Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 New York International Gift Fair

Or NYIGF for short.

grand central
This is about the least crowded  you’ll see Grand Central.
It’s  peaceful on a Sunday morning……not like it can be on weekends.
We spent a few minutes in the book store as I looked for magazines that  I can’t get back home.
George stood around patiently while he really wanted to get a coffee.

NY Gift show_7Jan 2012
We arrived at the show a little early so I went around the reception area and took photos of some of the displays.
They frown upon taking pictures at the show except for that area.
Most vendors will let you after you order from them but I’m usually in a hurry to move on to the next stop.
I was a little less organized this time around and didn’t plan my travels as well so
I did take more pics then last year.
NY Gift show_8Jan 2012

NY Gift show_9Jan 2012

NY Gift show_10Jan 2012

NY Gift show_11Jan 2012NY Gift show_12Jan 2012

Love Voluspa and K Hall

NY Gift show_14Jan 2012

NY Gift show_22Jan 2012

NY Gift show_18Jan 2012

There is never a lack of color, which if you know me… not what I buy
except when it comes to ribbon.

I gasped when I saw these.
They were new to the line.


Aren’t these villages just so much fun in their vintage colors???
I used to buy them in these colors but my customers want the more subtle ones.
Did you see the Christmas issue of Romantic Home? they had some
displayed in a woman’s house. I don’t remember her name.

Here again are more of those bright colors. I love the asian theme of this tree.

I asked if they sold well for them and she admitted that not everywhere.
Mostly San Francisco and New York.

and of course traditional red.

I have a lot more to show you so I thought I’d do a more subtle color post next time.
I have been liking color more these days …..maybe it’s the thoughts of spring and
all the flower catalogs and orders I’m working on
that has me in a color mood.

Don’t worry I still love my


Bead and Needle said...

I think I can smell the gardenias in the one picture...and LOVE the pink and yellow reindeer! Looks like GRAND fun!

Spent the evening enjoying a glass of wine and laughs with Z...wish you were there!

Have a fabulous weekend, Carole...Tanya

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

I love your posts from the gift show! It looks like such a fun trip :)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Carole,
I LOVE seeing Grand Central Station ..... I can just imagine it on a Monday morning, everyone rushing here and there trying to get to work on time. It's just like the City in London ..... people always in a hurry, Starbucks in hand, running to do this deal or that !!
Anyway, back to the plot !! It always seems funny, buying things for Christmas, just when Christmas is over but, I know it all has to be ordered for this December. I'm a white/grey/beigy sort of girl but, colour does suit Christmas so well. I LOVE the Oriental tree and the ribbon....oh the ribbon. I bought so much this year. Sometimes I can't bring myself to use it on a present 'cos I love it so much !!!! haha.
....and, many, many thanks for your kind birthday are a lovely blogging friend. Much love and look forward to all of the white things that you saw ( and probably bought !!) XXXX

Dorthe said...

Must be fantastic to attend such a big giftfair- and I guess very expensive- as it must be difficult not to spend lots of money buying all that wonderful things for your shop :)
I know it is also very tirering with all the things to see, and to deside , can`t wait to see your next post, dear Carole.
Hugs Dorthe

trash talk said...

There are only a few things I like about never fail to provide at least two of them.
One...your take on Christmas and
two...your posts on the market.
Oh mylanta...the color! Quick...hand me some shades. I adore the Oriental themed tree. Does this mean I'll have to move to NY or CA?
Get that man some coffee...PDQ!

Karen said...

When I had my shop I attended that show twice... ooh, what a place. Hard not to place orders in every other booth!... We would stay in TS at the Marriot, eat at Ruby Foos... and shop some more... so many talented people there with so many wonderful things. I really do need to get over to your shop.

Anonymous said...

I love those ribbons too! They are definitely worth a gasp or two.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Good morning Carole! Oh too bad you can't take pictures of everything! I love the look of the Barr Co products. And the ribbons! I hope your trip is a success. Of course it will be. You left such a nice message for me. Thanks for coming by!

Nella said...

Hi Carole, Ohhh I wish I were there too! It was my favorite show to attend. I just did our show in Toronto on Monday and Tuesday. Long and tiring, but when you find that wonderful item,excitement takes over...Anticipating a beautiful Spring at Maynard Greenhouse with your magical touch and great eye... N.xo


Love the glitter homes, hope you had a good time. Hugs Mary

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hey Carole girl, I followed your advice and put my sunglasses on. Well, it's still pretty bright what I see here, LOL. I can deal with it though as long as none of those things enter my home, hahaha. Let us talk again in let's say 5 years. My color taste might have changed dramatically again and these things are exactly what I love then. For now I'm looking forward to your next post :-).
Happy Sunday!

Debi said...

Morning Carole ~ Love the popping color but like you, usually go more subtle. Color does brighten thought. Daughter and I just did the Atlanta show and so much fun. So many wonderful products out there and ooh,la,la, the bling -WOW! Have a great day - Debi

Evi said...

how do you decide!?! So many beautiful things. Wonder what you bought!!!!!!!!!!! Did you get ribbons...I hope....
We'll find out next Tuesday, right?
Love ya,

oldgreymare said...

Next visit I want to see Grand Central and Central park. Still haven't made it to either!!! sigh..someday.. Our next chat you'll have to tell me all about your treasures to come this holiday season.

Cindy said...

I love the little houses! Make me want to get my Christmas decorations out again! Glad you had a good time!

vicki said...

What a wonderful place-- what a wonderful day!!! Love the picture of the vintage inspired houses-- and the ribbons-- heart stopping!! Can't wait to see more photos-- what fun! I'm sure you bought some fabulous treasures!!

Candylei said...

Thank you for letting us come along with you and view it through your lense!

Auntie Cake said...

Oh my word, I so want to go! Love it!

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Hi Carole,
I have only been to the NYIGF once, but it was one of my most fun days ever! My best friend goes once a year with all her catering friends. I think I will have to wangle an invitation! I DO get to GC quite often, as that's where we end up when we take the train from Wassaic. [ Great shot of the nearly empty station.] Carole, It seems like you live a very FUN life, and I like that!
Thanks for your nice visit to Quiddity2. Yes, you can move right in and we'll talk a lot...