Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh Martha!

Since the day I joined Martha Stewart website to get updates by emails you can imagine the amount of "Marthaisms" I've been receiving. Most of them now I just delete. Not enough time to create these days....I feel inadequate enough... Thank You very much!!!
But when I saw a picture of a bittersweet wreath my interest was peaked. I know how Martha has been a big proponent of using what we all have in our yards....well if we all had sprawling acreage like hers infamous for its bounty.
She once lived in famous Westport Ct. (Turkey Hill) only an hour or so away from here. There isn't a person alive in Connecticut that doesn't have an opinion about her....many people I know have rubbed elbows with at one time or another either work related or personally.
I for one love her.....I'm not obsessed with her by any means but I admire her and think she's been given a bad rap.
Ok all that said.....I could go on but what my point was that I was intrigued by this little craft project knowing what I know.

There's my lovely Martha welcoming us to her beautiful home with her


I really didn't look at the instructions that were laid out in great detail. Yes Martha I know how to make a wreath! not bragging or anything. Oh,,, have I mentioned how time consuming it can be....UGH! One like this that you have to make the bundles up separately and then wind on a form.

There was a time years ago when we first moved into our house that I would look for bittersweet to make wreaths for our home.
We live in the woods!!!....where was all the bittersweet I thought????
I used to have to get my bittersweet in my father-in-laws corn field growing along the edges of the field into the trees. I would to get G to help me gather it up. What a tangled mess!!! I would take it home and work out in the yard and throw the rest of it the woods. I used to think "Gee wouldn't it be nice if I could have it growing in our yard and I could just pick it from here every year.
Little did I know back then!!!
This is what I read on the comment area on Martha bittersweet wreath tutorial

From a botanist
[Users should be aware that oriental bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus ) is considered an invasive species in many areas of the NE and other locations. CT has it on its invasive species list and encourages people to remove it from trees where it is a climber and topples trees. Readers should ask about the species that is being sold to them. There is common bittersweet that is acceptable. I would expect Martha to be more responsible and mention this in her craft of the day outline.]
Well I guess Martha did NOT do a
but Martha I still love you....hopefully you've made adjustments to your site.
I have known that bittersweet is on the invasive plant list and have also learned it the hard way.
If you want to use bittersweet then buy it from your florist or use some of the other berries that should be in good supply or .......
artificial.....did I say that???? I mean Permanent Botanicals!
So please don't use the japanese bittersweet that is probably growing in your woods. You'll be sorry when you hang it on your door and for the next few years be trying to yank it out of your front yard.
Have you been battling an invasive plant??? I'd love to know.
Ok I'm off to cut more plants back to get them ready for their long Winter nap!!! maybe I'll join them!


Les Cotrions said...

Hello Carole! Beautiful link you share!!! I donìt know this plant but I must say that the wreath looks wonderful!!!
A nice evening for you!

Bonjour Madame said...

Martha gives good wreath instructions. I made one many years ago and it's still in rotation today.

~La Rustique Market~ said...

That's a beautiful wreath! You guys are lucky to be surrounded by this in South Texas we can't grow it and have trouble getting it except if we get lucky enough to order it from someone.


Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Well, Carole, I do love bittersweet, but I've only purchased it at antique shows or even on ebay. It doesn't grow in Florida....but we do have the invasive 'red pepperberries', especially in south Florida and on the east coast. I wait patiently each year for the berries to turn red around the first of December, and then make my annual rounds to gather them from the road side, along with grapevine, pines cones and pine needles. Then there's the arborvitae that grows over the wood fence down the road. Do you suppose the owners wonder how their bush gets trimmed each year? Isn't it wonderful how nature provides us with so much to decorate with? If you'd like some pepperberries, let me know, and I would be glad to send you some!
Have a great week,

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What a great blog!!

Tracey said...

Hi Carole! I love Martha too...I think she has gotten where shes's at the good ole fashioned way...hard work...and I can really respect that! The wreath is beautiful!! My sweet allyssum is a little invasive but I absolutely adore it! My husband thinks it's a bit much that I let it spill onto the walkway and practically cover any open stepping spots, but I don't care, I think it's the best!

:) T

Anne Marie said...

to hay with the invasive thing.......some of the most gorgeous prairie plants are considered "invasive" here in IL, and I tell you what........they aren't...........


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Carole, I love bittersweet too and have to pay for it but it's from Missouri and I don't mind. I've been using it all over my home. You can see part of it in my header. Love the photo of Martha too and I'm still a fan of hers as well. Have a great night, Theresa

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

I love the wreath and also like Martha too.
Very clever Lady and is always inspiring of what she creates.
I have a fabulous book of her's The New Old House,
she wrote when doing up the Turkey Hill house.
Very interesting.

Have a great week

junkdreams said...

Gorgeous wreath.....I've looked for bittersweet for years and have never been able to find it.
Happy day.

June said...

Hi Carole,
Before I was employed at the nursery that I worked at part time for a few years, I had worked at a florist shop through the holidays. We had to make many wreaths. Wiring all the greenery onto the frame was tedious, but I actually didn't mind it too bad. I much prefer to buy my wreaths premade now. I save my fingers for other things now. Ouch!
I have always admired Martha and her talent. Why is it that we are so ready to dislike women who excell at something instead of giving them the credit they deserve? I enjoyed this post so much, as I do ALL your posts.

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Bittersweet is one of my faves to decorate with. But of course my creations come out looking NOTHING like good ole' Martha's.
Lovely pics!

Jacqueline said...

Oh Martha, Martha, Martha !!
That wreath is so beautiful and looks stunning on her door.I don't think that I know bittersweet. It's a new one on me, although it is probably called something else here in England.
We have been battling bindweed in our garden for over 25 years, although I think that we have got it under control now and my sister has terrible trouble with ground elder. Why is it that the weeds are so prolific ? I'd like to be overun with peonies or hydrangeas !!!!!!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Well, I'm one of those Missouri girls that T was mentioning, and even though it grows here on the fence rows etc., it's usually tangled up in a mess of poison ivy, so I can't go looking for it. I didn't know it was invasive. Carole, I painted my old fake green tree, and painted, and painted... sprayed it brown, then off white, then a touch of spray silver and metallic gold, it turned out a pewter color, pretty, but then I got out my brush and dabbed white interior paint. And it finally turned out the way I wanted it. It was some work, but I'm pretty happy with it. I'll do a post and link to you when I do. Thanks for the great tip on doing it.

The White Bench said...

First of all I do *L*O*V*E* Martha!! I have a photo of her on my inspiration board too ;))
As for invasive plants, I think I'll never succeed in my battle against ivy and cotoneaster... And better forget my insane idea of planting Pennyroyal in the veggie garden... :(( it took me YEARS to totally uproot!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

I am rolling off my chair right now. Thank you for the laugh at Martha's expense. I can tell that, like myself, you can truely appreciate the deva of womenhood that stands before us in the forfront.

Your great!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carole,

We don't have bittersweet here, but what was Martha thinking?

I did think Butter and Eggs (Toadflax) was pretty until I read that it was invasive. Yikes. Yanked it out quick from the wildflower foundation garden I started!!! :)

Enjoy your day,

Sharon said...

Lovely wreath. I enjoy Martha and think she trys to be very informative. She just missed it on this one. Sharon

LjuvligtLantligt said...

I love your blog :)

Laura said...

It's orange and invasive. Enough said. But I REALLY love your background and think your pictures are awesome and that you are adorable! And I adore Martha...she is a hero in my opinion. Will I see you in Wilton? :)

Rita said...

Hi Carole,

thanks for sharing the gorgeous pic and the tutorial. I wouldn't know whether to get bittersweet, but should I ever do get some, I'll definitely try my hand at this.
lovely post!

Anonymous said...