Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little sheep

I am no great sewer but I have always loved to sew whether hand sewing or on a machine.
My mom taught me how and the only machines I have ever sewn
on were hers. I feel her watching over me when I sit
at the sewing table.
My friend Evi is a wonderful seamstress and she uses her talents
to make incredible dolls.

Evi's_16Valent Lunch2010

This sweet little girl was one my friend Kathleen scooped up for herself.
You can see more of Evi’s work

sheep 2

So why for heavens sake did I try to make this sheep for this very talented friend as a gift??
I have no real answer for that.
....maybe I liked the challenge of trying something that
I'd never done before. 
I did feel the pressure to make it good
but I tried not to keep that from stopping me.

I had gotten an email that Cathy Pendleton from Cheswick Company was having a
online sale soon so I thought I’d check it out when the time came.
Well by the time I remembered... 2 hours late....90% was already sold.
Uggh my fault.
So I started looking around her site and came across 
her esty shop and ebay store.


I thought….. that's awfully cute.
Maybe I’ll order the kit and not just the pattern.
I have a week  but I don’t want to run around trying to find this and that.
( though I’m a fabric hoarder)

It arrived right away and it was much easier then I thought.
I just read the instructions at first. 
Not sure why I didn’t jump right in because once I started it went pretty well.
Now it was totally my fault but I messed up twice. Ok 3 times.
I sewed the belly in the exact place you were not suppose to sew.
I thought, ok now I have to pay attention.
But then I sewed the wrong sides together….twice!

The seam ripper and I are good friends.
 I have many! yet how many do you really need?

Could have helped if I didn’t start doing this at 11 at night also.


I think making the hearts and the little pin cushions was my favorite
parts and so satisfying when completed.

Now if I could make this anyone can.

It wasn’t perfect but I think Evi appreciated the effort. 
Cathy has a lot of great kits and patterns to pick from.


A couple of years ago Cathy had a Christmas Open House
where Evi, Paula, Laura and Kathleen all attended.
I was working and couldn’t make it but met them back at



This owl family were what Evi took home with her.
I believe these are made of vintage mohair.


too cute.

cathy doll

This is a doll Paula bought years ago from Cathy who resides in one of the bedrooms.


I believe there is a pattern to make her too.

So do you sew???
Do you make dolls or little fabric animals?
I found it a lot of fun and when I’m not in the midst of spring planting and all things
“Greenhouse” like I am right now I will tackle another project.

……this quote keeps running thru my head.

                                                                              "Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly."
                                                                                                                   Robert H Schuller


Low Tide High Style said...

Great quote, and I'm not much of a sewer, though I wish I had the time to learn. I love your sheep, and I'm partial to anything sheep related since we have always owned herding dogs. One day I will slow down and learn how to sew, for now I will live vicariously through all of you who can create beautiful things with a needle and thread!

Kat :)

Olive Cooper said...

I only repair vintage linens I fear but these are charming.

Jody and Stan said...

You are such a wonderful artist and wish I could sew like you. You are an inspiration.


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Carole...I think that little critter came out just right! Your creative talents are many and I, for one, am in awe of well as your energy and all you accomplish!
Perfectly imperfect is more than OK with me!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Carole, I don't see any reason why Evi shouldn't have loved your cute sheep. It turned out just great!

DA is on pay TV here but we haven't subscribed to it. I like the outfits in the second picture. I wouldn't have to grow 8 inches but to shrink about that amount in width, lol.

Have a great week :-)!
Big hugs,

Chris said...

Hi Carole, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Carole,
I'm not really a sewer .... just sew when I have to really !!
I really think that you play yourself down Carole ..... everything that you turn your hand to always turns out beautifully.
I always think that having talented friends helps too and you have an abundance of them !
Keep sewing Carole ..... you do it very well. XXXX

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Your little fabric animals came out so cute. Love all of them. I´ll have to check out her site.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

I think your little sheep is delightful.
I've been a fan of Cathy's for years and our local quilt shoppe carries many of her patterns.
You'll be sewing a flock of sheep before you know it!
Susan x

Karen said...

I don't sew, but I appreciate the art. I LOVE those owls!!.....

Bead and Needle said...

Sewing is my first love...the beading is just an extension of my hand sewing for me. Your sheep ROCKS!!! Fabulous job - I will drop by Cathy's website, thanks to you. Happy Monday - I am sad that they said there are only 3 more episodes of WD last night!!! XOXO Tanya

A Cottage Muse said...

I can sew a button or a small hole!
I have my Mom's sewing machine and hope to learn to use it one day!

Anonymous said...

Such lovely dolls and animals. My sewing machine is dusty from not being used. I can sew but I am not a fanatic on being perfect. I sewed my own nontraditional wedding dress almost four years ago. I figured if someone had the nerve to point out that I didn't do it perfectly then they probably shouldn't get any cake. lol Thanks for bringing Downton Abbey to my attention. My husband and I watched it on Netflix last night and both enjoyed it very much. Seems to be a nice obsession to have. :)

Dorthe said...

Carole, the lamb is so cute, I love it, and you made it look so beautiful, in every way- I`m sure Evi loves it.
I am very taken in Evi`s beautiful dolls, they are gorgeous.
Seems I should go visit the Etsy of C.P - so cute critters, and the doll looks wonderful.
Hugs to you dear Carole.

The French Bear said...

I love all the wonderful things that other artists make, I just know Evi loves your lamb......even though I make dolls, I can never have enough of them!!!
Margaret B

Cindy said...

Oh My Goodness! These are just adorable! Love the little cat!
You are so very talented!

Theresa said...

That is so cute, I love the pincushions that it carries on its back! The owls are so sweet too, we are owl freaks over here :)
You did a wonderful job, I'm sure Evi will treasure it.

Nella said...

Carole, your sweet gift for Evi is adorable and their is nothing that is more cherished then that made by your hands for a friend. It is the kind of thing that just touches my heart...especially sheep! I am enamored of anything that has to do with DA and Ralph has always been my favorite designer. Just visited his store and grill (yes!) in Chicago this weekend and swooned over it all! He is a master at taking the genteel trappings of the past and making them fit into today's lifestyles...he will always have my vote!

Nella said...

Carole, your sweet gift for Evi is adorable and their is nothing that is more cherished then that made by your hands for a friend. It is the kind of thing that just touches my heart...especially sheep! I am enamored of anything that has to do with DA and Ralph has always been my favorite designer. Just visited his store and grill (yes!) in Chicago this weekend and swooned over it all! He is a master at taking the genteel trappings of the past and making them fit into today's lifestyles...he will always have my vote!

Susan said...

Well done! Your sheep did come out cute, despite your struggles Carole. I've sewn for years, but still make a good share of mistakes. But it is satisfying to view that finished product, hmm?
I love these pieces you've shown here.
I just bought some books by Tone Finnanger from Norway, who makes the 'Tilda' products. Have you heard of her? She makes cute dolls, animals and items for the home. Her books share the JDL aesthetic for backgrounds, with lots of color in her sewn items.
I'm going to try one of her dolls for my daughter. Wish me luck!

Auntie Bliss said...

One adorable thing after another!!! And look at 52 Flea's new post!
Now I want some sheep! You did good :) said...

It came out absolutely adorable!!!! I'm sure you did Evi proud:)
Are you ready for the snow???? I am sooooo not looking forward to it. It's just too late in the season. lol
Hope we don't get it! lol
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

trash talk said...

I've been called an old so-and-so...does that count?
There is nothing imperfect about a gift from the heart and hands...ever. The love in each stich makes it perfect.

Boho Farm and Home said...

That little lamb is so adorable! You did a wonderful job! I love all those handmade treasures...especially those owls.
I sew but only boring stuff like panels and pillows, maybe a slipcover...years of being a designer I guess...maybe someday I can sew cute fun things like these!

Evi said...

Carole, I LOVE my little sheep!!!!
Coming from you, made it especially dear to me. It is standing next to Cathy Pendelton's little elephant, and keeps me company in my studio. Thank you with all my heart! You did really good!!!!!!!
I have my computer back. A 70 foot oaktree fell on the power lines by the road and knocked all my lines, boxes and shingles off the house. What a crash....and that at night!
Waiting for phone land line for 10 days, crazy....
Between my yucky cold and that, I have alot of catching up to do with all my blogger friends.
Sending you tons of love,
I gave the cold to Ebbie...poor thing.

Denise said...

So cute! I checked out her website and she has so many wonderful little critters. I have always admired your friend Evi's dolls. They are just amazing.

Dawne said...

Your projects and your little lamb make me very wistful. I used to sew every day of my life, and seeing your creations makes me long for those simple, comforting days before I discovered the internet!! Good for you for being able to do both!!! Your dear friend Evie is very lucky!! [ And very talented.]
Have a good weekend, Carole,

Barbara said...

I am very impressed with your wonderful lamb. I have several of Cathy's creations and make them too. I think I may just have to get the sheep kit too!From what I have seen I think you have a lot of talent in many fields. Yeah for you!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

The little lamb is a darling and I know Evi must have been thrilled with it. I say keep on sewing, you did a great job.
The quote is lovely and have written it down.
Thanks for sharing Cathy's website and gorgeous things.

Happy weekend