Monday, August 24, 2009

The Tin Man Cometh

The Tin Man and his Misses are what greeted you at the entrance of this eclectic booth. I can just picture them on a bench in a garden. The wheel in the back is especially nice with all the scrolly detail. Not sure how it was used....seems too ornate to have been used as a wheel.
One of my favorite things to look for is metal and wire pieces so that's what this post is all about
at Madison-Bouckville in Upstate New York.
This was a dealer that specialized in all things metal and wire. Laura pointed this booth out to me to go check out while she rested in the shade with Deanna for a bit.

Isn't this one gorgeous....what I assume is a flower frog but it could have just been an ornate piece off something else.

Repurposed art ......LOVE that!!!

A little wire cage....that I should have bought now that I'm seeing it again.

He did have some really old and unique pieces.
These 2 plates being some of best ones....well that I liked.

This was a tin holder that I would guess is an ice cream cone holder. Some of you antique dealers would probably recognize it as something else. Care to take a guess????
Wouldn't it be fun to use at a kids Birthday Party???

An old tin colander.

Metal curtain tiebacks. I'd use them for something else. The glass roses are what makes these unique.

Another metal lantern piece that you could use inside or out. I wonder where a piece that big originally came from. A big old estate perhaps?

Cool metal sphere for the garden.

Ah and here we are....the place where Paula feel in love with Matilda. It wasn't til after I took this picture that she came back to buy her. I haven't seen it set up at her house yet but knowing Paula she's dressed her perfectly with all the right accoutrement!!!

And here's my waltzing Matilda......head first in the basket. I need to find a name for her. Any ideas???
Deanna bought her for me knowing I'd been looking for one. Someone else was thinking of buying her so she had to act fast. The price was good so I was thrilled. I plan on staining the fabric brown or I may recover her with fabric.
The wire bird cage was a steal at $25.....I thought.

More metal goodies that Paula scored on. The metal bins were part of a set that Laura and her split up.
That's what's fun about shopping with friends. You can have someone else looking out for what you're hunting for and when you find it you can share it!!!
What could be better then that???
Still have more pics from the show so let me know if you still want to see more. A White Wednesday post is still ahead so that'll be next.
I haven't even shown you all the treasures/junk that I bought. I almost forgot.
Well there's still time.
Boy I think it's been awhile since I've shown any flowers....well that's what happens in late August. We get apathetic about what we were so excited for just a few months ago.
I do have a nursery open house to go to this Wednesday so maybe then I'll WOW you with flora and fauna.
....til then


Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

OK, so I found your blog and really liked it so I started reading some of your older posts. Then it seemed like you were in Connecticut so I looked up Maynard Greenhouse and you are right up the street from me. I live in North Guilford. I am so excited, I have never met another blogger from Connecticut before. I am so happy and so excited. I think I said that before. Anyway, I am so happy I found your pretty blog. From reading your posts, it seems as though we like similar things.
♥ Rebecca

The French Bear said...

Wow, you girls can shop, love all your finds!!! I am having a giveaway, drop by and put your name in!! I love reading all your stories, man the stuff you get to see and buy!!! I wish I could just drive around the US for a summer and fill my truck, he he he....... but then I'd have to explain it all to my hubby and of course the customs guy!!!
Darn, well at least I can read about all the cool stuff you find!!!
Margaret B

Rosemary said...

Wow Carole,
I just love all of it!! Every last photo!!
I think metal and tin are the best!!
Thanks for sharing,

erin said... the metal flower shaped thingys. and the tiebacks!! they look like something found at anthropologie! please show more treasures!! and i'd love to know "how much". hope that's not being too nosey...i just love a good bargain! all the best!

Susie said...

Hi Carole, love your blog and the pictures...I think I'm in love with the 'flower frog''s wonderful...So did you buy it?

Happy hunting and blessings......

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

What a fun day you must have had, exploring around those wonderful treasures.
I love all the metal and wire things.

Enjoy your week

Laura said...

Fabulous post! You KNOW that wire is my favorite! Great pics and it just all reminds me of the wonderful time we had! So sorry to miss girls just CAN'T go without me!

Magdalena said...

Ohhhhhh, Carol!
Fabulous !!Wire, wire, wire...and like I sad earlier I´m in love with wire Mathilda...
Beautiful post,
Magdalena/Color Sepia

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Carole! Faboulous place you visited! I adore wire and you seem to have spent a faboulous time!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Carole
I love all the wire and the mystery cone thingy. I also love everything in that pic with the big rusty lantern..great stuff. I recently bought some metal gym baskets from the US.. can't get them here.. Looks like you had a great time x Julie

Jacqueline said...

Oh wow Carole,
What a collection of diverse things...I love that wheel and the rose/flower frog....and everything. I think that you could call that weekend a resounding success. XXXX

Christelle said...

Fantastique chine comme on les aime avec pleins d'objets incroyables et tellement originaux !

Crinoline said...

Hi,Carole.How are you? What a faboulous place you visited. Thank you for sharing.

Diana Cohen said...

Thanks for sharing all that awesome stuff!!!

Kathleen said...

What a great post!
Such interesting finds..
I would love Mr and Mrs. Tin, assuming they are married..:)
And the thing that looks like and ice cream cone holder WOULD be fun for a party!
Thanks for visiting the Let There Be White...tablesetting party.
Do you do dishes?

Chemin des Muguets said...


Perhaps the pretty metal flower head was part of a fountain or end of a watering can? Regardless, it is special!

Thanks for letting all of us join you gals on such a fun flea market excursion.


Jill said...

Thanks for the pictures! It was nice to experience it vicariously!

Jenny said...

Please keep sharing your pictures when you have time! Thanks for leaving a comment at my blog despite my having missed White Wednesday yesterday due to a little mishap. Now that I'll be laid up for awhile, I'll need the blog world to help keep me occupied :)