Monday, February 6, 2012

Gift Show 2012 part 2

at choo 2
At Choo
God bless you!
Isn’t that a cute name???
I have always loved this booth and admired their work.

at choo

I finally decided it was time to buy something from them. 
I bought some charms and a few pieces of jewelry.
What I really love are their bottles filled with the most
 charming little pieces.
Some are little people(elves) sometimes just vintage this and that.
I didn’t take any close up since they were generous enough to let me take photos at all.
Of course the whole time my camera was being a bad girl
 and not auto focusing.
Are you getting bored with that excuse….. I am, but it’s true.
I looked into getting it fixed but its not worth it. I might as well get another camera which I’ve wanted for over a yr now.
It does auto focus half the time just not when I really need it to.

So long story, I’m sorry if these are a bit blurry.
jewelry 3

jewelry 4

What I was saying before I went on about my camera is I adore their bottles
but they are pricey and as
much as I think everyone would notice them and love them as much as I do
I don’t think my most customers would spend the money.
I hate when that happens  ‘,-(
You love it and you know it fits your look but it’s overpriced.
You sit on it forever to just have to give it away later.
If you could just buy anything you want and not have to worry about price
point being a shop owner would be so much easier.
I know most of my blog friends understand this so I’m not letting you in on anything new.
Just saying…..
jewelry 5

jewelry 2
Now this was a new line that I’d never seen before.
(again sorry for the blur)


Headbands made with galvanized wire from a gal in California.
I thought it was really different and very feminine.

wire jewelry

other side
The only really random shot I took.  It was opposite the booth I had bought from and just
took a chance that no one would yell at me.
I never told you but I did get yelled at once by a vendor.
Gosh it was embarrassing. It wasn’t even his booth but he came right up to me and said I needed
to delete the photos or he would call security.
I was only taking it because I didn’t want to forget
 to go back the next day.
I think he was mad because I wasn’t taking a photo of his ( not so fantastic) booth.

Just saying……


I did buy from this booth…..thank goodness!
so they were happy to let me snap away.
As a matter of fact the more photos I took the more I was buying.
I thought I was done but they were happy to keep adding to the order.

I have to say that every sales rep was super nice.
Very appreciative to have me stop to place an order.
I don’t expect to have them say anything but it was still nice to hear.



glass 2


pallet shelf
Great use for old wood for making small bookshelves.
They look like old pallets.

Now these of course are pallets cut in half. They make great open drawers. I remember seeing
them using this last year and keeping there order forms in them.

You never know where you’ll find inspirations?

Joining Kathleen at Faded Charm
for White Wednesday


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I saw some really cool stuff Carole! How do you ever decide what to buy? Love those terrariums and all those pallet shelves. Fun! :)

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Carole, I'm relieved that no sunglasses are needed today, LOL. The jewelry pieces are beautiful and I see a lot of other things too that I like. I certainly love the Eiffel Tower, sigh. Did you buy that little sheep on the cut pallett to add to your collection :-)?
Hugs to you,

Dorthe said...

Carole, what an inspirering post for me- and so many wonderful items to buy ,for you!
I love the bottles,too-and the wire jewlery I think looks fantastic,- the big glass vases with bulbs--oh spring-- and ofcourse the Tour Eiffel ,lol-
About the inspiration thing I love the old wood shelves, and the pallets drawers- a wonderful idea for shows.
Thankyou for a beautiful post ,dear.

Donna said...

cool trip!
I haven't been to market in awhile and I too saw some neat stuff! I love seeing new gives hope and inspires!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Carole,
More wonderful things ..... love the bottles, the jewellery and those frames with dried leaves etc....I also love the pallet shelves. Our daughter's boyfriend has just made their bedhead out of old pallets and it looks brilliant.
How's the weather with you? We had snow on Saturday night and it's freezing here. Much love. XXXX

Theresa said...

HOw could someone yell at you Carole? :) You're right, he was probably just jealous!
I love all of the canvas draping that they use for the booth, makes everything that much more special. The pallet drawers are cool too but the ceramic busts in the second booth are fabulous!
The show looks like a great place for inspiration...

SueAnn said...

Wow! Such beautiful things. I am just ooooing and awwiinnng over here!!

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Sooooo beautiful!!! Thanks for bringing us with you, Carole!

Bead and Needle said...

Yes, I am swooning over it all...looks like you had a fabulous time - and I'm so glad you're the "rebel with a camera" that you are! Happy Tuesday, Carole...Tanya

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Carole!
What a feast for the eyes!
So many lovely things.
Love the lights under the burlap in the At Choo booth.
So much inspiration indeed!

Susan said...

Wow, you were surrounded by loveliness and unique designs! It must have been difficult to choose.

Denise said...

Sigh....I REALLY miss going to market so much. I always came home so inspired and ready with new ideas. Thanks for the tour. Love love that jewelry! Did you order any?

Olive Cooper said...

What an enchanting market. The bottles are gorgeous. I got yelled at taking pics of eggplants at a farmers market. Now how are eggplants exclusive? xoxo, olive

victoriantailor said...

Very interesting things, so surprised a vendor yelled at you!
Like the way Achoo used the muslin on their shelving,

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Thank you Carole for taking me with you on a tour of the show - wow hard decisions to make.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the new headbands and jewellery.... so deliciously feminine & 1920'ish!
the recycled pallets too - I'll give that a go on our courtyard. The weathered pallet timber will echo my BBQ table and chairs!! Maybe that's why they're averse to taking photos... whatever... we'll see it in magazines eventually.

Sometimes I get angry looks when
I'm snapping away in shops too!!

Happy Thursday

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Carole
My first visit here today and I have so enjoyed seeing all the displays of the vintage and creations I so love.
Those beautiful galvanized head pieces would look just perfect in my new Round Robin Lacebook.
I love also the excellent use of pallets there and looks like Spring is just around the corner with those divine looking bulbs in those glass vases.
I have no choice but to now follow you!
Warm wishes,

Christelle said...

We could think that it is about the Aladdin's cave with these phials, these luxurious jewels and all these assembled marvels...

J. Beaudet said...

Hi Carole!
How do you decide what to buy? So many beautiful things! I love those hanging ferns and the wire jewelry! Thank you so much for visiting my new blog designed by Julie from beingruby! And thank you for your sweet comments about my art:)

Nella said...

Loved coming along Carole....are you home ?? I especially liked the wire/beaded headbands and jewellery...I would buy those! Yes, markets are great for all sorts of inspiring ideas.
Now, collect your thoughts and put your magic to work! N.xo

Poppy said...

Sigh, so many beautiful things! Thank you for your lovely comment. I hope all is ok with you? Have a lovely weekend X

time worn interiors said...

I love seeing photos of the Market! I haven't been in years!

vicki said...

Carole- these photos are SO dreamy and they don't at all look out of focus to me. What a beautiful collection- such inspiration- how did you ever choose which treasures to bring home for yourself? I know what you mean about high prices-- I just say that they are "really proud of their stuff" and move on!

Your place at Christmas is more beautiful than any of these pictures!! For what it's worth- I've been yelled out before too!! Oh well--


erin said... do you ever choose what to buy?? so many treasures! it looks like fun.

Riitta Sinikka said...

Hi! Many beautiful things! Have a happy Sunday! Best regards Riitta Sinikka

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

So many beautiful gifts and what a lot of fabulous inspiration.
You must feel like a kid in a lolly shop, walking around here.
I really love the ribbon with the bee and fleur de lis, the bulbs in the glass vase and all the pretty Christmas decorations. Thanks for taking us along.

Happy new week

PJ Girl said...

I have stumbled upon your blog and love it - especially the adorable little bottles/phials. I'll certainly visit again x

Pam @ Frippery said...

Thanks for sharing all of the gorgeous eye candy. How fun.