Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween.... again???

Are you sick of Halloween pictures yet??? I know!!!
Just a few more pictures to tie you over til next year. This was me getting ready for a little get together. Same costume as last year but this time without the mask I had painted last year. Boy was it hard to eat or drink with that mask!!!!
but I think there was no risk of me starving:)

I went as a puppet and hubby was supposed to be the puppet master. He never dressed up this year....what a party pooper! Just as well I'm the one who has to fix his make-up every year. The man can not put eyeshadow on!!! :) Well ...maybe that's a good thing! This was the mask I wore last year so I tried copying it. I bought some liquid eyeliner to do the thinner lines. I assumed it would be easy to find liquid eye liner......but I learned the hard way it isn't. Took 3 stores to find some.

The night was perfect for trick or treaters. Warm and the rain held off til midnight. By the time we got there they had run out of candy and had to turn out the lights. Too bad.... my favorite
 part is seeing the kids in their costumes.
Last year we sat on the stoop passing out the treats and I think we even went to a few houses trick or treating.....
I never want to grow up!!!!!

Just a few views of Ginny's new kitchen that was completed last year. It looks so much bigger now with no extra sq. footage added except the ceilings been raised and a new huge palladium window installed. It was great before with it's charming unfitted cabinets. Every time you'd go to visit it would look different. Joe, her husband would sell it at his auction and then replace with something different. Wouldn't you just love that???
You can't do that with fixed cabinets but they got tired of the old drawers that were hard to know how that goes!

Their house is dated 1785 or around there built by a sea captain. It's dimly lit but they like it that way....more like the way they would have lived in the 18th c.

There house is furnished in primitive and classic Early American style and lends itself well to decorations for Halloween and the Fall season.

A few scary monsters around the house that night!

Some of her collection of Christine Crocker dolls
She keeps these out most of the year except at Christmas time.

In December 08 issue of Somerset Magazine Christine was featured with some of her dolls. A wonderful story about her growing up on a farm and learning to sew and make things for herself with what ever they had around the house.

You may remember seeing this cloche in the article about Christine in Romantic Home in the same month. A old paper candy container. The soldered pendant is made by her friend Cathy Penton. Another one of my favorite blogs to visit and I know many of yours. Wouldn't it be the perfect gift presented that way?

Well I guess that's about all the scary things you'll see til next year ( threw in the last couple just for balance).

I still haven't put all my Halloween decorations away.
Maybe orange,black and white will be my new Christmas colors this year...


erin said...

Carole looked great!! love, love the make up! much more comfy than a mask anyday. your friend's house is fabulous...the "primitive look" certainly fits in with a house from 1785, that is really old! and what a perfect setting for a halloween party, looks like a blast. carole, i love the new look... the light blue damask back ground is perfect for you especially for all white wednesdays. really pretty, love it!

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Hi Carole! What a great costume!! Looks like you guys had a great time! Love that house! I've always been drawn to primitive colonial & had my house decorated in that style for years.. Just decided it is time to lighten & brighten! As always... Your photos are beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing these with us!
Blessings ~ Teresa
PS.. I love your damask backround too!

Jacqueline said...

OOoooo, ....... Carole, your blog looks beautiful, tres sophisticated. .....and you look beautiful too. You might have been trying to look scary but I think you look lovely. ...... and..... I just love your friends house. The grandfather clocks are gorgeous. I've always wanted one, but haven't got one yet. They are usually very expensive here. You and your friends all see to have the most gorgeous and interesting houses. Can we see more of them please ? Have a great weekend, Carole. XXXX

Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

Love the pictures. After your wonderful post I can put Halloween to bed until next year. I am really not ready for Christmas to start, but I will be in it for this weekend's show....down in the basement today getting ready to go.

June said...

Wow Carole you look great!!! Tell this your daytime look or your going out look?
I'm pretty sure that you would look great no matter what you did to yourself, but I think this is so cool. I'm so glad you got these pics.
Ginny's place is beautiful! She has such great style.

Anne Marie said...

that Ginny has quite the collection of unique and very nice antiques it looks like.......

and you? my lady? well, you look like one of those scary/artsy/folk like dolls - so good job on that one -

but don't expect me to come to your party dressed like that! I would scare my kids (an me) half to death

pun intended.....

Chemin des Muguets said...

Dear Carole,

I'm with Jacqueline on how beautiful you look. I love all the wonderful shots of the party and your friends' home. Looks like my kind of party. What fun! I also agree about not wanting to grow up.


Rosemary said...

Amazing Carole!
You outdid yourself!
I never get tired of Halloween pictures!!
Thanks so much for this great post!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

You look wonderful! I loved seeing you all dressed up and what a great night you must have had.
I love your friends house and that is so beautiful and old ~ 1785. Just fabulous and love the lighting. Many thanks for showing us. Also adore your cloche vignette.

Happy weekend

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Carole, I would say you looked "wicked" good, dearie! Loved your look for a fabulous party. The house photos are incredible...And the dolls, they are amazing! Black and orange and white for Christmas? works for me!

Laura said...

Hey Carole!
Looks like it was a fun party as usual! You looked frightfully beautiful....if that is possible! I LOVE your new background and look of your blog...the pictures are so big and it looks so professional! Hope you have a great weekend!
Take care, Laura

Rostrose said...

The House of your friend is perfect for a Halloween Party, dear Carole! And your self-painted mask is, too! You made this job really great - both: good-looking and scary!
Hugs, Traude

Mermaid Queen said...

Oh what a great costume Carole, and don't ever grow up you're having too much fun! Your friends house is gorgeous, and I love their clock. Thanks for all the great photos once again! Take care, Martha

maría cecilia said...

Hello Carole, the best costume I have seen ever, that mask is really scary!!!
María Cecilia

Renee Finberg said...

i am NEVER sick of halloween.
and btw, you looked great!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Carole
Sorry I've been stuck working and only now getting here

I'm on the same band wagon and think you look incredible. Very beautiful in a almost fragile way!!! Fantastic!

Well Ginny's house is to die for!! Just perfect.. I love love love it.. and the clocks are amazing!! I do remember seeing the cloche in Romantic Homes Magazine.. I get that here also.. in fact just did a post about Romantic Homes and Cathy Penton.. so how strange we are on the same wavelength this week

Anyway.. take care... and have a great weekend. Fabulous post.. as always xx Julie

Gigi said...

You are so cool!!! I love your makeup and your photos are great. Hope you're having a fabulous weekend! xoxo