Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall in Black and White!!!!

It's so easy to see nature in all it's glorious colors........but try to see it in another form...
in Black and White!

at night!!!!

during the day.....

In the mellow patina of aging unprotected pine on an old shed. Nature taking it's course.

Unoccupied birdhouse and the last breath of flora before the winter takes it away.

The silhouette of the branches are more prominent when you are not distracted by it's usual fiery hues.

Sun on the trees and warmth on my hair

and on the fallen leaves in an old rusted birdbath.

Try to enjoy the last days of Fall til we get to the next season....
my favorite of all!
Have a great Sunday!

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Julie@beingRUBY said...

Absolutely Fabulous Carole
Your photography is just superb and now it is my turn to say... how on earth did you leave that one touch of orange in your B&W... clever girl.

Once again I have missed b&w [2 weeks now.. boo hoo] here I am still working Sunday night nearing 11pm.. that's my lame excuse!! haha

Have fun and thanks for sharing your glorious photos.. xx Julie

Anonymous said...

Hi Carole - These shots are wonderful. I haven't tried B&W - it's a whole new world! Beautiful!


erin said...

Carole!! These are some of your best shots ever!! So beautiful and thoughtful and your hair shot is fabulous and unexpected. Love it! Love the b+w with just hints of color and of course the shot up the tree is so dramatic with the strong shadows! The first shot of the lone oak leaf is very evocative and stunningly simple. got it goin on today! Happy Sunday to you, my dear!

Mermaid Queen said...

Oh I love the shot of your hair, so cool! Take care, Martha

Anne Marie said...

Carole! wow! my favorite is your hair shot, because of how you wrote the post and paired it with your photograph -

I highly recommend you doing that more........

thanks again!! and have a great day! it's 60* here!! yeah!

Luiza said...

Your images in this post are really gorgeous, I love them...

The winter season, is no dout, my favorite.

Wish you a wonderful sunday!

Csillagos said...

Wowww, fantastic, beautiful pictures especially the angel with pumpkins... Thanx.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I saw your blog name on Bella Dreams blog and just had to come over and check it out. My maiden name was Maynard. I'm so glad I did. I look forward to following you. Your pictures are wonderful.

Gypsy Purple said...

I really enjoyed this post!!!

Bonjade said...

How georgeous......I love black and white.
Special with this touch of orange.
Nice evening

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Love your technique on these Carole, wonderful shot of your locks! The orange with the b&w is gorgeous!

Chemin des Muguets said...


Great experiment! Your love for the photographic medium is so evident in these images. I am especially intrigued by the old shed shot - lovely and mysterious!


Crinoline said...

Hi,Carole.How are you? Long time since I last wisited you.Your shots are gorgeous. Have a nice week.

Fancy Fodder said...

Ooh Carole, your photography is getting better and better! Nice post :+)

Laura said...

Very artistic Carole! Your photographs are amazing! Love the birch you really love winter best of all?
not me!After Christmas, I'm ready for spring!
Take care, Laura

June said...

Carole, how do you do it? These photos are amazing! Your artistic eye is so make the mundane...well, beautiful! I am thinking that you must see the divine in everything you encounter. I just love that!
Isn't the world around us just too beautiful for words?!
Loved your visit friend! I cry alot when I listen to husband finds it amusing, I find it annoying. Anything that makes my mascara run is annoying.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

What beautiful black and white photos.
I love the trees, leaves and the old shed.
Your photos are always amazing.

Have a happy week

Jacqueline said...

Hi here Carole,
Another set of wonderful photographs. I love the way you picked out the rusty leaf and orange pumpkin.
Happy Autumn shooting, Carole XXXX

Janean said...

Carole, your photos are the most beautiful. You are a true artist! I'm off to look at more of your work...

Bleudelavande said...

Oooohhhh Carole I adore this post it's simply great!!! Tank you for sharing those wonderful photos!!!
Have a nice week

Magdalena said...

Oh my goodnes, how could i miss those extremly beautiful photos?
they are just great!!
have a great evening,
magdalena/color sepia

LP Vintage said...

I love your photographs - just beautiful! It's my first visit to your blog, it's great - love your blog header!