovely.
Weather Forcast for the UK : Sunny and hot 29 degrees centigrade.
Outlook : Tomorrow hotter but Thursday will drop ten degrees !!!!
Typical British summer.
Love your acorn necklace and a very good price, I think. I shall go over and check out the website.....oh, and your photographs of it with the hydrangea are stunning. XXXX

A Cottage Muse said...

Carole these pictures are wonderful!
I recently moved some that I have at my campground from one spot to another and they are just thriving this year!!
Must be this hot muggy weather!

vicki said...

Oh my gosh - these photos are fabulous - love the succulents (love that word!) I have not had any of these in a while - I need to get reacquainted with them!

The acorn necklace is just precious - love it! Perfect for this fall! But I am not ready for fall yet~~